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Flash Fic Sunday

Mother’s Day Flash, May 08, 2022

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It was evening now and Winona was trying not to be disappointed she hadn’t heard from Jim. That morning she’d gotten a message from Sam, his wife, Aurelan, and their son, Peter from Deneva where they were living.

But not a word from her baby.

She knew he was in space on a starship likely out of contact with Earth, but it was Mother’s Day and she was missing him.

So she took out a pint of strawberry swirl ice cream and she ate directly from the carton.

She  didn’t get to hear from Jim often. He was an important captain in Starfleet, sent on many missions to save millions of lives. He’d called her on her birthday and before that on his. She never heard from him at holiday time.

Winona thought she should be used to it but she wasn’t really. And it had been even longer since she’d seen him in person. He’d been in a hospital in San Francisco after receiving some injury he wouldn’t give her details about. She’d heard the name Khan whispered by that doctor friend of his. And saw his Vulcan first officer standing sentinel by his side. She didn’t really know anything else.

But she’d gotten to hold him for a full ten minutes.

The door bell rang as she was about to finish off her ice cream and she went to the door slowly. She guessed she was getting a flower delivery, probably courtesy of Jim. He’d asked someone to ask someone to ask someone to get flowers to her.

It was something, anyway, though she would rather hear his voice.

There was a knock this time as she reached for the knob.

“Okay, Okay. Keep your shirt on.”

Winona opened the door and there he was.

Her baby.

She burst into tears as he pulled her close and held her.

The best Mother’s Day ever.

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Happy Mother’s Day out there in the US. It’s a sad day for me. We lost Ma a year ago in May (21) and last year was the last Mother’s Day with her, though in all honesty she wasn’t very alert even then.

I thought I’d write this little extra flash.  

O Tannenbaum

Advent Day 19

“It is illogical for us to be obtaining a Christmas tree when we do not normally celebrate Christmas,” Spock’s father told his wife, Amanda, Spock’s mother, as they arrived at the tree lot to do just that.

Spock’s father, Sarek, a full Vulcan celebrated nothing. Spock’s mother had been born and raised Jewish but as far as Spock could tell, she likewise celebrated nothing.

Yet here they were.

“Susan converted to her husband, Tom’s religion and they do celebrated Christmas,” Mother said as they passed through the open gate.

Susan was Mother’s sister and Spock’s aunt. They were on Earth at present in San Francisco near the Federation Head Quarters. Aunt Susan and Uncle Tom lived there and at present Spock and his parents were staying with them.

“I told Susan we would get the tree for them,” Mother continued.

Spock was aware that his father knew all this and yet Sarek chose to complain anyway, which Spock found most illogical. A part of marriage, his mother would have told him had he asked.

Spock had decided some time ago he had no intention of ever being married.

“Spock, why don’t you look around and see if you can find a tree? As soon as you find one you like, come and get us and we’ll take it home.”

“I can choose the tree?” Spock decided to clarify the point.

“Yes.” Mother smiled. “There’s a stand over there selling hot cocoa. I’m going to make your father buy me one.”

Spock nodded. “Very well.”

Spock walked away from his parents and down the next aisle. He quickly noticed two Human boys on the same aisle. One was about his age, but the other was a few years younger and wore some sort of elaborate Christmas tree costume. On the top of the boy’s head was a star and only his face and feet were uncovered by a giant fabric tree upon which glittery applique ornaments had been glued.

“You look ridiculous,” the older boy said.

Spock had to agree.

But the boy noticeably deflated and his bottom lip trembled.

“Oh don’t cry,” the older boy snapped. “You had to know how stupid you would look in that dumbass costume when you chose to wear it, Jim. Why Mom agreed to let you wear it when we came to get a tree is beyond me.”

“Because she made it, Sam. It was for the pageant at school.”

“I know what it was for. I just don’t know why you had to be such a dork as to wear it tonight.”

“Because we were coming for a tree and I thought it would be funny.”

Sam grimaced. “Well, it’s not. It just makes you look stupid. I’m going over to the next aisle so no one sees me with you. Don’t follow me.”


And the older boy left the younger one standing there by himself. For a moment the young boy did nothing, just stared at the ground. His cheeks were so red, Spock feared he might have a fit.

When Spock took a few steps closer, he noticed a single tear had fallen onto the boy’s cheek. And he realized then that he not only did not agree with the bully “Sam”, he actually hated the other boy.

The young boy suddenly looked up and Spock saw that he had the bluest eyes Spock had ever seen. And they were…beautiful, even as they glistened with tears.


“I am sorry I overheard that other Human picking on you.”

“That’s my brother,” he said. “I’m used to it. He doesn’t like me.”

“He is a fool. My name is Spock.”


“Hello, Jim.” Spock held out his hand. “Come with me.”

Jim frowned though he put his hand in Spock’s. “To where?”

“I was told that I could choose any tree on the lot,” Spock explained. “I have chosen you.”


“You are a tree, are you not?”


“Spock? Oh there you are.” Mother came down the aisle toward them. She smiled widely at Jim. “Oh who is this?”

“His name is Jim and he is the tree I have chosen.”

Mother actually laughed. “Hello, Jim. Spock, Jim is a boy, not a tree.”

“But he is dressed as one and you said—”

“Jim! James Tiberius! Where are you?”

Jim’s eyes widened and he dropped Spock’s hand. “That’s my mommy.”

Suddenly a blonde Human woman appeared together with the bully “Sam”. “There you are. Don’t get separated from the family.” She glanced at Spock and his mom. “And you shouldn’t bother other people.”

“He’s not bothering us,” Mother assured her.

The woman smiled. “Oh, well, good. But we do have to go. Say goodbye to your friends, Jim.”

“K. Bye Spock and lady.”

Spock nearly took hold of an ornament on Jim’s tree to pull him back, but at that moment, Mother put her hand on his shoulder and stopped him. They watched the Humans walk away.

“Spock? What’s gotten into you? You know you can’t keep another child.”

Spock nodded. “Yes. But I have not chosen another tree.”

“I know. It’s all right. Your father has found one. Let’s go.”

Spock trailed after but he did not forget the Human boy dressed as a tree and in fact he was certain he would meet that boy again some day. He was right.    

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

“J” or “Dreams” wanted a happy Consuming Me Pinto fic so this is it. She wanted something about a tree, but in their time period, Regency, there were not yet Christmas trees. Sorry!

Advent Day 12

 I stood back as Chris stepped down the stairs his coachman had set up for his carriage. He was dressed quite formally with a top hat and gloves, his cravat neatly tied at his throat, an elegant evening overcoat over his other clothing, more for show than warmth.

There was a December chill in the air to be sure but the coldest weather was yet to come. Not that Chris ever seemed to care about the weather.

“I shan’t let a little bit of inclement weather stop me from looking my best, Zach,” I recalled him saying, quite fondly. That is I was fond of him saying it.

He glanced in my direction and offered me a dazzling smile that caused my heart to flutter, my stomach to tingle, and my balls to tighten.

He was here, at last. And I was filled with a thrilling anticipation.

“All right, my good man,” Chris said to his coachman. “Be on your way before the weather turns temperamental. Should you decide to stay overnight in the village, tell them to look to me for the charges. And come back to fetch me in exactly one week.”

“Yes, my lord. And a Merry Christmas to you.”

“And to you and your family as well.” Chris handed the man a small bag of coins and the man beamed happily.

“Thank you, sir.”

Chris moved to stand beside me then, his face carefully not giving anything untoward away. We watched his carriage drive away down the long road off the estate together. When it was gone and out of sight, he put his hands on my arms.

He did not lean in to do anything else but the feel of his hands on me, even through his gloves was a thrill.

“Welcome and Merry Christmas.”

“And a very happy one to you, my friend,” Chris said with a teasing lilt. He looked toward my house. “Shall we? It is a trifle cold out here.”

I led him inside my country home, which would house only the two of us for the next week. I had already dismissed by staff to go and make jolly for their own holidays.

Chris set his bag down at the foot of the stairs that led to our bedroom, where we would stay for the next definite future, and I would happily reacquaint with him all night.

But just then I took his hand in mine and removed the gloves so I could feel his bare skin with mine.

“Zach,” he murmured, the light in his blue eyes enchanting me.

“I have quite a feast ready.”

“A feast?”

“Mm. A turkey roasted to perfection. And many accompaniments including roasted chestnuts and a Christmas pudding which I shall light aflame when we are ready to consume it,”

I dragged him off toward the formal dining room, making him laugh as I did so.

“I have yet to remove my overcoat, oh eager one.”

“Well do so then.”

Chris discarded his coat on the nearest piece of furniture as we entered the dining room.

He smiled wide when he saw all the greenery I had the servants lay out. Boughs of holly and ivy and mistletoe. Glittering candles. There was hardly any space that had been left bare.

“Oh and I have smoking bishop too,” I declared, pointing to the bowl of mulled wine.

“You’re positively glowing as though you were Father Christmas himself. I did notice the growth of beard, perhaps you intend to play the part.”

I laughed. “Perhaps I should. But before we have our feast there is yet one more thing before our true celebrations can begin.”

Chris gave me a quizzical look. “And what is that pray tell?”

I took him to the side board where lay, tied together with yet more greenery, holly, and yes, mistletoe, with dark mulberry colored ribbons.

His eyes widened. “You remembered.”

“Of course I did. How could I ever forget you mentioning we ought to be handfasted? And though it may not make us legally wed, I believe under the eyes of God and this house, and each other, we are.”

I wrapped the greenery and ribbons around our wrists, entwining us together.

“In the joining of the hands and the fashioning of a knot, so are our lives now bound, one to another…” I tied a knot of the ribbons about us. “May this knot remain tied as long as our love shall last.”

“Forever then.”

I smiled and kissed him. He kissed me back, moving closer, his eyes closed, his lips pink like his flushed cheeks.

“I love you.”

“And I love you.”

Taking our still linked hands and arms, I brought him to the table.

“Not only is it our Christmas but our wedding feast, too,” I whispered.

“You are a very romantic, merry gentleman, my dearest Zachary.”

And that night and every night after was magic.      

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Advent Day 5

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“I didn’t even realize how late it was getting,” Chris declared, as he stood up from Zach’s sofa. “I really need to get back to my hotel. My flight’s supposed to leave early in the morning.”

Zach glanced toward the windows of his apartment.

“It’s starting to snow.”

Chris grimaced as he set his wine glass down. “All the more reason I need to get moving.”

“It’s really cold out there,” Zach pointed out. “You might want to stay over.”

“It’s been great to visit while I was in New York, but I gotta get back to LA.”

“Sure, sure,” Zach said, soothingly. He moved closer to Chris and took hold of his hands. “I’m really glad you dropped by. But man, your hands are just like ice.”

“I don’t have gloves either.” Chris worried his bottom lip with his teeth. “Or a coat. I didn’t really think about being here as long as I was.”

“Fortunately, I have a fireplace with a roaring fire.”

“Uh. You could lend me a coat?”

Zach saw the snow was coming down harder. “It’s getting worse, Chris. You’ll never get a cab in this. You’ll freeze out there. Might as well stay here with me where it’s warm and safe.”

Chris gave him a look. “Do you know how much talk there will be if I’m seen leaving here in the morning?”

“Talk?  What talk?”

“At least there will be plenty implied.”

“Ah, but, fortunately for me the paparazzi don’t hound me like they do you. No one’s going to see you. Pretty soon it’s going to be up to your knees.”

“Which is why I should leave.”

Zach put his hand on his heart. “Think how I’d feel if you got pneumonia and died. My name would be plastered in the Enquirer saying I killed Captain Kirk and Steve Trevor.”

Chris laughed at that. “You’re such a dork. Well, maybe just a cigarette more.”

Zach took his arm and brought him close. “You’re eyes are like starlight right now. Your lips look delicious.”


Zach pulled him into his arms and kissed him. “They are delicious.”

Chris sighed. “Well, I guess it would be touch to get a cab.”

“Yep. And there’s never been such a blizzard before.”

Chris laughed again. “Okay, okay, I’ll stay. But keep this quiet, will you?”

“My lips are sealed.”

Happy Independence Day 2021

A little mini flash for your enjoyment…

 “So, what do you think?”

Spock turns his gaze away from the display exploding over the water in the distance.

“It is a dazzling display,” Spock agrees. “Though a waste of resources.”

Jim smiles, moving closer. He puts his hand under Spock’s forearm. Spock continues to stare into his eyes. In Spock’s dark eyes, Jim swears he sees the reflection of the fireworks over the city.

“You’re missing the show,” he murmurs.”

“What I am looking at is far more beautiful than the fireworks.”

“Oh, now you’re trying to get me into bed with you.”

Spock nods which just makes Jim’s smile widen.

He turns to gaze at the explosion of blue, red, yellow, pink. It’s beautiful over the ocean. And weirdly he feels closer to Spock in that moment than he had ever felt before. He is aware Spock continues to watch him. It’s exhilarating to have the Vulcan’s riveted attention.

Jim looks at Spock again, lowering his lashes flirtatiously.

“I’m at your mercy,” he says, softly.

Spock puts a hand, just his fingers, really, on Jim’s jaw, tilting his face upward for Spock’s kiss. Jim has heard Vulcans kiss with their hands, but Spock kisses this way and each time it’s like the renewal of life.   

“Come, a bed awaits us.”

Jim spares a last glance at the fireworks display and allows himself to be led inside. It will be their first time and the anticipation nearly has him undone.

Spock glances around the room. “What is Christmas in July?”

Jim laughs,, tugs him toward the bedroom. “I’ll tell you later.”

Just a Very Short Mother’s Day Flash

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“You don’t have to go with me. It’s okay.”

Jim meant it too. He knew that even now, after all these years, Spock acutely felt the loss of his mother. His one champion when no one else was for so long.

“I know that I do not, Jim, but I am going anyway.”

Jim smiled faintly. “Are you sure? I’ll understand. So will Mom.”

For a moment Spock looked away, looking Jim didn’t know where. Into the recesses of his mind, Jim supposed. Jim squeezed Spock’s hand.

They stood outside Jim’s mother’s retirement facility. Jim and his mother had made the decision for her to enter one of those places last year. They’d let the farm go to pay for it. It was one of those places where his mom had her own little apartment, and there was a restaurant and activities. It was at that restaurant where Jim planned to have brunch with her.

Spock gazed back at Jim. “I will always be at your side, you need not fear.”

“I know. But this is different.”

“No, it is not. I am glad we are able to be with your mother today. Because not everyone can be with theirs.”

Jim squeezed Spock’s hand again. “All right then. Let’s go, honey.”

And when they went inside, his mom’s eyes lit up at the sight of them.

Jim went to her, hugged and kissed her.

“Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.”    

Flash Fic, November 22, 2020

Little something extra inspired by Shatner’s classic Deep Fried Turkey video.

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Jim looked up from the contraption he’d set up in their side yard. He was on his hands and knees, inspecting it. He was dressed in old beat up jeans and a yellow plaid flannel shirt. Over that he had a jacket, as, though it was only November, the chill in the air was quite pronounced.


“Perhaps we ought to pre-order our Thanksgiving meal from CJ’s.”

CJ’s was a restaurant in the city nearby that Jim quite liked. They had a sparing amount of vegetarian dishes also. They had been advertising their “Heat-N-Serve” meals since the beginning of the month.

Jim frowned. “CJ’s? Why?”

“You like CJ’s,” Spock reminded him, rather than directly answer.

“I do, yeah. But we can get CJ’s any time. This is special. I want to use this.”

Spock pursed his lips. “But…”

“Bones will appreciate it too.”

“Perhaps then you ought to wait for Doctor McCoy to arrive before you…”

Jim leaned back on his haunches a bit and glared up at Spock. “What are you getting at, Mister?”

“Last year, attempting to deep fry your turkey did not…go well.”

There had been a fire and burns. Both of Jim’s hands had to be bandaged. They were fortunate that was the only part of him burned.

“I’ve learned a lot since then. I won’t do that again.”

“You also like roasted turkey. We could put it in the oven. I can assist.”

“I want a delicious, juicy turkey.” Jim pouted a bit.

“And it will be, roasted in the oven,” Spock assured him. Not that he knew anything about eating turkey. Jim had already made a menu for them that included many vegetarian dishes. Far more than they could get at CJ’s, admittedly.

Jim sighed then. He struggled to his feet. He looked mournfully at the fryer he had obtained after the one from last year burned up. “But what’ll I do with this?”

“Return it?” Spock suggested gently.

“Return it? But…you don’t think I can handle it, do you?”

“I would rather not take the chance, Jim. It was very frightening last year.”

“Fine.” Jim sighed again. “Fine. I don’t want to freak you out.”

“I appreciate that. Come inside. I’ll fix us something warm to drink.”

Jim cast one last glance at the fryer, then went up the steps to follow Spock into the farmhouse.

“How does hot cocoa sound?”

Jim’s steps faltered. “Coco? Does that mean…”

Spock smiled slightly. “Yes. Happy Thanksgiving.”

Jim grinned. “Feeling better already.”

Flash Fic Sunday, October 25, 2020

Just an extra bit of fun from Starfleet Academy.

“Where are you going this time of night?”

Jim ran his hand through his hair and gave a little shrug. He had just pulled on his favorite leather jacket. “I can’t sleep. I thought maybe a walk—”

His best friend, Leonard “Bones” McCoy snorted. “You think it’s because we watched that slasher fic?”

“The guy who loaned it to me said it wasn’t scary.”

“He lied. You jumped a hundred times.”

“Yeah. Well.” Jim shoved Bones. “You jumped twice that.”

“Whatever. I’m gonna have some warm milk and I’ll be sawing Zs in no time.”

“Warm milk?” Jim made a face. “Yuck. I don’t even like it cold. I won’t be long. I’ve just got a lot of energy to burn. I need to walk it off.”

“Sure sure.” Bones patted his shoulder.

Jim opened the door.

“If you see Freddy Kruger…run.”

“Not funny,” Jim muttered.

He stepped outside into the thickest fog he remembered in a long time. And the further he got in it, the more he knew he should have turned back around and gone back to his dorm room.

It became so damp with thick fog, it wet his hair and face and he began to get disoriented in it.

Jim began to become a little afraid he was lost. He felt a little bit like one of the idiots in the movie he’d just watched.

And then he heard footsteps behind him.

It’s no one, Jim thought. Just someone else out in the fog.

But then for a moment the fog cleared, and Jim saw him.

Not Freddy but a headless horseman holding a Jack-o’-lantern in one hand. The figure raised it, cackling madly.

As Jim turned to run, his heart in his mouth, the beast strode closer and flung the Jack-o’-lantern directly at Jim. It thunked into the back of Jim’s head and Jim pitched face forward into the ground.

His head feeling fuzzy, his breath stolen, he turned onto his back. He moaned in pain as he felt a trickle of blood ooze down his forehead. His vision blurry, he stared up at someone lurking over him, ominous and malevolent.

“Headless,” he whispered, and then darkness overcame him.

“Wake up. Mister Kirk? Can you hear me? Wake up.”

He woke to someone shining a very bright light into his eyes. Jim swatted at them.

“There you are.” The bright light disappeared, and some old dude’s face replaced it. He wore a white coat. “How do you feel?”

“Like my head’s going to explode.”

“Common in a concussion. You hit your head pretty badly. Cracked it open. It’s no wonder. Traveling around in weather like this. tsk. I’m Doctor Bailey. I’m going to order you some more tests. You’ll be here for the night.”

And then he was gone.

“Wait. How did I get here? What?”


Jim turned too fast and it made him wince. “But there standing beside his bed was a Vulcan. He looked familiar.

“Professor Spock?”

“Indeed. I found you lying on the ground, Mr. Kirk. And had you taken to Starfleet Medical. You are fortunate.”

“And the horseman?”


“He threw his head at me.”

Spock shook his head. “There was no one else. You are obviously suffering from delirium.”


“It is all right. The doctor will return soon. I have also notified your roommate. He is on his way.”

Jim touched the bandage on his head. “Okay. Um. Thanks.”

“I will come back to check on you in the morning.”

And Spock left.

Jim blinked rapidly, staring at the ceiling.

Then in the distance he heard a cackling cry.

Sunday Flash, 01/19/2020

Probably a little too young for this story, but you get the idea

The tall mysterious Vulcan who would not give his name had saved Jim from a pummeling by his stepdad. Jim didn’t see what happened to Frank. He was told to go back into the house, so he had.

Then the Vulcan returned but Frank had not.

The Vulcan dropped to his knees and examined Jim. “Jim? Are you hurt? Jim?”

Jim frowned. “You know my name.”

“Yes. Are you hurt?”

He bit his lip, but then that hurt, so he stopped immediately. “My lip hurts.”

“It is bleeding.” The Vulcan produced a dermal regenerator. He ran it over Jim’s lip to heal it. “Where else?”

“My arm.”

The Vulcan’s eyes turned soft, brown, like chocolate. Jim liked chocolate. He fixed Jim’s arm.

“Anywhere else?”

“No. Frank…”

“Will never hurt you again. Are you hungry?”


The Vulcan stood, took Jim’s hand, and drew him into the kitchen. “What would you like to eat, Jim?”

“Macaroni and cheese? Please.”

“Very well. Sit there at the table while I make it.”

Jim moved to do as the Vulcan said. He watched him silently, but then, “I’ve seen you before.”

“Have you?”

Jim nodded. “I think so. When-when I was four, I got really sick and ended up in the hospital. You were there.”

The Vulcan said nothing, just continued to fix Jim food. He’d been in the hospital two years before.

“You came to me there and you put your hand on my face.” Jim’s frown deepened. “I told Mom later that you were there, but she didn’t  believe me. No one did. They thought it was because I’d been delirious. I got better after you were there.”

The Vulcan walked over to the table and handed a plate of macaroni and cheese to Jim. It was heaping with food, but Jim was hungry, and he thought maybe he’d eat all of it. He took it and began to eat it while the Vulcan watched him.

“Are you sure Frank won’t hurt me again?”

“I am positive, Jim. He is out of your life now. You need not worry about ever seeing him.”

“But Mom—”

“She is on her way home to take care of you. She knows about your stepfather.”


“In the meantime, a man named Christopher Pike will be here shortly to watch over you while your mother returns from being off planet.”

“You can’t stay?”

“I cannot, I am needed elsewhere. But you can be certain that I will return whenever you need me.”

Jim nodded. “Okay. This is good. Thank you.”

“You are welcome, Jim. Please eat all of it. And when you are done, I want you to sleep. When you wake up Lieutenant Pike will be here.”

“Oh. Is he in Starfleet?”

“He is. He will take good care of you, Jim. He will not hurt you.”

“And no Frank?”

“I assure you that he is gone. Do not worry.”

When Jim finished eating, Spock took his hand once more and made him go lie on the couch. He put his long elegant fingers on Jim’s face like he did in the hospital.

“Sleep now, Jim.”

“When I wake will you be gone?”

“Yes. But Lieutenant Pike will be here and then your mother. You will not be alone. I promise.”

Jim smiled a little. “And will you tell me your name?”

The Vulcan returned the smile, even more slight then Jim’s. “Someday, Jim. Someday.”

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