It’s wedding month so you get an extra flash


“Would you care to dance?”

Jim was startled by the question. He’d been going over reports on his PADD. He was behind as usual. Why were there so many anyway?

He glanced down at the reports.

“Don’t really have much time.”

“It will not take long. I understand you like the song that they are about to play.”

Jim raised both brows. “Yeah? What song is that?”

“Almost Paradise.”

Jim chuckled. “Uh, yeah. Someone’s pulling your chain.”

“Do you want to dance or not?”

Jim shoved his PADD into a bag. ”Sure it’s your dime.”


Jim slid out of the booth. “Come on.”

He moved over to the dance floor of the establishment. The one who asked him followed and put his arm around Jim pulling him close.

“You are on shore leave.”

“Mm. I still have a ton of work to do.”

The song began to play as Spock pulled him even closer, leaning into him.

I thought that dreams belonged to other men
‘Cause each time I got close
They’d fall apart again

I feared my heart would beat in secrecy
I faced the nights alone
Oh, how could I have known
That all my life I only needed you?

Oh almost paradise
We’re knockin’ on heaven’s door
Almost paradise
How could we ask for more?
I swear that I can see forever in your eyes

Jim’s heart raced as he lifted his gaze to Spock’s.

“Do you see forever?” Spock asked.

“Is this some sort of proposal?” Jim was half-joking.


His eyes widened. “What?”

It seems like perfect love’s so hard to find
I’d almost given up
You must have read my mind

And all these dreams I saved for a rainy day
They’re finally coming true
I’ll share them all with you
‘Cause now we hold the future in our hand

“What is your answer?”

Jim moved in for Spock’s kiss.

“Yes. I say yes.”