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“Maybe meeting your dad isn’t such a great idea.”

Spock gave Jim the side-eye. It was not the first time Jim had suggested he didn’t want to go with Spock to his father’s hotel in San Francisco.

Currently they were on leave between Enterprise missions. Sarek was on Earth and in San Francisco at the same time, performing ambassador duties.

Spock had, he thought wisely, suggested it was the perfect time for Jim and Spock’s father to become better acquainted.

“Technically you have already met him.”

“Are you…you’re talking about the time I emotionally compromised you, aren’t you?”

Spock hesitated. It was not something either of them liked to talk about. Jim felt guilt and Spock shame.


Jim shook his head. “Great first impression.”

“Jim my father bears no ill will toward you regarding that. He is anxious to become more familiar with you as my mate.”

Which Jim was. They were fully bonded and had been for some time. Spock did not understand Jim’s hesitation.

He had absolutely no doubt Jim loved him and was fully committed.

“What is your hesitation in having dinner with my father at the hotel?”

“Parents of significant others do not like me.”

Spock was unaware Jim had ever had this experience before, so he stopped walking and made the query.

“Which significant other have you—”

“Back in Riverside. Before I enlisted. I was supposed to meet this girl’s mom and dad, right? Well. Turns out I had met one of them before and had a one-night stand with them.” Jim shook his head and winced. “Beyond awkward.”

“Which one?”

“Which…that doesn’t matter, Spock. The point is we were all mortified. That was the end of that.”

“You have not had a prior liaison with my father,” Spock pointed out.

“No, I know. But…”

Spock could not hide the fact he was disappointed. However, he would do anything to avoid hurting Jim in any way. “I will meet my father for dinner without you.”


“It is fine, Ashaya. I wouldn’t want you to feel forced or uncomfortable.”

“No, I’ll go. I know it’s all part of it and I’d have to anyway. It’s just…I love you and I hate the idea of your dad not liking me.”

“I do not believe that will be the case, Jim, but if it is, that will change nothing between us. You are the most important being in my life and will remain so.”

Jim sighed. “You know what this means, don’t you?”


Jim laughed then and leaned in to kiss Spock. “You are so meeting my mom.”