Cadet Ashayam, the second story in my Starfleet Academy Series (which I started after closing out the Professor-Cadet series. The first story in Starfleet Academy Series is The Fling.

This is another story Mylochka did art for (Fanart) Cadet Ashayam. This might have been one of the last she did for me as it was done in September 2019 and I want to say she disappeared from doing artwork right after that.

Cadet Ashayam made its debut on August 31, 2019 and was finished May 15, 2020 and was only about 10,000 words and nine chapters. Who doesn’t love an amorous lovesick Vulcan?

Spock was now staring at him, looking straight into Jim’s eyes. “I very much desire to kiss you.”

“Well. Again. I’m flattered. Really. But right now you aren’t thinking like yourself.”

“You do not want to kiss me?”

“Beyond belief,” Jim admitted. “But you’re under the influence and saying stuff you don’t mean, and I’m going to make sure you get home. Okay?”

“Very well, Cadet Ashayam.”

This was a fun and flirty story and ends with Happily Ever After. What more could one ask for?