But in this meantime…

This is for Jamie’s birthday. Sorry it’s not very long but at least you get something. This is a sorta Friends/Spirk fusion, ha ha

“Wait,” Sulu exclaimed. “Who’s the father? Er, you know, other parent.”

Jim Kirk had just announced to his Academy friends at the coffee house they met at regularly that he was pregnant. He didn’t seem terribly happy about it. Or unhappy for that matter.

All around the table the friends stared at Jim, waiting.

Uhura, McCoy, Sulu, and Rand.

Jim shook his head. “I haven’t told him yet. I’m going to wait to tell you after.”

“Oh, come on, Jim,” Rand protested. “That’s not fair!”

“It’s perfectly fair. I promise. As soon as he knows, I’ll let you all know.”

Uhura humphed. “At least tell us how far along you are.”

“Just about a month,” Jim admitted. “And I haven’t really seen him much since that night.”

“One-night stand then?” Uhura wrinkled her nose. “That’s going to be awkward.”

“Not exactly. He sorta left San Francisco right after that to, uh, deal with some family issues. He’s just getting back.”

McCoy eyed the charcoal gray sweater Jim clutched in his hands. “What’s that?”

Jim looked down at it. “Oh. Um. That’s…he left his sweater that night. I figured I’d give it to him at the same time I tell him.”

McCoy fingered the sweater. “Nice material. Not cheap. And there’s something kinda familiar about that sweater.”

“It’s a popular sweater,” Jim said in a rush. “Lots of guys have it.”

Sulu stroked his chin. “You know, I think I saw Gary Mitchell with a sweater that looked like that.”

Rand groaned. “Oh, Jim. Please tell me it’s not Mitchell.”

Jim opened his mouth to reply when the idiot himself appeared.

“Someone say my name?” Mitchell grinned at them. He was not among their group. But Jim had briefly went out with him. It was over some time ago though.

Sulu pointed at the sweater Jim held. “Jim has your sweater, Gary.”

Mitchell looked over. “That’s not my sweater.” He opened the leather jacket he wore to show that he wore a charcoal gray sweater. “Duh. This is my sweater.”

“Thank God,” Uhura muttered. “Get lost, Gary. No one’s talking to you.”

“Whatever, man.”

But he did leave.

“I could have told you it wasn’t Gary,” Jim said.

“Hmm,” Bones said. “I have seen that sweater though. Where…”

The door of the coffeehouse opened, and they all craned their necks to see who had come in when they noticed Jim’s eyes widen.

Bones swore. “Well, damn. Now I know who.”

Jim rose from the couch. “Hush.”

They watched him walk over to the guy who had come in.

“Hi Spock. Got a minute?”

If you’ve ever seen Friends, I sorta of borrowed this bit from when Rachel was pregnant with Ross’ child. Happy Birthday, Jamie!