A little OMS to finish off the month, and a much happier ending for them.

It was getting late and Spock realized that Jim had still not come inside the farmhouse from “tinkering” in the garden all day.

Spock had dinner simmering on the stove, so he turned it down, and went outside to locate his mate.

Jim looked up from his spot on the ground of his garden when Spock approached. He smiled faintly. “Hi, sweetheart. Time to come in?”

“It is. You have been out here for several hours. You likely got a sunburn.”

Jim laughed. “I hear your disapproval there. Okay. Help me up.”

Spock reached down and tugged Jim to his feet. He noted the sweat on his mate’s brow.

“Come, I have your dinner ready as well.”

“You take good care of me.”

Spock nodded. “Someone has to.”

His mate laughed again and followed Spock into the house. “I’m a bit sore, I admit. And I do feel like I got too much sun.”

“Go and shower and I will have your dinner ready then for you when you come back down.”

“I’m starved.” Jim kissed him chastely. He patted his plump stomach. “Well, not really. I’m getting pretty chubby.”

“You look good to me.”

“That’s why I love you.” Jim chuckled. “Well not only.”

Spock smiled slightly as he watched Jim go up the stairs. He turned to the stove to see to the dinner when he noticed Jim had a message on his PADD asking him to attend the christening of the newest Enterprise. Spock frowned. He did not like this idea. He picked up Jim’s PADD and noticed Jim had responded.

“No, thank you. I think I’m going to skip it. I’m satisfied with my retirement with my husband, Spock. But I wish the new captain and his crew a good journey.”

Spock nodded, satisfied. And strangely, relieved.