And the conclusion…

In the morning, Spock approached Jim’s biobed cautiously. He still slept and the doctor had told Spock he’d had a restless night.

So had Spock.

Nyota had broached the subject as to whether Jim would ever recall his relationship with Spock and how the memory loss might be more permanent than McCoy suggested.  She had apologized afterward, but the idea had taken root in Spock’s mind.

At McCoy’s recommendation Spock had blocked their bond, but it felt uncomfortable to do so.

Spock was about to turn away when he heard Jim moan softly. He crept closer instead.

After a few seconds, the lids of Jim’s eyes lifted to reveal blue.

“Spock?” Jim croaked.

“How do you feel?” Spock asked cautiously. He did not want to hope too much.

“Weak. What-what happened?”

“You were injured during the mission to Alta Five.”

Jim blinked. “Can’t feel you.”


“Are you shielding?”

Spock’s heart raced in his side. “Then…you remember we are bonded?”

Jim frowned. “Of course. Spock—”

Spock bent down and kissed Jim passionately, unshielding as he did so.

Jim smiled when Spock pulled back. “That’s better.”

“Much.” Spock definitely agreed.

“You’d better tell me what’s been happening.”

Spock held his hand. It was warm and the best feeling in the world to Spock, as their palms rested against each other.

“I will, ashayam. But first, let me get McCoy.”

“Hungry!” Jim called after him.

Spock smiled.