A Continuation from 11/13

“They’re just migraines, babe. Nothing at all to worry about,” Jim assured Spock as he sat on the edge of the exam table.  

“I will be the judge of that.”

Bones snorted. “Actually I will.” Bones ran a medical scanner over Jim. “When did these headaches start, Jim?”

He shrugged. “I don’t know.”

Spock sniffed. “Three weeks ago. He has them nearly every day.”

“Traitor,” Jim muttered.


“Let me put you through some tests.”

“Can’t you just give me a shot or something?”

“We’ll see.”

“You coming Saturday?”

Bones rolled his eyes. “You know I am. Pie in hand.”

Spock frowned. “Another pie?”

Jim nodded. “Bones and I are having a pie making contest. Whoever makes the best pie is king of the pies.”


Jim looked at him. “That’s it. They just get the title of king of the pies.”


“Your granny,” Bones cracked.

Spock sighed. “Is this an apple pie contest?”

“Yep,” Bones replied. “Nobody makes a better apple pie than the McCoy family recipe. You’ll see, Jim. You’ll be crying all Saturday afternoon.”

“You wish.”

“Why would Doctor McCoy wish you to cry all afternoon?”

Jim smiled. “Cause he’s a meanie.”

“Ignore him, Spock. He’s just afraid he’s gonna lose and everyone will throw his apple pie in the trash.”

Jim stuck out his tongue and McCoy put an instrument on it. “Hey!”

“Actually, Jim, I don’t think you’re sick.”

“See!” Jim crowed triumphantly.

“The headaches?”

“Pretty sure it’s eye strain. Too much computer work. I’ll test him to be sure but Jim just needs glasses.”

Jim mumbled.

“What was that, Jim?”

“I have some, I just don’t wear ‘em. Make me look like a geek.”

“It’s not the glasses, Jim.”

“Shut up, Bones. Mom looked into getting my eyes fixed when I was a teenager but I was allergic to all the treatments. My eyes got better.”

“Apparently not,” Spock said calmly. “He will wear them.”

“Probably need new ones if the ones you have were when you were a kid. We’ll get that started too.”

Jim sighed. “Fine. Damn eyes.”

“They are quite beautiful,” Spock told him.

Jim smiled.

Bones retched. “I’m right here you two, love birds. I’ll be right back. With a shot.”

“I thought you said I just need glasses.”

“I’m a meanie remember?” Bones smiled evilly and departed.

Jim sighed, pouted, and said, “He really is.”