Starting today through the 20th I’m doing a series of sorts (13, 16, 18, 20). I am combing suggestions made by Jay, Evening and Kris to make this short series of November flashes. This is basically a new Spirky Academy Couple created for these four fics.

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“Why are we here again?”

Jim laughed at the disgruntled look on Spock’s face. He knew that Spock didn’t really understand any of this, but he appreciated Spock’s efforts to indulge Jim in it.

“To pick apples. It’s an apple orchard.”

Spock looked at the trees before them. “Obviously.”

He smiled. “I’m going to make an apple pie. You know for our gathering.”

The “gathering” as Jim called it was to take place that Saturday at Jim’s and Spock’s apartment in San Francisco.  Their friends were coming. More importantly the parents were coming. Well…Jim’s Mom. And Spock’s Mom and Dad. Jim had been rather surprised Sarek was coming, but Spock had advised he was.

Jim was getting rather carried away, he knew. Had plans of roasted turkey and stuffing for those who ate that way, and several vegetarian dishes. And pies. Two or three kinds.  

“Jim, do they not sell apples in the market?”

He laughed as he climbed up on a ladder to pick apples. “They sure do, Spock.”

“Then I fail to comprehend the hassle of coming all the way to this orchard.”

“Apples in the stores are not the same. This pie has to be amazing.”

Spock pursed his lips as he held up the basket for Jim to drop the apples into. “Do you not think you are getting a little carried away with these extravagancies? All of this trouble for just a couple of hours on Saturday?”

“Yep.” Jim grinned.

“You agree that you are getting carried away or that it is too much trouble?”

“To both.” Jim gazed down at Spock indulgently. “I want to make a good impression. Besides our family and friends are worth a little bit of trouble, don’t you think?”

“You are overstressing yourself. Your headaches—”

“Are something I can deal with.” He got off the ladder and took the basket from Spock. “It’s gonna be great.” He leaned in to kiss Spock. “And I’m going to be fine.”

“Very well.”

“We’re done here. We can go back to the city now.”

Spock nodded, seeming pleased.

“There’s a Harvest Festival right next to the Academy. If we hurry, we can make it.”

Spock’s steps faltered and he barely hid his grimace. But to his credit, he simply said, “if you wish.”

Jim laughed. “You look like you might actually mean that. Bravo.”


“I’m kidding, Spock. Well, there is a Festival, but no, we’re not going.”

“If you really want to go I will make no objection.”

“Nah, I’m good. Let’s go home. We can spend the rest of today in bed.”

Spock’s pace quickened then and Jim grinned.

He knew how to get his Vulcan interested.