Let’s end the month with a little Vanik!

Vanik was following Jim around the apartment Jim shared with his Uncle Spock. Vanik had arrived a short time at Jim’s invitation. To Vanik’s delight there had been glazed covered donuts and cream puffs waiting.

He’d barely had time to enjoy them though, as Jim was now taking him around, speaking of elaborate plans.

“I figure here I’ll hang webs. Maybe even spiders.”

“Is that the usual practice?”

Jim grinned. “Yep. And maybe some ghosts and witches too.”

“A witch?”

“Yeah, you know. Pointed hat, wart on her nose.”

Vanik nodded. “You are, as they say, going all out for your Halloween party.”

“Well, it’s only once a year. I’m going to have food and drinks too.”

“What did Uncle Spock have to say about all this?”

Jim smiled. “You know I’m good at convincing Spock.”

Vanik did know this. There wasn’t really much Spock denied Jim. And though he knew Spock wasn’t fond of such things, Vanik knew Jim hadn’t had any trouble talking Spock into it.

“What kind of food are you going to have?”

“Finger stuff, it’s easier. Bones makes a killer meatball so I figure we can make them look like eyeballs.”

“Spock does not eat meat,” Vanik reminded him.

“Right, so I’ll also use a melon baller and make honeydew eyeballs.”

“May I have another cream puff?”

Jim waved in their direction. “Sure sure.”

Now that Vanik thought about it, the cream puffs could make pretty good eyeballs too.

“We can make those fat pretzels into fingers and like paste a slice of almond on the end with frosting as their nail. Trust me, it’ll be cool. You can help if you want.”

Vanik did. Any time he could spend with Spock and Jim, he was all for it.

“You’ll need a costume.”

Vanik paused mid-chew. “A costume?”

“It’s a costume party, kiddo.” Jim looked at him. “How about Eddie Munster?”

“What is an Eddie Munster?”

Jim picked up his PADD, stabbed at it as though he hated it, and then handed it to Vanik with a grin.

“Eddie Munster.”

“Hmm.” Vanik grabbed another eyeball…er…creampuff. “There is a certain resemblance. I could make it work. What are you going as, Jim?”

“A zombie red shirt.”

Vanik stared at him. “A…what?”

“Um, well, just wait. You’ll see.”

Vanik shrugged. Adults were incomprehensible at times. “What will Uncle Spock be?”

“That’s an interesting question.” Jim dug into a large bag. He pulled out decorations, Vanik assumed, were appropriate for Halloween.

Just then the door of the apartment opened and Spock entered the apartment.

“Vanik, I was unaware you were stopping by.”

Vanik noticed the disapproval there but this time he could not help but be smug in his response.

“I was invited over by Jim.”

Spock glanced at his boyfriend. “Is that true?”

“Sure is.”

Spock looked back at Vanik. “Your father will not be pleased at how many sweets you are eating.” He shook his head. Turned back to Jim and noticed Jim had a life sized plastic skeleton in his hands. “What—”

“For the Halloween Party,” Vanik supplied helpfully.


“I’m going as Eddie Munster and Jim is going as a zombie wearing red. What are you going as, Uncle Spock?”

Spock’s right eye was twitching. “The Invisible Man as I will not be…”

Jim arched both brows at Spock. He said nothing whatsoever. Just arched those bushy brows.

Spock sighed. “I do not know yet.”

Jim smiled then and once more Uncle Spock blushed.

Vanik held out a creampuff. “Eyeball?”

Spock scowled. “What?”

“Never mind.” It was the last one and Vanik bit into it. Spock probably didn’t eat them anyway.

Happy Halloween and on to November next! November’s theme is family and gatherings.