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Flash Fic, October 31, 2022

And now we come to the end of October flashes for 2022

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Vanik knew his two uncles, Spock and Jim, were not having a costume party, per se, but he didn’t get a chance to dress up in a getup, well, every, so he dressed in a medieval knight costume, made of fabric rather than steel, of course, and headed over to their apartment in eager anticipation.

He was momentarily nonplussed when the door did not open as soon as he knocked. They had been expecting him.

Vanik knocked again.

This time it opened after a short hesitation and his uncle, Spock, stood there. He did not look happy to see Vanik. He never did, of course as no Vulcan wanted to look happy, but this was a…specific unhappiness.

“Vanik, I think we have to cancel tonight.”

Vanik stepped inside the apartment, filled with dread. He recalled the winter season when his uncle had made a mess of everything with Jim and Jim had gone to Riverside. Vanik had to go after him to fix things. He certainly hoped Spock hadn’t sent Jim packing again.

Then he saw Jim.

Jim was pacing back and forth, looked very upset, and had a red face as though he’d been crying.

“What is wrong? What happened?” Vanik asked.

“Vanik.” Jim stopped. Shook his head. “I’m sorry, buddy, but I can’t do this. Not tonight.”

And then to Vanik’s astonishment Jim left both him and Spock standing there in the living room, departing for the bedroom he shared with Spock.

Vanik turned to Spock with a questioning look. “What have you done?”

“I have not done anything. I am not responsible.” Spock eyed him. “What are you supposed to be?”

“A knight. What has him upset if not you?”

“Vanik, this is adult stuff and—”

“Please do not dismiss me as though I am incapable of understanding adult upsets. If our plans are canceled I would like to know why.”

Spock was quiet for a moment, then nodded. “Jim’s brother was here in San Francisco and failed to let Jim know. When Jim asked him about it he told Jim he had no desire to reconnect with any of his family members, Jim included.”

“That is terrible.”

“Yes. Jim says he doesn’t really have a family and he’s been upset since.”

Vanik crossed his arms over his chest. “And you told him that was wrong, right?”


He sighed. “We are his family. It sucks that his brother is too stupid to want Jim in his life, but that does not mean Jim has no family. He has us. We are his family. Plus, I believe Jim still has his mother, wherever she is. But regardless, he definitely has us.”


Vanik nodded. “You go in and tell him he has all the family he needs.”


Vanik stared Spock down, but to his satisfaction Spock finally went to the bedroom.

Many minutes passed but Vanik decided to occupy himself by getting all their food, snacks, and candy ready. If Vanik was correct, Jim would come out and wish to gobble lots of food. Humans often ate when upset and Jim was no different as far as Vanik could tell.

A half an hour later, the bedroom door opened and both Jim and Spock came out.

Jim smiled when he saw what Vanik had done to set up the place for their festive night.

“This looks great.” Jim walked over to Vanik and knelt down beside him. “And I’m sorry.”

“Are you feeling better now?”

“I am. Thanks to you. Spock told me what you said. And you’re right.” He gave Vanik a hug which Vanik happily returned. “Now let’s get this party started.”

It was a food fest as well as a scare fest and Jim even let Vanik sit on the couch with him and Spock.

It was a Happy Halloween.   

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Flash Fic, October 30, 2020

Let’s end the month with a little Vanik!

Vanik was following Jim around the apartment Jim shared with his Uncle Spock. Vanik had arrived a short time at Jim’s invitation. To Vanik’s delight there had been glazed covered donuts and cream puffs waiting.

He’d barely had time to enjoy them though, as Jim was now taking him around, speaking of elaborate plans.

“I figure here I’ll hang webs. Maybe even spiders.”

“Is that the usual practice?”

Jim grinned. “Yep. And maybe some ghosts and witches too.”

“A witch?”

“Yeah, you know. Pointed hat, wart on her nose.”

Vanik nodded. “You are, as they say, going all out for your Halloween party.”

“Well, it’s only once a year. I’m going to have food and drinks too.”

“What did Uncle Spock have to say about all this?”

Jim smiled. “You know I’m good at convincing Spock.”

Vanik did know this. There wasn’t really much Spock denied Jim. And though he knew Spock wasn’t fond of such things, Vanik knew Jim hadn’t had any trouble talking Spock into it.

“What kind of food are you going to have?”

“Finger stuff, it’s easier. Bones makes a killer meatball so I figure we can make them look like eyeballs.”

“Spock does not eat meat,” Vanik reminded him.

“Right, so I’ll also use a melon baller and make honeydew eyeballs.”

“May I have another cream puff?”

Jim waved in their direction. “Sure sure.”

Now that Vanik thought about it, the cream puffs could make pretty good eyeballs too.

“We can make those fat pretzels into fingers and like paste a slice of almond on the end with frosting as their nail. Trust me, it’ll be cool. You can help if you want.”

Vanik did. Any time he could spend with Spock and Jim, he was all for it.

“You’ll need a costume.”

Vanik paused mid-chew. “A costume?”

“It’s a costume party, kiddo.” Jim looked at him. “How about Eddie Munster?”

“What is an Eddie Munster?”

Jim picked up his PADD, stabbed at it as though he hated it, and then handed it to Vanik with a grin.

“Eddie Munster.”

“Hmm.” Vanik grabbed another eyeball…er…creampuff. “There is a certain resemblance. I could make it work. What are you going as, Jim?”

“A zombie red shirt.”

Vanik stared at him. “A…what?”

“Um, well, just wait. You’ll see.”

Vanik shrugged. Adults were incomprehensible at times. “What will Uncle Spock be?”

“That’s an interesting question.” Jim dug into a large bag. He pulled out decorations, Vanik assumed, were appropriate for Halloween.

Just then the door of the apartment opened and Spock entered the apartment.

“Vanik, I was unaware you were stopping by.”

Vanik noticed the disapproval there but this time he could not help but be smug in his response.

“I was invited over by Jim.”

Spock glanced at his boyfriend. “Is that true?”

“Sure is.”

Spock looked back at Vanik. “Your father will not be pleased at how many sweets you are eating.” He shook his head. Turned back to Jim and noticed Jim had a life sized plastic skeleton in his hands. “What—”

“For the Halloween Party,” Vanik supplied helpfully.


“I’m going as Eddie Munster and Jim is going as a zombie wearing red. What are you going as, Uncle Spock?”

Spock’s right eye was twitching. “The Invisible Man as I will not be…”

Jim arched both brows at Spock. He said nothing whatsoever. Just arched those bushy brows.

Spock sighed. “I do not know yet.”

Jim smiled then and once more Uncle Spock blushed.

Vanik held out a creampuff. “Eyeball?”

Spock scowled. “What?”

“Never mind.” It was the last one and Vanik bit into it. Spock probably didn’t eat them anyway.

Happy Halloween and on to November next! November’s theme is family and gatherings.

Flash Fic, October 28, 2020

“What are you doing out there anyway?”

Nyota’s voice seemed to echo off the walls of the buildings around Spock as he continued walking along the cobbled path in the middle of the park about a mile from his apartment and Starfleet Academy.

“I am meeting my date.”

“Who is this guy?”

“I am not entirely certain. It is, as you would say, a blind date.”

“Spock? Is that wise?”

“Someone my mother set me up with. I cannot imagine she would set me up with someone untoward.”

“Hmm. I guess not.  But it’s late. Where are you meeting him?”

“At the other entrance of the park and then we are to go for tea and coffee at the twenty-hour hour café.”

“Why didn’t you just meet there?”

Spock’s steps faltered slightly. “I am not certain. He just said to meet at the other entrance and we would go together.”

He paused looking up at the full moon. There were clouds on the edge that if they moved a little would cover up the moon. And Spock knew there was a possibility of rain that night.

Spock heard a distant rustling and then it seemed to be coming closer to his position. And then a low…growl.

“Spock? You okay?”

“I…believe so. I heard an indistinguishable sound.”

“Get out of that park as fast as you can, Spock. I don’t like this.”

“I tend to agree. I will contact you when I am on the other side. Spock out.”

He shoved the communicator into his pocket and quickened pace.

He was approaching the entrance when something ran across the path directly in front of him about a hundred yards away. Spock stilled.

He was not certain he was seeing correctly for it looked to be either a very large dog or a wolf. There were no wolves in San Francisco.

It stopped, turned, and stared at Spock. The teeth bared and he heard that same low growl. From where Spock stood the creature’s eyes seemed to glow preternaturally from within.

Suddenly it got darker and Spock dared a glance up, noting the clouds were moving in front of the full moon.

The creature whimpered and then dashed off, back into the shrubbery.     

Spock waited only a moment before hurrying forward and in a run to the entrance.

He texted Nyota instead of calling her.

 There was no one there at first, but only a moment later, a man appeared.

“Hey. There you are.”

Spock stared in rapt attention at the man. He was beautiful with sandy hair and sapphire blue eyes and a bright, warm smile.

“Spock right? Jim Kirk.”

Kirk held out his hand as though to shake Spock’s and Spock very nearly put his hand out to take the other man’s.

But then Jim Kirk dropped his hand, but not the bright smile. “Sorry. Old habits. You okay? You look a little pale.”

“Did you…come by way of the park?” Spock asked instead of answering.

“Sure. Why?”

Spook shook his head. “Did you see a…wild dog a moment ago?”

“A dog?” Jim laughed a little. “No. Nothing like that. Did you?”

“Perhaps. I am not one generally given to delusions,” Spock said primly. The clouds had entirely covered the moon now.

“Sorry. I didn’t see anything.” Jim moved closer. “You ready to go have our date?”

“I am, yes.” He fell into step next to Jim. “Our mothers are friends.”

“Yeah, my mom said. I’m in command track at the Academy.”


“Cool. I love really smart guys.”

Spock arched a brow. “Indeed.”

They went into the café and had their beverages. They spent a long time talking and made plans to see each other the next day for dinner.

Jim walked Spock to his apartment. “Back to the dorm for me. Have a good night, Spock. See you tomorrow.”

Spock was only mildly surprised when Jim leaned in and kissed him. But it was a very pleasant one.

He went up the stairs to his apartment and was inside and in his bedroom, about to close the open window because the air coming in was quite cold.

His communicator chirped so he flipped it open. “I am home now, Nyota.”

“Good. How’d it go?”

“Very well. I am seeing him tomorrow.”

She chuckled. “Cute?”


He heard a howl then that made his skin prickle and a chill go up his spine.


He closed the window. “Nothing. Yes. It was good. Very.”

Flash Fic, October 26, 2020

Today we revisit Spock and Jim from Who Does Spock Wake Up With (as well as the one where Spock fell down the stairs)

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Spock finds the celebration of Halloween a puzzlement. It is not that he has not done the research, of course he has, but the practice of dressing up as something you are not, and eating candy, partying, and in ancient times, bobbing for apples, made no logical sense.

Yet Jim announces enthusiastically one morning as they are having breakfast in the Academy Cafeteria, that there is a Halloween Dance he would like to attend.

Spock ignores this until he understands Jim is looking at him expectantly.

He wonders what the proper response is for a bit, mulling it over in his mind.

He and Jim are most assuredly a couple now, with Jim moving in to Spock’s apartment entirely when Spock fell down the stairs, and though perhaps there were some who would claim they got to such a serious state too fast, Spock would argue their pace suited them.

At the table with them were Jim’s friends, McCoy, a doctor who seems always grumpy, but well meaning in regard to Jim, and a self-proclaimed jokester named Finnegan, Spock did not find particularly amusing. He tolerates Jim’s friends because Jim tolerates his.

Spock swallows the bite of waffle he had been chewing. “When is it?”

A polite enough non-committal sort of response.

McCoy looks at Spock sharply, but Spock ignores him, as usual.

Jim smiles. Spock likes his smiles, they soothe him.

“October 31. On Halloween. They’ll turn the cafeteria into party central. Food, drinks, dancing. Costumes. Sounds wicked.”

Spock is aware that ‘wicked’ is supposed to be good, but he doesn’t quite get that either.

“Sounds stupid.”

This comes from the new arrival to the table, carrying a tray containing a massive hamburger and fries. Mitchell. He slams the tray down and several fries jump onto the table. For some reason, Jim reaching for them and eating them bothers Spock. Not the issue of hygiene, though that element exists as they landed on a not so clean table, but that Jim eats food from Mitchell.

“Why you think that?” Finnegan asks.

“Just lame. We should forget the kiddie games and go get wasted at Calhoun’s.”

Calhoun’s is an establishment Spock does not care for, but he is aware that Jim frequented the place with his cohorts prior to his association with Spock. He waits for Jim’s reaction, aware that Humans can be prickly. Jim most especially.

“You can go to Calhoun’s, Gary,” Jim says easily, stealing fries off of Mitchell’s plate now. Mitchell does not stop him, and Spock wishes he would.

Spock pushes the remains of his waffle and vegan sausages toward Jim, who smiles, and tears off a hunk of the waffle.


Jim shrugs. “Spock and I are going to the Halloween thing.”

Spock knows he has not agreed to any such thing, but he also knows not to say so, and certainly not to say anything that would give Mitchell leverage to convince Jim to change to his plans.

Spock does not miss that Jim’s three friends are looking at him now, daring him to contradict what Jim has just said.

He would not, not in front of any of them. He knows better.

Jim is also looking at him, a smile playing at his lips, lips that very morning were wrapped around his…

“Indeed, we are.”

And that earns Spock a glorious smile from his Human and he knows he answered wisely. And he knows he will be forced to wear some inane costume. But somehow, as that smile lights the room, and Jim covers Spock’s hand with his own, he does not mind so much.

Flash Fic, October 23, 2019

A wee bit weird!

“Rumors are this place is haunted.”

Spock glanced at Jim with what could only be considered derision. “I am surprised you would listen to rumors, Captain. Especially nonsensical ones.”

Jim snorted. “Tell me how you really feel, Spock.”

“I always endeavor to do so.”

Jim sighed. Crossed his arms in front of him as he looked at the ruins of the ancient civilization. It was little more than abandoned decaying buildings and crumbling stone arches. It was kind of eerie but more than that it made Jim sad for what was lost. Whoever had lived here, had dreams and hopes and wishes for a future that never happened.

“Did you want to go into the dwelling further, captain? I do not recommend it. It looks dangerous.”

“I’m sure it’s fine. I’ll be careful. Report over to the chieftain of the village and I’ll meet you there shortly.”

“You do not intend to go in there alone.”

“It’s not haunted, remember? You said yourself.”

“Indeed, but they are crumbling ruins, Captain.”

“I’ll be careful.”

Spock hesitated, but he finally nodded. “If you do not return to the village in fifteen minutes—

“I will.”

He waved Spock away and headed into the ruins. He knew his first officer watched his every moved, but Jim ignored it. He’d chalk it up to their new-found…er…well whatever it was they were…more than friends, less than lovers? Jim sure as hell didn’t know—but Spock had been weird about watching Jim’s every move even before all that. Jim used to think Spock was looking for a way to file a report against him, but he no longer thought that.

Jim didn’t know all that much about this ancient, almost-forgotten civilization. The chieftain had told them that the ruins had been abandoned for hundreds of years, long before any of them were alive, and had long been the subject of stories about ghosts and hauntings.

Spock had barely contained his skepticism as the chieftain spoke, but Jim figured that was mostly because the chieftain had a huge crush on Spock and had been openly flirting with Jim’s second in command since they’d arrived.

The chieftain had suggested they go look at the ruins while he prepared the feast for them, but he’d wanted Spock to stay at the village and Jim to go alone. Jim had decided he’d just let Spock go back early. Especially since the Vulcan hadn’t wanted to go anyway.

Jim ducked under a half collapsed arch, trying to imagine what the people from this planet would have been like hundreds of years ago. They had jewel eyes now and lilac skin, attractive. It was unknown what their ancient ancestors looked like. Perhaps the same.

It had been an earthquake that had destroyed them, sudden and catastrophic.  When they had rebuilt, it was on the other side of the planet, less prone to seismic activity, and this place was never rebuilt.

Jim stepped through what must have been a doorway into a house or something.

He heard a child’s laugh, merry and bright, and so real-sounding, Jim turned quickly. But there was nothing and no one there.

“I’m getting punchy.” He shook his head and decided maybe he was better off going back to the village sooner rather than later.

He took a step and fell through a hole.


He didn’t know how far he fell but it seemed like a long distance and when he landed, his leg was twisted underneath him at a painful and clearly broken angle. He went to fish his communicator out of his pocket and discovered it was missing.

All around him was nothing but darkness. Even looking up, he couldn’t even see the sky. And he suddenly felt like it was all a setup from the chieftain.

He hoped he was wrong.


“Come on, Jim. Wake up.”

A gentle hand on his face. Light as a feather.

“Jim. Jim. Please. Wake up. Come on. You can do it. Come back to us. Come on, kid.”

He was trying. He was. Couldn’t-couldn’t whoever it was tell? He should know the speaker. He should. But he couldn’t think of them. Couldn’t…

So tired.

“Jim. Please. Jim.”

A different voice. But still familiar.

Drifting. Let me rest.


Jim woke with a gasp and he sat up straight into strong arms that held him. He blinked hard, and stared into Spock’s dark eyes.

“Jim,” Spock said, it sounded almost like a whimper. He pulled Jim close.

“Easy, Spock. Easy,” Bones said. “Let him breathe. Let him catch his breath.”

Spock pulled back, but only a little.

Jim put his hand up to Spock’s face. Spock was shaking. “Medbay?”

“Yes. We…”

“You almost died on us again, Jim.”

Jim looked at Bones. “The ruins?”

“You fell down some giant crater thing. Lost consciousness. It took us a long time to reach you and you’d lost a lot of blood.”

He nodded. Looked back at Jim. “The chieftain?”


“Of the village. He had the hots for you. I thought maybe he set me up to fall.”

Spock shook his head. He covered Jim’s hand with his. “There was no chieftain, Jim. The planet was abandoned. The ruins were from an extinct civilization. It is unknown what happened to the people from there.”

“But…they were lilac with jewel eyes and…”

“No, Jim. There was no one on the planet. We had barely begun to explore the ruins when you fell.”

He could barely believe it but his friends were looking at him like he was crazy, so he nodded. “Okay.”

“You gave me and your husband here a heart attack.”

Jim’s mouth hung open. “My-my what?”

“Ashaya, perhaps you ought to lie down.”

“You are unaware Spock is your husband?”

“For a year!” Bones exclaimed. “Spock is right. Lie down. I’d better check a few things.”

Jim allowed Spock to ease him back down on the biobed and as Spock held his hand while Bones examined him, Jim heard the faint laughter of a child.  

Flash Fic, October 16, 2019

Featuring Pinto

Chris stepped outside as Zach held the door open of the Starbucks they had just had coffee at just moments earlier.

“Dinner next?” Chris wondered, because truth be told, he was hungry. The espresso he’d just downed hadn’t really done much to get rid of that.

He’d been vaguely surprised to even hear from Zach as he knew his friend had a pretty busy filming schedule right now. Still, Chris wouldn’t complain about any chance to spend time with Zach.

“Eventually, sure,” was Zach’s reply. “But it being October and just a couple of weeks until Halloween, I thought we’d do something else first.”

Chris eyed him. “Something else? Halloween? Oh, God. Please tell me you aren’t having us go to an Escape Room. I’m claustrophobic.”

Zach rolled his eyes. “I know that, Christopher. Not an Escape Room. A haunted house.”

“A haunted…damn it, Zach. Most of those are so lame. I haven’t gone to one of those since I was a teenager.”

“A very long time ago,” Zach cracked.

“Says the guy who is older than me. Okay, fine. We’ll go. But you are so buying dinner.”

Zach smiled amicably. “Sure, sure.” He clicked open the locks of the rental car. “Get in, my boy.”

Chris snorted, but got in. Zach remained mostly silent on the way to the haunted house. Beating a rhythm on the dashboard to Monster Mash playing on the radio.

He pulled into a parking lot that proclaimed it was for the Haunted House. To Chris it looked like one of those prop houses on the movie lots, but he shook his head, grinned good-naturedly, and got out to follow Zach up to the door where his friend forked over two five dollar bills as entrance fees.

A woman stood in the front entry way of the house, dressed in an outfit reminiscent of a Disneyland costume from the Haunted Mansion.

“Welcome, Victims,” she declared in a falsely eerie voice. She pointed to an elevator. “This way.”

Chris withheld his eye role and followed Zach and a few others into the elevator, which predictably dropped several flows below. There was a scream and the elevator went dark.

“Disney should sue,” Chris muttered. He put his hand on Zach’s arm.

The elevator stopped and the lights flashed on.

He turned to Zach to say something about the lameness when he saw his hand was on some other guy’s arm. He stared at Chris.

“Do you mind, dude?” the guy said, moving away.

“Zach? Where the hell did you go, man?” He glanced around but didn’t see his friend. Everyone was moving on to the next part, so Chris followed, all the while looking for Zach, figuring his impatient friend had gone on without him.

At the next part, Chris jumped a little when costumed performers jumped out unexpectedly. And okay, maybe the first time his scream was a little high-pitched.

“Zach? Dude, where’d you go?”

He moved on to another part with a room full of twisted mirrors, but still didn’t find Zach. He was starting to get pissed. He hadn’t expected Zach to ditch him.

At the end, the last room had a mad scientist, and he was working on a mannequin in a chair. He pulled out a drill and aimed it for the dummy’s mouth.

And then the dummy screamed.

“Chris! Chris! Help! Help!”


“Hey, come on, Chris. It was a joke, okay?”

“Not funny.” Chris walked ahead back to the car.

“It was a little. You should have seen your face.” Zach stopped to double over laughing.

“Fuck you, Quinto.”

Zach straightened and scrambled after him. “Sorry. Come on. Sorry. Okay.”

Chris looked away, and wiped his eyes.

“Wait. Jeez. You…you aren’t crying, are you?”


“Shit. Yeah, you are. Chris, man, no. I didn’t mean anything. It was just a stupid…” Zach grabbed Chris’ arms and turned him. “I would never…”

Chris laughed and smacked him in the face. “Crying. Get real.”

“You asshole!” Zach touched his face where Chris hit him. But he was laughing too. “You had me going.”

Chris smirked. “Yeah? That was lame, Quinto.”

Zach nodded. “Yeah, a little.” He searched Chris’ eyes. “So, we’re good?”

“Yeah.” He moved in close, putting his hand over Zach’s that still touched his face where Chris had hit. “Did I hurt you?”

“Stung a bit.”


“Want to kiss and make it better?”

Their hands lowered from Zach’s face and Chris smiled, leaning in, kissing his stubbly jaw.

“Did that make it better?”

“Hmm. Not sure. You’d better do it again.”

Chris chuckled, but he did, and just as his lips touched Zach’s jaw, he turned his face, so that Chris was kissing his mouth instead. Chris’ tongue teased the corner of Zach’s mouth.

“Better?” Chris murmured and kissed him again, this time longer.

“Way better. Dinner? How about we order a pizza and eat it at your place?”

“Best idea you’ve had since you called me, Quinto.” He kissed Zach long and slow, lingering over the stubble of his jaw as he pulled back. “Maybe you can try escaping from my room.”

Zach shook his head. “I’ll fail. Because I’m not leaving until morning.”

Chris laughed. “I thought surely that should be my line. You’ll never get away.” His laughter was sinister.

Zach opened the rental car. “Just get in, Pine.”

“Home, James.”

“Zach. Remember? Zach.”

Chris reached for his hand and threaded their fingers together. “Yeah. Yeah. I know.”

Happy Halloween Fic 2017


On Halloween 2014 I pushed publish on the first chapter of Professor Spock.   It began and ended with the immortal words, And it started on Halloween. Enjoy!


Spock did not look up from his PADD.

“You want to go to a party?”

“Not really, no.”

“Oh come on.”

“I am grading tests,” Spock replied, still not taking his eyes off his PADD. “Go with the doctor.”

“Are you kidding?” He heard the incredulity in Jim’s voice.

Spock felt him plop down heavily on the couch he sat on. “Of course I am not kidding.”


“What is the occasion anyway? It seems an odd time of year for a party,” Spock said absently.


“Ah.” He pushed a button on his PADD.

“Oh. My. God. Spock, don’t you remember? We met on Halloween.”

Finally Spock looked up from his PADD at his illogical mate. Jim wore what appeared to be a fox costume.

Jim smiled. “I’m pretty foxy, yeah?”


“Baby, I know pretending to be someone else is not your thing. But it’s like our anniversary of when we met.” Jim gave him puppy dog eyes. “Please? I’ll blow you later.”

Spock arched a brow. “You will anyway.”

“Yeah, okay.” Jim grinned. “Please?”

Spock sighed and set his PADD down. “Very well.”

“You’re the best!” He threw his fur covered arms around Spock’s neck and kissed him, his foxy nose smashing into Spock’s cheek. Jim leaped up from the couch and pulled Spock with him.

“No costume,” Spock warned.

“I know, I know. Just wear one of your robes. It’ll be great. And no underwear.”


“I’ll blow you at the party.”

“You most certainly will not.” He knew he was blushing. Even his ears felt warm.

Jim winked. “You’ll like it. We both know it. Now come on, let’s get your robe.”

Spock allowed himself to be led toward their bedroom.

“You know what?” Jim asked. His eyes were twinkling wickedly. “Let’s start with that blow job.”



Happy Halloween from your Kirk and Spock from Professor Spock and Professor Spock: Runaway Groom.

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