“What are you doing out there anyway?”

Nyota’s voice seemed to echo off the walls of the buildings around Spock as he continued walking along the cobbled path in the middle of the park about a mile from his apartment and Starfleet Academy.

“I am meeting my date.”

“Who is this guy?”

“I am not entirely certain. It is, as you would say, a blind date.”

“Spock? Is that wise?”

“Someone my mother set me up with. I cannot imagine she would set me up with someone untoward.”

“Hmm. I guess not.  But it’s late. Where are you meeting him?”

“At the other entrance of the park and then we are to go for tea and coffee at the twenty-hour hour café.”

“Why didn’t you just meet there?”

Spock’s steps faltered slightly. “I am not certain. He just said to meet at the other entrance and we would go together.”

He paused looking up at the full moon. There were clouds on the edge that if they moved a little would cover up the moon. And Spock knew there was a possibility of rain that night.

Spock heard a distant rustling and then it seemed to be coming closer to his position. And then a low…growl.

“Spock? You okay?”

“I…believe so. I heard an indistinguishable sound.”

“Get out of that park as fast as you can, Spock. I don’t like this.”

“I tend to agree. I will contact you when I am on the other side. Spock out.”

He shoved the communicator into his pocket and quickened pace.

He was approaching the entrance when something ran across the path directly in front of him about a hundred yards away. Spock stilled.

He was not certain he was seeing correctly for it looked to be either a very large dog or a wolf. There were no wolves in San Francisco.

It stopped, turned, and stared at Spock. The teeth bared and he heard that same low growl. From where Spock stood the creature’s eyes seemed to glow preternaturally from within.

Suddenly it got darker and Spock dared a glance up, noting the clouds were moving in front of the full moon.

The creature whimpered and then dashed off, back into the shrubbery.     

Spock waited only a moment before hurrying forward and in a run to the entrance.

He texted Nyota instead of calling her.

 There was no one there at first, but only a moment later, a man appeared.

“Hey. There you are.”

Spock stared in rapt attention at the man. He was beautiful with sandy hair and sapphire blue eyes and a bright, warm smile.

“Spock right? Jim Kirk.”

Kirk held out his hand as though to shake Spock’s and Spock very nearly put his hand out to take the other man’s.

But then Jim Kirk dropped his hand, but not the bright smile. “Sorry. Old habits. You okay? You look a little pale.”

“Did you…come by way of the park?” Spock asked instead of answering.

“Sure. Why?”

Spook shook his head. “Did you see a…wild dog a moment ago?”

“A dog?” Jim laughed a little. “No. Nothing like that. Did you?”

“Perhaps. I am not one generally given to delusions,” Spock said primly. The clouds had entirely covered the moon now.

“Sorry. I didn’t see anything.” Jim moved closer. “You ready to go have our date?”

“I am, yes.” He fell into step next to Jim. “Our mothers are friends.”

“Yeah, my mom said. I’m in command track at the Academy.”


“Cool. I love really smart guys.”

Spock arched a brow. “Indeed.”

They went into the café and had their beverages. They spent a long time talking and made plans to see each other the next day for dinner.

Jim walked Spock to his apartment. “Back to the dorm for me. Have a good night, Spock. See you tomorrow.”

Spock was only mildly surprised when Jim leaned in and kissed him. But it was a very pleasant one.

He went up the stairs to his apartment and was inside and in his bedroom, about to close the open window because the air coming in was quite cold.

His communicator chirped so he flipped it open. “I am home now, Nyota.”

“Good. How’d it go?”

“Very well. I am seeing him tomorrow.”

She chuckled. “Cute?”


He heard a howl then that made his skin prickle and a chill go up his spine.


He closed the window. “Nothing. Yes. It was good. Very.”