The first chapter of this fic (one of my favs) was June 15, 2016. It was a reader prompt of sorts. Something this person wanted to write but never felt they could.


“You got a reason to be yelling, kid?”

“Name’s Jim, remember?’ Jim Kirk slung his bag onto his new bunk. Damn it was tiny. He wasn’t convinced his legs wouldn’t dangle down off the edge. And how was he supposed to get it on with anyone in such a tiny bed. He picked up the plain white envelop that simply read Jim. ”You leave this for me?”

His roomie, Leonard McCoy, or so he’d learned on the transport there, scrunched up his face. “I got here same time as you.”

“Oh. Right.”

“Family member?”

Jim snorted at that. “Hardly. I have no family. None to speak of or speak to anyway. What do you say we get out of here and go get a drink?”

“We just got here.”

Jim grinned. “I know. And it’s already boring! Let’s get some action.”

Leonard McCoy rolled his eyes. “All right. But I’ve got a few rules.”

Jim pulled on his leather jacket. “Yeah? Like what?”

“No messes! I’m a doctor not a housekeeper.”