On Halloween 2014 I pushed publish on the first chapter of Professor Spock.   It began and ended with the immortal words, And it started on Halloween. Enjoy!


Spock did not look up from his PADD.

“You want to go to a party?”

“Not really, no.”

“Oh come on.”

“I am grading tests,” Spock replied, still not taking his eyes off his PADD. “Go with the doctor.”

“Are you kidding?” He heard the incredulity in Jim’s voice.

Spock felt him plop down heavily on the couch he sat on. “Of course I am not kidding.”


“What is the occasion anyway? It seems an odd time of year for a party,” Spock said absently.


“Ah.” He pushed a button on his PADD.

“Oh. My. God. Spock, don’t you remember? We met on Halloween.”

Finally Spock looked up from his PADD at his illogical mate. Jim wore what appeared to be a fox costume.

Jim smiled. “I’m pretty foxy, yeah?”


“Baby, I know pretending to be someone else is not your thing. But it’s like our anniversary of when we met.” Jim gave him puppy dog eyes. “Please? I’ll blow you later.”

Spock arched a brow. “You will anyway.”

“Yeah, okay.” Jim grinned. “Please?”

Spock sighed and set his PADD down. “Very well.”

“You’re the best!” He threw his fur covered arms around Spock’s neck and kissed him, his foxy nose smashing into Spock’s cheek. Jim leaped up from the couch and pulled Spock with him.

“No costume,” Spock warned.

“I know, I know. Just wear one of your robes. It’ll be great. And no underwear.”


“I’ll blow you at the party.”

“You most certainly will not.” He knew he was blushing. Even his ears felt warm.

Jim winked. “You’ll like it. We both know it. Now come on, let’s get your robe.”

Spock allowed himself to be led toward their bedroom.

“You know what?” Jim asked. His eyes were twinkling wickedly. “Let’s start with that blow job.”



Happy Halloween from your Kirk and Spock from Professor Spock and Professor Spock: Runaway Groom.