And now we come to the end of October flashes for 2022

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Vanik knew his two uncles, Spock and Jim, were not having a costume party, per se, but he didn’t get a chance to dress up in a getup, well, every, so he dressed in a medieval knight costume, made of fabric rather than steel, of course, and headed over to their apartment in eager anticipation.

He was momentarily nonplussed when the door did not open as soon as he knocked. They had been expecting him.

Vanik knocked again.

This time it opened after a short hesitation and his uncle, Spock, stood there. He did not look happy to see Vanik. He never did, of course as no Vulcan wanted to look happy, but this was a…specific unhappiness.

“Vanik, I think we have to cancel tonight.”

Vanik stepped inside the apartment, filled with dread. He recalled the winter season when his uncle had made a mess of everything with Jim and Jim had gone to Riverside. Vanik had to go after him to fix things. He certainly hoped Spock hadn’t sent Jim packing again.

Then he saw Jim.

Jim was pacing back and forth, looked very upset, and had a red face as though he’d been crying.

“What is wrong? What happened?” Vanik asked.

“Vanik.” Jim stopped. Shook his head. “I’m sorry, buddy, but I can’t do this. Not tonight.”

And then to Vanik’s astonishment Jim left both him and Spock standing there in the living room, departing for the bedroom he shared with Spock.

Vanik turned to Spock with a questioning look. “What have you done?”

“I have not done anything. I am not responsible.” Spock eyed him. “What are you supposed to be?”

“A knight. What has him upset if not you?”

“Vanik, this is adult stuff and—”

“Please do not dismiss me as though I am incapable of understanding adult upsets. If our plans are canceled I would like to know why.”

Spock was quiet for a moment, then nodded. “Jim’s brother was here in San Francisco and failed to let Jim know. When Jim asked him about it he told Jim he had no desire to reconnect with any of his family members, Jim included.”

“That is terrible.”

“Yes. Jim says he doesn’t really have a family and he’s been upset since.”

Vanik crossed his arms over his chest. “And you told him that was wrong, right?”


He sighed. “We are his family. It sucks that his brother is too stupid to want Jim in his life, but that does not mean Jim has no family. He has us. We are his family. Plus, I believe Jim still has his mother, wherever she is. But regardless, he definitely has us.”


Vanik nodded. “You go in and tell him he has all the family he needs.”


Vanik stared Spock down, but to his satisfaction Spock finally went to the bedroom.

Many minutes passed but Vanik decided to occupy himself by getting all their food, snacks, and candy ready. If Vanik was correct, Jim would come out and wish to gobble lots of food. Humans often ate when upset and Jim was no different as far as Vanik could tell.

A half an hour later, the bedroom door opened and both Jim and Spock came out.

Jim smiled when he saw what Vanik had done to set up the place for their festive night.

“This looks great.” Jim walked over to Vanik and knelt down beside him. “And I’m sorry.”

“Are you feeling better now?”

“I am. Thanks to you. Spock told me what you said. And you’re right.” He gave Vanik a hug which Vanik happily returned. “Now let’s get this party started.”

It was a food fest as well as a scare fest and Jim even let Vanik sit on the couch with him and Spock.

It was a Happy Halloween.   

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