Once more we visit these two from Who Does Spock Wake Up With/Hospital

Jim sits at a table at a teashop with Spock and his friends. He has stopped paying attention to whatever it is they talk about because over the few weeks of their relationship, Jim is aware Spock’s friends dismiss him as though he is nothing. Pretty much a passing phase for Spock.

Or so they all seem to believe.

Two of them are also Vulcan, a male and female, who Jim knows are a bonded pair. They have made references to Spock bonding someday to a mate, and they barely spare Jim a glance when they do, most often alluding to the fact Spock will bond with a Vulcan.

The other one is Uhura, who, apparently, since she could not consider Spock her boyfriend any longer, has decided to insert herself in his intellectual group of friends who meet weekly over tea as they are now.

Every one of them, including Uhura, like to pretend their intelligence is far superior to Jim’s. It’s complete bullshit and he knows it. He’d match wits and knowledge with any one of them and he’d likely win too.

But whatever.

They always share an enormous pot of tea that tastes like a combination of licorice and smoke. Jim hates it.

After two times of barely drinking it, he brings his own thermos of coffee to drink, and besides ignoring their superior sneers over it, he also ignores the proprietor of the teashop’s side-eye.

This time he brought pumpkin spice cookies with him and he munches on them while they continue to blather on about subjects he has no interest in.

Once in a while one of them says something to him about whatever it is they are speaking about, certain he will get the answer wrong. He can see it in the superior way they address it to him. When he answers correctly and without hesitation, he can see they are surprised.

Spock never is.

Finally, the evening wraps up and the two other Vulcans make their exit first.

 Uhura still sits with them and she is now eying Jim’s cookies. “Are those good?”

He smiles and scoots two of them over to her, they are shaped like pumpkins and have frosting on them.

She bites into one. “You were quiet tonight.”

Jim shrugs.

“They are good. You should bring more next week.”

Jim thinks about saying he’s had enough and won’t be coming next week, but doesn’t. He doesn’t want Spock to feel weird about his friends and including Jim.


Uhura eats a few more cookies and then rises to leave. She leans down toward Spock as though she plans to kiss him, but straightens and pulls away at the last second with a look at Spock.

“Goodnight, Nyota,” Spock murmurs, his eyes on Jim.

When she leaves, Jim smiles. “You want some of that tea to go?”

“No, I have had my fill. Jim.”


“If your uncomfortable at these gatherings I will make no objection should you choose to skip them.”

He gets up and so does Jim. They leave the teashop then and Jim is certain the owner is happy so she can clean up after them.

“I don’t. Want to skip. It’s fine, Spock. You like them.”

“But I am aware you do not care for them. Nor the tea. I don’t wish for you to be unhappy.”

“Eh. You put up with Bones and Finnegan. That bunch.”

Spock’s lips twitch. “Barely. But very well. Should you change your mind, I will not be offended.”

Jim nods. He can’t wait to return to the apartment because usually on such evenings, Spock likes to make up for Jim’s boring evening by being very enthusiastic in their lovemaking.

He is glad, later, to discover this pattern has not changed.

He lies on his back in their bed, naked, sweaty, and sated. Two recent orgasms have blown most thoughts out of his head. Spock has risen to get warm, wet cloths to clean them before they sleep.

Photo by Marius Mann on Pexels.com

Jim stares rather sleepily at the small pumpkin he has decorated the end table with. He loves how Spock indulges his nonsense. And yes, that is certainly part of the reason he indulges Spock’s friends.

And this…aftermath.

Spock returns to their bed, leaning down to kiss Jim’s mouth even as he wipes him down with the wet cloth. “Ashaya.”

“Love you,” Jim whispers, his eyes closing, exhaustion taking over and rendering him even more senseless than usual. He laughs.


“Nothing. Just happy.”

Another kiss. “Go to sleep. I love you too.”  

You will see them again at the end of this month!