I thought it might be fun to let you readers here choose the ending of my story, The Vulcan Who Fell to the Earth.

If you’d care to participate, please put your choice of the three options below and why you chose what you did as opposed to the others.

  1. Kelvin Spock and Kelvin Kirk make the decision that Kirk has screwed things up so badly for everyone involved that they are going to reverse everything. Send our Vulcan boy back to his version of Vulcan. Erase his memory of Jim and Jim’s memory of him. So everything goes back to the way it was before Jim interfered. This Spock would also have his memory altered of ever having Kelvin Jim visit him. Basically it’s like none of it happened, except that Kelvin Kirk and Spock know it did. This is the preferred way for Kelvin Spock as it is basically “interference-free” with the prime directive if everything is back to the way it should have been.
  2. Pike, the Federation, and Starfleet in Iowa Jim’s story are really harmless and exactly what Winona says they are, not interested in harming Spock, and in fact interested in helping Vulcan advance and join the Federation. As Spock learns more and more how to fit in in Jim’s world, they eventually decide to join Starfleet together and begin exploring strange new words.
  3. Knowing that Iowa Jim and Sweetie Pie Spock are doomed to live without the happiness they deserve, Kelvin Jim transports them both to a beautiful, earthlike planet where they have a farm of their own, marry, have a little family, and stay together forever, without any interference from anyone again.