Today you get several lines to see if you know the fic…

This fic debuted in September 2017…

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Bones rushed in as though Jim was in imminent danger or something.

“Aren’t you supposed to be on the planet?”

“I’m back.”

His frown deepened. “But Sulu was supposed to—”

“Sulu was supposed to?” Bones prompted, already moving toward Jim with his medical tricorder out.


“Distract me with minor invented injuries so I wouldn’t notice you’re sicker than a dog?”

“Where’d that saying come in anyway?”

Bones shook his head. “You have a damn fever, Jim.”

“Is that why my eyelids are hot?”

“Idiot. Well, you’ve got a zinger of a cold, that’s for sure.”

Jim nodded. “I figured that’s what it was. I took myself off duty and I’ve got tea and everything.”

Bones looked past him to his screen. “That doesn’t look like you’re off duty.”

“Bones, I have reports oozing out of my hot eyeballs.”

“Yeah? How come?”

“That new damn Admiral Colton. He doesn’t like me,” Jim said, with a touch of petulance he could not help. “Mom says he went to the academy with Dad and that he never liked Dad either. They were rivals or something.  And ever since he found out I wanted that vice admiral job on Yorktown he’s been looking for ways to prove I’m unfit for command.”

“What? Why?”

Jim shrugged. “I don’t know. He’s got something against me. Implies I have daddy issues or whatever. He wants me subjected to psych eval.”

“Psych eval? Why haven’t I been notified?”

“Because so far I’ve put him off that idea.” Jim sighed. “So here I am proving myself all over again. All of this has to be in before shore leave, which he barely agreed to, I might add. I can’t afford to be sick, Bones.”

“But, Jim, you are sick,” Bones protested.

“So shoot me with some hypos, feed me chicken soup, and be done with it.”

Bones leaned on the desk. “You’re suggesting hypos?”

Jim grabbed his tea and cradled it in his hands. “Desperation.”

“Why not ask Spock for help?” Bones asked, even as he pushed a hypo into Jim’s neck.

Jim bit his lip. “I don’t know. Things are still kind of strange between us.”


“He tried to leave and I tried to leave and we both know it now. And, to be honest, we were kind of on strange terms even before all that. He kept giving me strange looks across the room.”

“Spock always gives you strange looks,” Bones told him. “You’re too illogical for his logical brain to take.”

“The last thing I want to do is push him to decide to leave again by piling work on him,” Jim told Bones. Then he smiled a little. “Anyway, I’m hoping if we can just get this shore leave, it’ll be better.”

“Hmm. What are we doing for this shore leave?”

“Oh nope. I’m not your wingman this time, Bones. I have plans. You’ll have to find someone else to hang with for shore leave.”

Bones eyed him. “Wait. You have plans? With Spock?”

“Get real. Of course not with Spock. He doesn’t even take shore leave, you know that.”

There was one time with Uhura where she had finally convinced him to go with her and they’d had such a disastrous time they hadn’t spoken for a full week. Another one of their on-again, off-again things. Which was a large reason Jim was convinced they’d be on-again in no time. There was a time…but no. He didn’t go there anymore. And wouldn’t.  

“This time I’d say he needs it and you should go with him.”

“What? Bones, come on. Not that depressed Vulcan bullshit again. Spock’s fine. And he doesn’t need me to hold his hand or babysit him,” Jim insisted. “I’m spending my leave with Areel.”

“Areel Shaw?”


“Are you nuts? She tried to ruin your career two years ago or have you forgotten?”

“Oh that.” Jim took a sip of his tea, happy as it soothed his aching throat.

“You must be delirious. Areel is not for you.”

Jim snorted at that but it didn’t work due to his clogged nose. It sort of came out sounding too wet and gross. “I’m not going to marry her, Bones. We’re just going to spend leave together. A while back I saw her on Yorktown—”

“You mean you fucked her.”

“Well, sure. Why not? Everyone else was doing their thing, why shouldn’t I?” Jim sighed. “Anyway, we’ve kept in touch ever since. The shore leave thing came up and it worked out in both our favors. So, no offense, Bones, but I have plans and I’m not changing them.”

“If you’re better.”

“I’ll be better.” He smiled. Ignored the pounding in his head. “I need to get back to these reports, so—”

“I’m going. But I intend to check on you later. Make sure you get rest and fluids.”

“Thanks Mom.”

“Shut up.” Bones straightened away from the desk. He went over to the replicator and then returned with chicken soup which he put beside Jim. “Eat that.”


“And go to bed early.”


“And don’t contaminate anyone else.”

If nothing else this will make you re-read some old fics! LOL