A bit of TOS. It’s not really that related to October/Halloween/Harvest but I threw in some mentions to make it work!

“It was a dark and stormy night.”


Jim lowered the book and gazed at the small Vulcan child peering up at him from his seat on the floor. Jim was sitting in a chair. The child, Saran, had informed Jim he would sit cross-legged on the carpeted floor.

“Why what?”

“Why was it dark and stormy?”

“Uh. I don’t know. That’s just how the story starts.”

Saran eyed him but nodded.

Jim cleared his throat. Babysitting Vulcans. Ugh.

“Soon he heard an ominous noise outside his window.”

“Why was it ominous?”

“Because he didn’t know what the sound was.”

“Then it should say, soon he heard an unknown noise outside his window. He decided to investigate.”

Jim sighed and closed the book. “I don’t think you’re in the mood for a ghost story.”

Saran sniffed. “Ghosts are illogical.”

“Sure are. So what else would you like to do, Saran?”

“You could tell me about your exploits.”

Jim paused. “My exploits.”

“You are a famous starship captain.” Saran paused. “Or so I have been told. You must have exploits.”

Jim opened his mouth to reply, but then was saved by the sudden appearance of Amanda, Spock’s mother.

“Oh! Here I am. I’m so sorry, Jim, I didn’t mean to be gone for so long.” She came to him and clasped his hands. “Spock’s on his way back now. Thank you for watching Sarek’s nephew.”

Jim smiled. “You’re welcome.”

She leaned in to whisper, “He’s at a bit of a challenging age. It was kind of you to watch him. And I really hadn’t intended to be gone so long.” She patted his arm. “Why don’t you go and wait on the covered terrace for Spock? I’ll send him out there when he comes.”

He tried not to be too relieved as he made his escape out to the terrace. There was a pitcher of cool water out on a table there, so he helped himself to a glass.

Jim had been rather surprised at the invitation to join Spock on Vulcan after they had saved the Earth from impending disaster. Again. Jim didn’t even feel the slightest bit bad about being demoted back to Captain. The admiralty hat hadn’t ever quite fit him.

It seemed that Spock, though he had gotten many of his memories back, he hadn’t gotten them all.  There was a vague memory there, Jim supposed, of their past intimacy, but not enough to convince Spock to reestablish anything. Or so Jim had believed, until this recent invitation.

The door on to the terrace opened and Spock stepped outside. He was wearing those Vulcan robes he seemed to favor on the planet. This was a short visit before they would return to duty.

“Everything okay?”

“Indeed.” Spock came to stand near him. Jim had been viewing some plants in pots there. “My mother’s garden. She has another garden in the back yard.”

“Yes, she showed me earlier. Told me there’s no real harvest time like there is back in Iowa.”

“Yes. I do apologize for staying away so long today. Mother informed me you were required to watch Saran for a time.”

Jim chuckled. “Yep. Not sure I’m very good with children. Probably a good thing Carol kept David from me.” His smile faded, his mood now melancholy.  

Spock, of course, knew. “I am sorry, Jim. For the horrifying loss of your son.”

He nodded, turning away. “The pain is manageable.”

At least I have you, Jim thought.

It wasn’t in the same capacity of what he’d been used to, what he wanted. But it was something. Yes. He would have Spock however Spock would allow it.

“I tried to read a ghost story to Saran,” Jim said, changing the subject.

“A ghost story, Captain?”

“October, Mister Spock. The month of Halloween.”

“Ah.” Spock nodded. “I recall.” He gestured to two chairs. “Will you sit with me? There is something I would like to discuss.”

Trying to stem his curiosity, Jim took the seat and waited as Spock sat beside him.

“I would like to discuss us.”

Jim glanced at Spock’s face, trying to read what that meant. He was unsuccessful in figuring it out. “Us?”

Spock held his hand up in the air toward Jim, who’s gaze zeroed in on it. He swallowed. He must have hesitated too long for Spock began to lower his hand, his brows furrowed. Jim hastily thrust his hand out, rather clumsily, and touched his fingers to Spock’s.

“It-it’s been a long time for that,” he whispered.

“Is it unwelcome?”

“No.” Jim paused, feeling hope spring up in his chest. “No.”