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It was weird not being on the Enterprise for three months, but it’s something Starfleet forced Jim to agree to after the end of their five-year mission. He was signing up for a new one, another five years, which he’d debated at least a thousand times with everyone he knew. And had decided that, yes, the decision was right for him.

Yet still they’d insisted on leave.

For the first month he’d been the dutiful son and visited his mom. She was thrilled for the visit.

But then now he was on New Vulcan, of all places, doing three six week classes to young Vulcans. Battle Leadership Tactics. Considering Jim’s checkered past with reprogramming a certain test, Jim had been surprised at the invitation, but Sarek had assured him it was genuine.

And it had allowed Spock to spend some time bonding with his father. If Vulcans did that sort of bonding.

The first six-week class was over and it was now time for new one. It was October, though as far as Jim could tell, this new version of Vulcan never changed temperatures much. 

A throat cleared.

Jim looked up from where he sat at his desk, going over coursework.

A Young Vulcan male stood there.


“Greetings, Captain Kirk. I have brought you something.”

Jim smiled. “Your completed assignment?”

“Not as yet.” The Vulcan stepped forward and placed a cellophane wrapped package on his desk.

Jim looked at it. It appeared to be an apple.  His gaze rose curiously.

“It is a seasonal treat,” the Vulcan said, smoothly, rather proudly.


“Indeed. A caramel apple. I have researched Earth and, also, your apparent fondness for fruit of this nature, so armed with this knowledge, I was able to provide a replication of this fruit seasonally dressed out with caramel.”

“Mm. Well. That is very considerate.”

“Then you are pleased?”

Jim smiled. “Yes. Now, please take your seat. I am hopeful you will provide as much enthusiasm to complete the required assignment.”

The Vulcan male nodded and went to his seat.

In his place were three others. Two females and one male. He remembered them from the first six-week course.

“You already completed this course.”

“Indeed,” one of the females conceited. “But…with barely passing grades, if you will recall.”

“I do.”

“We have decided to take it again to improve our scores and perceptions of the topic.”

“Uh. Okay. Sure.” Jim smiled again. “Take your seats.”

As he looked out, he noticed quite a few of the Vulcan from the first six-week course had come back for this one. He didn’t get it.

“Let’s get started.”

Jim stood up and came around his desk. He was pleased to see he seemed to have their undivided attention.

One raised her hand.

“You have a question?”

“Yes, Captain Kirk. Is it true that you are married and share a bond with a Vulcan?”

“That’s your question?”


Jim nodded. “Yes. I am bonded and married to Spock, Ambassador Sarek’s son and my first office on the Enterprise.”

“For how long?”

“How long…I’m sorry what does this have to do with Battle Leadership Tactics?”

“Nothing directly,” she admitted. “Merely a curiosity.”

“Let’s get back on topic.” Jim dropped the stylus he carried as a matter of habit. With a sigh, he bent down to pick it up. He heard a collective creaking of the chairs, and then as he glanced at the students, he realized they were all leaning forward in their seats. He quickly straightened and turned to face them, putting his buttocks against the nearby wall.

No, no. It wasn’t possible they all had checked out his ass, was it? They were Vulcans, after all.

Jim decided to ignore the possibility and just continued teaching the class.

When that course was over and the new six-week one began, Jim was surprised to once again see many of the same Vulcan students.

Once again, he tried, “You’ve already taken the course.”

“Indeed,” said one Vulcan male. “But I learned so much last time, I am certain there is still much to learn from you, Captain.”

That first day, toward the end of the class, Spock and Sarek showed up. They stood to the back of the room to wait for the class to be over.

When it was, many of the students hurried out faster than normal, giving Spock a look as they basically fled the classroom.

Jim smiled as he approached Spock and Sarek.

“Hey, it’s great to see you.”

Spock spotted the package in Jim’s hands. “What is that?”

“Hmm? Oh. Another caramel apple. I swear they won’t stop giving me things. So weird.”

Spock arched a brow. “They are courting you.”

Jim laughed. “Right.”

“My son is correct. They are making attempts to win your favor.”

Jim frowned. “To get a better grade?”

Spock shook his head. “No, they are all…attracted to you, Captain.”

“What? Give me a break.”

“It is true, Jim. Father and I just watched. I had my suspicions but now they are confirmed.”

Jim rolled his eyes. “Whatever you say.” He touched Spock’s fingers with his. “I only have eyes for you.”

“I am gratified.”

“As a matter of fact, Jim,” Sarek said, “I have been asked to inquire if you might extend your stay and give another six-week course. Apparently there are some who would like to attend who could not get a spot.”

“Sorry, no can do. Once this one’s over it’s back to my ship.”

Spock murmured, “And not a moment too soon.”

Jim laughed again. “Come on you two. I’m starved, let’s go pig out on Kreyla or something.”

And Spock and Sarek fell into step behind him, both unbeknownst to Jim, eyeing his bottom as he walked before them.