I did promise a continuation on these two.

Jim was surprised how fast the time went since he’d arrived on Vulcan with his mom and Sam.

The original plan had been to stay in ShiKahr to see how well a non-dairy ice cream shop,  Tastes Like Real Ice Cream Co., would do there.

His mom was one of the executives of the company and had been charged with making it successful on Vulcan. To pretty much everyone’s surprise it had worked. The Vulcans were…literally…eating it up.

The Kirks had trouble keeping every flavor stocked and usually customers were out the door. It had meant very little free time for Jim and his brother Sam.

From the beginning Sam had announced his intention to leave for Chicago where he was going to meet his fiancé Aurelan on September the first, but after Mom begged and begged, Sam had postponed leaving.

Now they were in October and Sam still hadn’t left. Jim hadn’t made any decisions about joining Starfleet either. The thing was, he wasn’t sure what his Mom was going to do if both of them left. Either of them really. But he knew Sam wanted to. Saw the far off look in his brother’s eyes when he thought no one was looking.

Jim for his part had met someone pretty much right away.


They’d gone on a date, well, sort of. Spock was very reserved at dinner and Jim hadn’t known how to act with a Vulcan.

But it was nice, and Jim thought they’d see each other again.

Only at the end of dinner,  Spock announced he was leaving in the morning for an extended mountain retreat.

Dumbfounded, Jim had asked, “For how long?”


And that had been that. The whole summer passed with Tastes Like Ice Cream becoming a raving Vulcan success. Only he hadn’t seen Spock again.

And now it was October. Jim felt both disappointed and foolish for having gotten his hopes up.

Exhausted as the three of them were, Mom finally had to hire additional help in the shop, so there was now a young Andorian male working there, and also a Vulcan female.

Jim was on a break, sipping iced coffee, sitting at a table outside the shop, when Sam approached him, looking determined.      

“I’ve had it,” Sam said, flinging himself into a chair.

“Had what?”

Sam rolled his eyes. “You know what. It’s already a month past the time I said I’d blow this rock. Mom’s so successful there’s no way she’s leaving anytime soon.”

“You think?”

His brother smirked. “I just overheard her, brother mine. She’s actually looking into buying a house here.”


“Yep. And that’s fine for her if she wants to live on a melting rock, but I have plans with Aurelan. I told her today, end of week, I’m on the shuttle back to Earth.”

Jim bit his lip. “What she say?”

“I should do what will make me happy. And you know what? You should too. You wanted to join Starfleet. I know you said you hadn’t made up your mind, but I think you did and you’re just staying to help Mom.”

Jim scowled. “What’s wrong with that?”

“Nothing. Except that you’re living someone else’s life, not your own. Just because she wants to stay here, doesn’t mean you do or should. Don’t let helping Mom keep you from your dream. And anyway, I don’t think she would want that either.”

“Easy for you to say. Dad died because of Starfleet.”

Sam sighed. “Dad died because of who he was, Jim. And he knew the risks. And so did Mom.” He patted Jim’s leg. “Just think about it. You could be on that shuttle with me back to Earth. Mom can hire others to take up the slack. There are plenty of people on Vulcan willing to work here.”

Jim opened his mouth to reply when he spotted a familiar face, well attached to a whole body of course, coming toward them. It was the Vulcan, Spock.

Sam followed Jim’s gaze, frowned, and then shook his head. He rose from his seat, squeezed Jim’s shoulder, and then moved off.


“Hello. Long time no see.”

“Indeed.” Spock gestured to the seat that Sam recently occupied. “May I?”

Jim nodded.

“I apologize for my lengthy absence.”

“You don’t really owe me anything.”

Spock inclined his head. “Perhaps not. And yet when I told you I would be on a retreat, I had not anticipated the length.”

“And did it do for you what you wanted?”

“Affirmative. I have been considering Kolinahr.”

Jim frowned. “What’s that?”

“The purging of emotions. It is a lengthy process.”

“Uh. Okay. Why would you want to do that?”

“Vulcans value logic over primitive emotions. It is considered the ultimate logic and highest standard to undergo Kolinahr.”

Sounded awful to Jim.

“You said you were thinking of it, what have you decided?”

“To do so.”

Jim blew out a long breath. “I see. Well. Thanks for letting me know. I wish you well, Spock.”

He stood then.

“Gotta get back to work.” Jim glanced around, saw no one paying attention, and leaned down, placing his lips on Spock’s in what he hoped was a searing kiss. He pulled back and straightened. Smiled at the dazed look on Spock’s face. “That’s what emotions do, by the way. See you.”

He began to walk away.

“Jim. What are your future plans?”

Jim turned around. “Me? I’m joining Starfleet.”

Maybe to be continued….