Here is my last “Summer” themed August flash. This is an alternate beginning to Star Trek 2009

“So…summer’s just about over.”

Spock eyed the blue-eyed blond haired man he’d spent most of the Earth’s summer months with. Tomorrow, Spock would be returning to San Francisco and his teaching position at Starfleet Academy.

James Kirk.

Just that day they’d lounged in bed at Jim’s farmhouse.

“Yes. Unfortunately, I must depart in the morning.”

“Yeah.” Jim licked his lips. “I know.”

Now Jim wanted to go to this “dive bar” as he called it. Spock recognized several Starfleet Academy recruits. A subject Jim had not wished to discuss with Spock. Something about his father and his mother.

Still it meant he might not see Jim again. Going to a bar their last night together was not his idea of a good time.

He put his hand on Jim’s arm. “I see Captain Pike. I would like to have a word with him. I will be in shortly.”

“Okay, gotcha. Want me to order you something?”

“Tea if they have it.”

Jim smiled and nodded and went inside.


Spock was just finishing up speaking with Captain Pike when someone came out from the bar. It was very loud inside.

“There’s a fight going on,” the man said.

Pike frowned. “A fight? What sort of fight?”

“A bunch of Starfleet dudes are beating the crap out of a guy in civilian clothes. I don’t know. He was being friendly to a woman and they went berserk. You may want to go in there if they’re with you. They’re giving that guy a pretty bad time.”

Spock knew Jim was somehow involved.

Pike and Spock rushed inside and sure enough the big brut called Hendorff was pummeling Jim in the face.

Pike whistled loudly and the fight abruptly stopped.

Spock moved forward and pushed Hendorff aside as he let Jim fall onto the pool table.

Pike moved toward Jim. “You all right, son?”

“You can whistle really loud,” Jim said, sounding pretty out of it.

Spock glared at Hendorff and the others. “You will be on report. This is not conduct becoming to a Starfleet cadet. Wait outside.”

They all rushed out.

Spock met the uncertain gaze of Nyota Uhura, who he knew from his recruitment of cadets. Spock helped Jim to straighten from the pool table.

“Do you need medical attention, Jim?”

Blood was pouring from Jim’s nose.

“No. No. I’m all right.”

“Actually, I’ll take care of Jim here, Spock. I’d like to have a few words with him,” Pike said, taking over holding Jim up. “Why don’t you take care of those recruits outside?”

Spock nodded. “Very well.” He squeezed Jim’s arm very gently. “I will be right outside.”

Jim smiled a little, though it was ghastly with the blood. “Okay. I’ll be okay.”

Spock turned to Uhura. ”Nyota, please come with me.”

She followed him outside the bar.

Uhura fidgeted. “That guy…you know him?”

“Yes. We have been engaged in a relationship since our arrival in Riverside.”

She blinked. “Oh.”

“I accompanied him to the bar but was delayed in entry. Will you explain what started the melee?”

“Well. Um. He approached me at the bar and offered to buy me a drink. I guess I thought he was hitting on me or whatever but maybe he was just being friendly. Anyway, those guys thought he was bothering me and even though I told them I could handle your friend, they got all macho and started a fight.”

“I see.”

“Your, uh, your friend kind of encouraged it a little by being sarcastic to them, but they were mostly at fault. I tried to get them to stop but then…”

“Then?” Spock prompted.

“One of them threw Kirk into me and he grasped my body, my breasts, and I got mad and threw him right back into them where they got even more crazy and started beating him.” She winced. “I’m sorry, Spock. I didn’t know he was your boyfriend or anything.”

“I suggest you leave here and be prepared to be on the shuttle to San Francisco first thing in the morning.”

“Will I be on report?”

“No. Though none of the circumstances were ideal, you do not appear to have taken part in the assault of the civilian, James Kirk. I trust you will conform yourself appropriately from now forward.”

“Yes. Yes. I will. Thank you, Spock. And I’m sorry about Kirk.” She hurried off and Spock turned his attention to the offenders.


Spock joined Jim in bed much later that night. “You are sure you are all right, Jim?”

“Yeah. Just a bit bruised. Nose hurts. But nothing broken.”

“I am sorry I wasn’t in there to stop it.”

Jim laughed. “It’s okay, Spock. They were looking for a fight. I was just stupid enough to egg them on.”

“What did Captain Pike have to say?” Spock said, as he leaned in to kiss the corner of Jim’s mouth.

“He wants me to enlist in Starfleet.”

Spock drew back, surprised. “And will you?”

Jim’s eyes were sparkling as he smiled. “What do you think?”