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Summertime Fun

Flash Fic, August 31, 2020

Here is my last “Summer” themed August flash. This is an alternate beginning to Star Trek 2009

“So…summer’s just about over.”

Spock eyed the blue-eyed blond haired man he’d spent most of the Earth’s summer months with. Tomorrow, Spock would be returning to San Francisco and his teaching position at Starfleet Academy.

James Kirk.

Just that day they’d lounged in bed at Jim’s farmhouse.

“Yes. Unfortunately, I must depart in the morning.”

“Yeah.” Jim licked his lips. “I know.”

Now Jim wanted to go to this “dive bar” as he called it. Spock recognized several Starfleet Academy recruits. A subject Jim had not wished to discuss with Spock. Something about his father and his mother.

Still it meant he might not see Jim again. Going to a bar their last night together was not his idea of a good time.

He put his hand on Jim’s arm. “I see Captain Pike. I would like to have a word with him. I will be in shortly.”

“Okay, gotcha. Want me to order you something?”

“Tea if they have it.”

Jim smiled and nodded and went inside.


Spock was just finishing up speaking with Captain Pike when someone came out from the bar. It was very loud inside.

“There’s a fight going on,” the man said.

Pike frowned. “A fight? What sort of fight?”

“A bunch of Starfleet dudes are beating the crap out of a guy in civilian clothes. I don’t know. He was being friendly to a woman and they went berserk. You may want to go in there if they’re with you. They’re giving that guy a pretty bad time.”

Spock knew Jim was somehow involved.

Pike and Spock rushed inside and sure enough the big brut called Hendorff was pummeling Jim in the face.

Pike whistled loudly and the fight abruptly stopped.

Spock moved forward and pushed Hendorff aside as he let Jim fall onto the pool table.

Pike moved toward Jim. “You all right, son?”

“You can whistle really loud,” Jim said, sounding pretty out of it.

Spock glared at Hendorff and the others. “You will be on report. This is not conduct becoming to a Starfleet cadet. Wait outside.”

They all rushed out.

Spock met the uncertain gaze of Nyota Uhura, who he knew from his recruitment of cadets. Spock helped Jim to straighten from the pool table.

“Do you need medical attention, Jim?”

Blood was pouring from Jim’s nose.

“No. No. I’m all right.”

“Actually, I’ll take care of Jim here, Spock. I’d like to have a few words with him,” Pike said, taking over holding Jim up. “Why don’t you take care of those recruits outside?”

Spock nodded. “Very well.” He squeezed Jim’s arm very gently. “I will be right outside.”

Jim smiled a little, though it was ghastly with the blood. “Okay. I’ll be okay.”

Spock turned to Uhura. ”Nyota, please come with me.”

She followed him outside the bar.

Uhura fidgeted. “That guy…you know him?”

“Yes. We have been engaged in a relationship since our arrival in Riverside.”

She blinked. “Oh.”

“I accompanied him to the bar but was delayed in entry. Will you explain what started the melee?”

“Well. Um. He approached me at the bar and offered to buy me a drink. I guess I thought he was hitting on me or whatever but maybe he was just being friendly. Anyway, those guys thought he was bothering me and even though I told them I could handle your friend, they got all macho and started a fight.”

“I see.”

“Your, uh, your friend kind of encouraged it a little by being sarcastic to them, but they were mostly at fault. I tried to get them to stop but then…”

“Then?” Spock prompted.

“One of them threw Kirk into me and he grasped my body, my breasts, and I got mad and threw him right back into them where they got even more crazy and started beating him.” She winced. “I’m sorry, Spock. I didn’t know he was your boyfriend or anything.”

“I suggest you leave here and be prepared to be on the shuttle to San Francisco first thing in the morning.”

“Will I be on report?”

“No. Though none of the circumstances were ideal, you do not appear to have taken part in the assault of the civilian, James Kirk. I trust you will conform yourself appropriately from now forward.”

“Yes. Yes. I will. Thank you, Spock. And I’m sorry about Kirk.” She hurried off and Spock turned his attention to the offenders.


Spock joined Jim in bed much later that night. “You are sure you are all right, Jim?”

“Yeah. Just a bit bruised. Nose hurts. But nothing broken.”

“I am sorry I wasn’t in there to stop it.”

Jim laughed. “It’s okay, Spock. They were looking for a fight. I was just stupid enough to egg them on.”

“What did Captain Pike have to say?” Spock said, as he leaned in to kiss the corner of Jim’s mouth.

“He wants me to enlist in Starfleet.”

Spock drew back, surprised. “And will you?”

Jim’s eyes were sparkling as he smiled. “What do you think?”   

Flash Fic, August 28, 2020


Spock found Jim sitting on the porch of his Riverside farmhouse at nearly eight-thirty at night. The sun was setting, as it was August, and nearly the end of their leave. Time to return to San Francisco and HQ soon enough. He was aware that Jim did not really look forward to it as he once did. They were older now and Jim spoke of retirement more than he used to.

Jim gave him a weary smile.

“Finish the dishes? Sorry, I meant to go in.”

Spock lowered himself into a chair beside his husband.

“It is fine. I did not mind doing it.”

Jim nodded, staring out into the yard. “Would you mind so much if we came here to live after we retire?”

Spock was aware that for Jim, Riverside was home. Outside of the Enterprise, which was no longer theirs to call it that way. For Spock, wherever Jim was, was home. It had taken him a long time to discover this, to admit to it, too long. But now he knew, now he accepted.

“I would offer no objections.”

Jim smiled. “Good. I like the idea of us living here, arguing over whose going to do the dishes that night…”

“I would not argue. I would do them willingly.”

“I know. But you get what I mean.” Jim continued to smile faintly, then he looked from the yard to Spock. “Or we could retire to Vulcan, if you’d rather.”

Spock did not say it, but he knew, there would be plenty of time, likely, for him to live on Vulcan once Jim passed away. Unless some odd tragedy occurred, Spock would outlive Jim by a good many years. It was not outside the realm of possibility, of course. After all, Spock had died once already.  

“No, living here will be acceptable,” Spock replied. He put his hand out toward Jim who met Spock’s hand with his own, their fingers touching as they did, as once, long ago, when Spock’s mother still lived, she did with Sarek.

“I love summer,” Jim spoke after a few minutes. “Summer nights especially. Out here, anyway. You can see stars for miles and miles around. This…this I grew up with.”

“And made you wish to live among those very stars.”

Jim nodded. “Yep. Never imagined then that I’d meet someone like you, and you’d change every aspect of my life.”

Spock thought about all those years in the past when last he’d seen Michael and her words to him.  

 “As you have changed mine.”

Flash Fic, August 26, 2020

Happy 40th to CP. Just a little something.

“How about a cruise?”

Zach shook his head. “No. Just a few years ago there was all that pandemic stuff.”

Chris frowned. “I’ve never been. Thought it might be fun.”

“Uh-uh. Maybe in another five years.”

Chris sighed. “Hawaii.”

“That’s nice but I went there with M—”

“Forget it,” Chris said quickly. “Australia?”

“Really long flight.”

“Damn it, Zach, where do you want to go then?”

Zach reached for and grabbed Chris’ hand to pull him close. He put his hands on Chris’ hips then. “You want a crazy idea?”

“You’ve shot down every one of mine, so I’d love to hear what you suggest for our summer vacation.”

“A staycation.”

Chris rolled his eyes. “What?”

“We have the pool, the jacuzzi, the tennis courts. Even a gym. We disconnect from the world, no phones, no internet, no social media. Just you and me for your birthday and the natural order of things. Well for people with a pool and a spa, anyway.”

Chris put down the brochures. “That’s starting to sound okay.”

“Of course it does. We can barbecue, lie out by the pool. If it gets too hot, we move inside and do each other.”

Chris laughed. “Okay, okay, you’ve convinced me. You always do.”

Zach smiled and kissed him. “I always do.”

Flash Fic, August 24, 2020

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“What’s going on, Jim?”

Jim opened his mouth to answer McCoy, but Spock beat him to it.

“We were out by the ocean of this planet—”


Spock touched Jim’s hand. “And Jim decided he wished to surf.”

McCoy held up his hands. “Say no more. He biffed, right? Where’d you hit your head, Jim?”


“He did not hit his head. He became overcome.”

Jim closed his mouth and gave Spock a look.

“Overcome?” McCoy frowned, holding up his tricorder.

“Faint. Heart racing at a rapid pace. Broke out into a sweat. Turned very pale.”

“Hmm. Jim, what did it feel like?”

“It was very hot out,” Spock replied. “He stated he felt nauseated and had a headache.”

“Is that right, Jim?”

Jim opened his mouth.

“His vitals are a bit off,” McCoy said. “When was the last time you ate something, Jim?”

“Not since last night at dinner. And then it was just a small salad.”

McCoy looked at Spock. “Unable to speak is he?”

“I can speak,” Jim said.

“Chest pain?”

“No. Just the heart racing.”

McCoy shoved a hypo into Jim’s neck. “You’re starting to return to normal. Probably a combination of things.”

“Such as?” Spock asked.

“Heat exhaustion, low blood sugar from lack of food, and a panic attack.”


McCoy shook his head. “Go back to your hotel and rest. REST. And eat. And stay cool. And eat.” McCoy pointed at Spock. “You make sure. And calm down, Jim.”

“I can leave?”


Spock helped Jim off the table and then escorted him out of the room and outside where they were having shore leave. Their hotel was only a short distance away from where McCoy had set up to examine Jim.

“What were you panicked about, ashayam?”

“Um. Well. I guess maybe it has been a while since I tried surfing and the waves were more than I anticipated.”

Spock could see that his mate was embarrassed. “Jim, you do not have to show off for me.”  

“I know.”

“I hope that you do. For the rest of today, you will sit in our room and I will pamper you, feed you,  and make sure you do not overdo anything.”

“I don’t need…you know what? Yes.” Jim sagged against Spock. “I’d love that. I need that. And God, thank you, for your love.”


Flash Fic, August 21, 2020

Jim squinted against the sun coming from the west. He leaned back away from his mom to see better.

“Hey Mom?”

“Yeah? You ready for more chips?”

Chips. Jim loved chips.  He started to reach for them.

“No. No. I mean yes. But…there’s a Vulcan boy over there.”

Sam snorted beside him causing Jim to look down at his lounging brother.

They were on the beach in Waikiki for a family vacation. Jim, his mom, and his stupid brother. The best part? Mom had dumped her hideous boyfriend just before they’d booked the summer trip.

Jim pushed on his brother’s pale bare shoulder. “You’re gonna get burned.” Sam had refused to wear sunscreen.

Sam flipped him off.

Jim narrowed his eyes.

“Oh, yes,” his mom was saying. “I see the Vulcan boy. I overheard someone at the hotel saying a Vulcan ambassador, his human wife, and their son were arriving for a vacation too.”

“Who cares?” Sam snapped.

Jim ignored him and kept watching the young Vulcan teen. He was super thin and tall, but for some reason, Jim couldn’t stop watching him.

“Can I go over to the water?” he asked.

“Yes, but stay where I can see you. And don’t go too far in. Only get your feet wet.”


“He only wants to spy on the Vulcan,” Sam said.

“Shut up.”

“Leave your brother alone, Sam.”

Jim scrambled up from the sand, flipped off Sam, and made his way down the increasingly wet sand toward the water’s edge.

He glanced over to where the Vulcan boy sat with an older human woman, Jim assumed must he his mom. He didn’t know humans ever married Vulcans.

Jim crouched down to pick up shells, forgetting for a moment about the mysterious Vulcan, and instead concentrating on adding to his collection of souvenirs from Hawaii.

So far this had been the best thing ever. When they returned to Riverside, his mom would probably leave again to go on a science vessel, she’d been talking about it, and he wasn’t sure what would happen with him and Sam, but for now, this was great.


Jim looked up sharply from picking up a shell to see the Vulcan boy standing next to him. Jim straightened and stood, wiping his sandy hands on his trunks.

“Oh. Hey.”

“What are you doing?”

“Getting seashells. The creature that lived in them no longer does, so I thought I’d take them with me. They’re pretty.”

The Vulcan looked down at his collection. “They are aesthetically pleasing.”

Jim smiled. “Thank you. I’m Jim.”


“Hi, Spock. Want to help me collect more shells?”

“That seems an agreeable way to pass the day.”

Jim guessed that meant yes. He grabbed Spock’s arm to pull him down the beach with him. He felt a warmth where his fingers touched and Spock stopped moving, looking startled.

“Oh. Hey. Sorry. I didn’t mean to freak you out.”

“I am…not freaked out. Jim. What is your full name?”

“Jim Kirk.”

“It is…agreeable to meet you, T’hy’la.”

“What’s that?” Jim asked.

“I will tell you another time. Let’s go collect shells.”

Jim smiled, reached for Spock’s arm again, was just a little surprised when the Vulcan allowed it, and headed down the beach seeking shells with his new friend.  

Flash Fic, August 19, 2020

It was Vanik’s idea to come sit by the community pool in his uncle’s apartment complex while his uncle’s boyfriend, Jim, did laps in said pool. Spock had not wanted to come sit under one of the faded umbrellas that clearly needed replacing, but Vanik had insisted.

“What if Jim is drowning and needs rescuing?” Vanik had reasoned.

Jim, who had heard, laughed. He was always laughing at Vanik’s interactions with Spock. It was a warm, pleasing laugh that always made both Vanik and Spock unreasonably pleased.

“I’m not going to drown, kid.”

“Certainly not if we are there to watch over you.”

Of course that reasonable, logical argument had worked. Spock agreed and the three of them had trudged down to the pool.

Vanik had pretended he intended to swim also by putting on a pair of swimming trunks his mother had thoughtfully purchased for him. Spock had come down in his usual clothing, though, at least, in deference to the August heat, he wore a T-shirt instead of a sweater.

They’d brought down with them a pitcher of lemonade and three glasses.

Currently Jim was in the pool swimming. There were a few other apartment residents frolicking in and around the pool as well.

“Have you popped the question?”

“Hmm.” Spock was studying his PADD instead of paying attention to Jim or even Vanik.

“Have you popped the question?” Vanik asked again.

“What question?”

Vanik sighed. Reached for his lemonade. “The big one.”

Spock glanced at him and then right back to his PADD. “Yes, his classes are going well and he fully expects to be the youngest captain of a starship in Starfleet history.”

Vanik closed his eyes and counted to ten as his father had taught him. Sybok had assured his son that he would need this particular coping mechanism when dealing with Uncle Spock. Boy, had his dad been right.

“Not about Starfleet,” Vanik said, patiently.

Spock looked at him. “What other question would be important?”

“The one to secure your future with Jim.”

“That is hardly your business, Vanik.”

“It is. I have an invested interest.”

“Which is all in your head. You did have something to do with my meeting Jim, I will give you that, but that doesn’t afford you the right to interfere with our ongoing relationship.”

“It is hardly inference.”

“What would you call it then?”

“An interest.”

Jim suddenly appeared by their table, wiping his wet face with a towel. He was dripping pool water next to them. “An interest in what?”

“Vanik was inquiring into the advancement of our interpersonal relationship,” Spock replied.

Jim looked at him quizzically for a moment, then looked at Vanik. “Mine and Spock’s?”

Vanik cleared his throat. “It is a matter of universal interest, yes.”

Jim laughed again. Both Vanik and Spock straightened.

“I’m pretty sure the universe doesn’t give one whit about what Spock and I get up to. But, as it happens, we’re doing great.” Jim leaned over, ignoring the pool water dripping on Spock, to kiss him lightly on the lips. “Going back in. You two don’t have to stay. I won’t drown.”

Spock’s cheeks were lightly green. “We will stay.”

Jim smiled, kissed him again, and then ruffled Vanik’s hair, before turning around to go back to the pool.

Vanik made a face. “Chlorine.”

“Yes.” Spock went back to studying his PADD.

And Vanik decided he might as well stop pretending to go into the pool and actually go in. He ran toward the pool and jumped in, splashing water everywhere.

He heard Jim’s laugh.

It was good.

Flash Fic, August 17, 2020

“You were correct, Captain. This has indeed been fun in the sun.”

Jim looked at his first officer. Looking didn’t hurt, at least.

“Sarcasm, Spock?”

The Vulcan stared back at him with what Jim could only categorize as Vulcan insolence. It was particularly sharp and hurty.

And sure, he guessed, he had it coming. He winced when he heard a noise from the other side of him.

“Well, gee, Jim, do you think it might be because the three of us are burnt to a crisp from head to toe?”

“Trust me my burning flesh has reminded me of that. Energize.”

They reappeared on the transporter room of the Enterprise.

“Welcome back aboard, Cap’n,” Scotty greeted them. “I trust you had a relaxing shore…oh, aye, what happened to you lads?”

“We fell asleep,” Bones yelled. “Oh let’s have some drinks while we lie out on the sand under the hot sun’s rays.”

Jim grimaced. “Well I…”

The transporter doors opened and Uhura strode in.

“There you guys are. You’re a little late and I…wait. What the hell did you do to my boyfriend?”

“Ex-boyfriend.” Jim scowled at her.

But she came forward and helped Spock off the transporter. He moved as awkwardly and painfully stiff as he and Bones.

“I don’t know what was in those drinks,” Bones was saying, “but they knocked us off our asses. We fell asleep and you see the result of that.

“Aye, a cooked lobster comes to mind.” Scotty glanced at Spock. “Er, ‘cept you, Commander. Uh, not sure what to make of you.”

Spock glared at the engineer balefully but he didn’t say a word. He’d had very little to say since they’d awakened on the beach.

“You got drunk and fell asleep, Spock?” Uhura asked him.

“Negative. I had decided to meditate and…”

“He fell asleep, too,” Bones added when it seemed that Spock wasn’t going to continue.

Jim nodded. “There was this nice ocean breeze and well…we were all kinda tired.”

“Idiots,” she muttered. “Come on, Spock.”

Jim opened his mouth to protest her splitting with his boyfriend, decidedly not ex, but one look at Spock’s stony face made him shut his mouth again. Instead he turned to Bones.

“You have something that can fix this right?”

“Such as?”

“A spray or something that puts us back to normal.”

“You haven’t been normal since…”

“Bones,” he whined.

Bones sighed. “I have a spray that will give you some relief but you’re going to have to deal with this for a few days, Jim.”

“I can’t wear my damn uniform over this burning hot flesh.”

“I’ll put you out for forty-eight hours. You too, Spock. And me.” Bones sighed again. “Come to the medbay and I’ll spray you down.”


Jim walked with his legs kind of bowed so his stinging red skin didn’t have to touch as he trundled after Bones.


He’d been in his quarters wearing the tiniest pair of briefs he could find, and nothing else, with the temperature set to Delta Vega, when there was a light tap at his door.

“Enter” formed on his lips before he realized he should ask who the hell it was considering his state of undress, but it was too late and the door slid open.


Well, at least Spock had seen him naked, so that wasn’t a problem.

“It is extremely cold in here,” Spock said, flatly.

“Er yeah. Computer raise temperature twenty percent.” He surveyed his boyfriend. He hoped his boyfriend. “You look improved.”

Spock nodded. “It still hurts but it is manageable.”

Jim took a step back when Spock approached him. “No offense. I love you a huge amount but I think touching me right now would probably kill me.”

“Doctor McCoy—”

“An exaggeration. But yeah. I mean the spray helped. And he gave me some to keep applying but I gotta say, I’m damn miserable. I’m sorry, Spock.”

“You are not to blame.”

Jim closed his mouth. Opened it. “I’m not?”

“Of course not. I blame Doctor McCoy.”

“Bones? What…you know what?” Jim smiled. He walked close to Spock and leaned in to kiss him. That didn’t hurt, at least. “Me too. I agree to blame Bones.”

Spock arched a brow but did not respond to that. Instead his gaze went to the bed. “Am I permitted to sleep here tonight?”

“You’re always permitted to sleep here. Want something cool to drink?”

Spock nodded. “Yes.”

Yep, still his boyfriend. And despite the sunburn, Jim felt good.    

Flash Fic, August 14, 2020

“Want to go for a run?”


Jim smiled. “A run. You know. Put on shorts and tees and run.”

Spock stared at him. “Tees?”

“T-shirts.” Jim laughed. “We’re, you know, on leave. For three months.” He patted his stomach. “Don’t want to get too fat.”

“It is quite hot today.”

“It’s summer, of course it’s hot. But when we come back to the apartment we can take a long shower together.” He waggled his eyebrows. “And eat cake and cookies on the couch while gazing into each other’s eyes.”

“I do not understand.”

“What don’t you understand?”

“Why we would eat cake and cookies after running.”

He laughed again as he went into his dresser for his shorts and T-shirt. “If you eat them before you feel sick and barf.”

Spock hesitated. “That is logically sound, but I meant…”

“You coming, babe, or am I running by myself?”

His Vulcan sighed. “I will come.”

Jim kissed him. “Good. Love you.”

Spock gave him a look which only made Jim laugh more.

“I’ll get us handbands to keep our hair off our skin and stuff. And cooling towels around our necks.”

Spock muttered something about stupid humans Jim was sure, but Spock was joining him, so Jim considered that a win.

Inspired by seeing THIS picture.

Flash Fic, August 12, 2020

“Three months stuck on this rock.”

Jim eyed his brother dispassionately as he set a box behind the counter. “You got some place better to be?”

“Any where’s better than here. They don’t even know how to party in ShiKahr.”

Jim shook his head. “You’re engaged to Aurelan. It’s time to forget about partying.”

Sam rolled his eyes. “I don’t mean screwing around, I mean drinking. I haven’t found a single bar. Mom said there would be.”

Jim bent down to open a box. “Probably said that so you’d come.”

“Yeah, I figured. Soon as summer’s over, I’m leaving. Supposed to meet Aurelan in Illinois September the first.” Sam ran his hands through his hair. “Anyway, who’d be stupid enough to open a non-dairy ice cream place in the capitol city of Vulcan.”

“Give Mom a break, will ya? Anyway, she was asked to open it. To give it a try by her company. If it doesn’t work out, she’ll go home.”

Sam leaned against the closed door of the shop. “What about you? You’re not staying beyond the summer, are you?”

“I don’t know.”

“No? Thought you were thinking of taking after Dad and getting yourself killed in Starfleet.”

“Shut up. I haven’t even decided about any of that.”

“Well, you’d better decide soon or Mom will take over your life for you.” Sam straightened. “I’m gonna go get more boxes.”

Jim watched Sam leave the shop, and he left the door open. Jim considered closing it again, as they weren’t even close to being ready to open, but considering it was super warm and stuffy, he left it that way and continued getting ready.

It was about ten minutes later when he heard someone sort of shuffle inside. He was down below the counter, stocking goods, so he stood up, ready to tell whoever it was they weren’t open yet.

But the words stilled in his throat as he looked at the most gorgeous guy he’d ever seen. Most gorgeous Vulcan guy. Any guy, sure. But his gorgeous guy was Vulcan.


Smooth Jim.

The Vulcan looked anxiously from the door to Jim, a slight furrow between his brows. “Who…”

Jim came forward from behind the counter, wiping his hands on the apron, subconsciously. He knew Vulcans didn’t shake hands or anything.

“Jim. Jim Kirk.”

The Vulcan’s lips quirked very slightly. “Spock. Who owns this place and what is it?”

“Oh. My mother. Winona Kirk. She’s with the Tastes Like Real Ice Cream Co. This is the, uh, the first shop of its kind on Vulcan.” Jim shifted. “Non-dairy. Vegan.”

“I see.”

Jim glanced toward the counter. “I can offer you a sample.”

“You are not open, are you?”

“Well, no. Getting set up.”

Spock nodded. “Forgive me for the intrusion. I am meeting my mother for lunch in ShiKahr and just saw someone I hoped to avoid. I ducked into the first open door.”

Jim smiled. “My fortune then. Sample?”

“I really should not. My mother will be waiting.”

Yet he followed Jim to the counter when Jim went there and behind it.

“I’ve only got a couple of flavors available. Uh. Not chocolate.” Jim winked.

Spock arched a brow. “No indeed.”

Jim put the little sampler spoon in the vanilla and handed it to Spock. “Not that I think you’re a vanilla kind of guy or anything.”

Spock did not react to that, so Jim figured it had gone over the Vulcan’s head.

“It is quite good. I will have to return to try other flavors when you are open. Something more adventurous than vanilla.” He quirked that brow again and Jim couldn’t help but grin in response.

“Yeah, yeah, definitely.”

“I must go now.”

Spock turned around and went to the shop door. Then he looked back at Jim.

“When do you get off work?”

“Oh. I guess somewhere around six-thirty.”

“And do you live nearby?”

Jim nodded. “Yeah. We’re staying in an apartment above the shop, actually.”

“I would like to ask you to dinner, Jim. May I come by at seven to have you accompany me?”

Jim couldn’t agree fast enough. “Yes. Yes. I’ll be ready.”

Spock inclined his head. “I will see you then.”

He made it through the door just as Jim’s mom was coming in with a box.

“Good day,” Spock murmured.

She watched Spock walk down the street.  “Who was that?”


She laughed. “Spock? Who is Spock?”

“My date for this evening.”

“Figures. Only here a day and already has a date.”

“Who has a date?” Sam asked, coming in, arms full of boxes.

“Jimmy?” She put a box down on the counter. “With a very handsome Vulcan.”

“What? I wasn’t even gone but a few minutes!”

“That’s Jimmy. Charms them every time. Let’s break for lunch. I’m starving.”

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