And so we begin the month of Starfleet Academy Flashes

“What are you doing anyway?” Bones asked Jim as he poured himself coffee in their Starfleet Academy dorm room.

Jim was lying on his bunk, stomach down, swiping his finger across the PADD he held.

“Looking through the digital announcement boards.”


“The advertisements for tutors.”

“Huh? What for? You want some coffee?”

“Yeah pour me some and leave it on the table. Um, you know, curiosity.”

“Jim, you are like the last guy who needs a tutor. What’s going on?”

Jim smiled a little. “Well, uh, I may have heard that a certain Vulcan professor was going to offer his services tutoring physics and I thought…”

“Jim, he’s going to know immediately it’s a scam.”

“I’m not scamming him, Bones.”

Bones sighed. “Okay, but trying to…what…get with him? Probably unsuccessfully.”

“Hey!” Jim got up from the bed and went to fetch the coffee bones gave him. “I’m a catch.”


“I am.”

Bones smirked. “What’s he going to tutor you in? Vulcan sexual practices?”

 “I wish. As it happens, I found his post about tutoring so I’m going to see him this afternoon.”

“Bad idea.”

“You suck.” Jim threw a ball at him.


Spock looked up from the Kobayashi Maru program he was studying at the approaching footsteps. He was somewhat surprised to see Cadet James Kirk standing in front of him. He’d had Cadet Kirk in a battle simulation class the prior year. Kirk had excelled.


“Hi Professor. I saw your advertisement about tutoring.”

Spock leaned back. “I don’t really require a second tutor to assist me. So far only two students have applied, Nyota Uhura and Rupert Smiley. If those are the only two—”

“No,” Cadet Kirk interrupted. “Well, first, of course she did. But what I meant was…I’d like you to tutor me. If you would.”

Spock arched a brow. Leaned back further and studied Cadet Kirk. “You are a brilliant student. You do not need such tutelage.”

Kirk pursed his lips. “All right, maybe, but…” He laughed then. “The truth is, I like you.”

Spock felt warm at these words. Cadet Kirk was very attractive and intelligent and as Spock preferred males…

“Dinner this evening?”

Jim smiled brightly. “You bet.” Then he leaned in close. “Perhaps there’s something you can teach me after all.”

“Certainly how to pick up Vulcans is top of that list,” Spock said with some amusement.

Jim pulled back, eyes wide, but then he laughed. “Touché. Yeah, okay. So maybe I wasn’t exactly smooth here but…”

“You were smooth enough. I will pick you up at seven…cadet.”

“I’ll be ready, Professor.”