A while ago, I did a fic where Jim woke up unexpectedly in A Surprise.  

I decided for this September it would be fun to do it the other way around.

Who Does Spock Wake Up With? I also changed the tense of the narrative to present.

Something is strange, Spock realizes, the moment he wakes. He is in a bed but not in his bed. And for one long minute as he stares up at a strange ceiling, he cannot figure out why.

He tenses a little when he realizes a heavy, muscular arm is slung across him. He chooses not to immediately move for he is not prepared to wake up his bed partner. Not now anyway.

He goes over what he recalls from the last few hours, and as he lifts his head up slightly from the rumpled pillow cushioning his head, he recognizes the other man in bed with him as Cadet Jim Kirk.

Both the cadet and Spock himself are nude. Spock continues to survey the cadet and notes he wears several sucked bruises along his collarbone. Hickeys as Terrans call them.

Cadet Kirk is lying on his stomach, his round buttocks facing upward and exposed to the elements, or rather the room in which they are, and Spock’s gaze. There appears to be dried semen stains across the plump cheeks and between, on the crease.

Spock knows he is blushing at this and knows they are from him, as are the hickeys.

He doesn’t give himself the time to analyze all the events that led up to this coupling, as he decides it is best if he makes himself scarce from what is obviously Cadet Kirk’s living space.

He eases himself out from under the arm and is pleased when he does so without waking the young sandy haired man.

Spock feels sore all over and rather exhausted and expects they spent a rather vigorous evening together.  He takes the time to locate the sheet lying discarded on the floor and lifts it up and over Cadet Kirk’s nude body.

Spock next seeks out his clothing and finds it by the door of what is clearly an Academy Dormitory. From his perusal, the cadet does not seem to have a roommate. His mind is still a bit fuzzy on how they ended up in this situation, but he suspects once he leaves and has tea and breakfast, it will come to him.

After dressing in his professor’s uniform, he quickly sneaks out of the dorm room, grateful that no one came upon him as he does so.

It is early, Spock realizes, the sun just coming up, and most cadets in the area will be sleeping off whatever partying they’d done the evening before. It had been Friday after all.

His apartment is about a block over from the dorms and so Spock hastily makes his way there.

Once in his apartment, he showers, changes into clean clothing–grateful it is Saturday and he has no classes to instruct–and prepares his breakfast.

As he sits and sips his tea and eats his oats, Spock goes over his memories. He recalls now that he had been talked into going to a bar by another cadet of his acquaintance, Nyota Uhura. They had been…sort of dating…Spock supposes. Clearly they were not now.

He pulls out his communication device and sees he has a few texts from her.

Spock? U ok?

Spock, u better answer!

Before she can show up to his apartment inquiring into matters he is not yet ready to discuss, he quickly sends her a response.

Yes, I am fine. Having breakfast. Talk later.

He hopes this will suffice for now and that she won’t come barging over. She has a tendency to be abrasive at times and that is part of the reason Spock does not see a romantic future with her.

Even before the apparent events of the night before.

It was at this bar that Spock struck up a conversation with Cadet Kirk. And he realizes, it was definitely he who had approached the cadet.

Cadet Kirk had been sitting in a dark corner of the bar by himself drinking a beer and staring at his communication device, his blueberry eyes looking wet.

“Are you unwell?” Spock had asked.

And somehow that question had caused him to sit at the table with Kirk.

The cadet had told him a sad story about a friend, Spock had sympathized, they touched hands, had a couple more drinks, held hands, and then…

Gone to Cadet Kirk’s dorm where they…yes. Quite a lot, they had.

Spock feels himself blush again even though there is no one in his apartment but him, but he remembers it all, thinks a little bit that he was an animal, perhaps taking advantage of Cadet Kirk’s sorrowful state, Spock isn’t sure, but…

A knock startles him out of his reverie.

Spock frowns in irritation, which he allows himself to feel, certain it is Nyota Uhura after all. He thinks of ignoring it and pretending he is not home, but that seems too close to a lie, and Vulcans do not.

He pushes back from his chair and goes to the door of his apartment. He forgets to look through the peephole as he opens it and so is startled into an un-Vulcan-like gasp.

“Cadet Kirk!”

Kirk smiles, which lights up the apartment and the hallway, Spock thinks, and he holds up a paper bag that is clenched in his hands.

“Bagels for breakfast. Cream cheese too. Even vegan.”

Spock stands back and allows him to enter his apartment.

Kirk steps close and kisses him. Spock does not mind. He seizes the top of Kirk’s T-shirt and pulls him close, deepening the kiss.

“Good morning,” Kirk says breathlessly.

Spock kicks the door closed.

“Good morning, Jim.”