“If you’ll all please bring up the information I asked you to research for today’s lesson on quadrotriticale, we can get started.”

The blue-eyed sandy haired human professor standing in front of the class was definitely new, Spock realized. 

And absurdly attractive.

The entire class was staring at him and not at all the coursework.

Spock among them.

He glanced at the name written on the board in old-fashioned chalk.

James T. Kirk.

“Excuse me!” a student Spock knew was called Pavel Chekov yelled out to get the instructor’s attention.


“Vhat happened to Professor Lansing? The old guy.”

Kirk shrugged. “He got sick so I’m taking over this class for the semester. Problems?”

“No, no.”

“Good, then we can get started.”

Kirk turned his back on the class to start some sort of slide program. Which seemed to fill the other students with relief as they turned to their PADDs.

Spock did not. His gaze zeroed in on…

Kirk turned around and suddenly narrowed his eyes as he looked toward Spock, who felt himself turn green with embarrassment. He dropped his PADD.

“What’s the matter with you?” Nyota hissed from beside him.

“Nothing,” Spock murmured.

But he could feel her eyes on him, and Spock swore everyone’s eyes were on him. That he had somehow been caught ogling the instructor’s ass.

When the class ended, Spock barely recalled what was said, and he scrambled to get up and out of the class. He made it to the door.

“Cadet Spock.”

Spock froze. He exchanged a look with a smirking Nyota, and he once more felt his cheeks go warm.

He waited until all the others turned away and left before facing Kirk.


Kirk was smiling. He walked up to Spock and opened his arms.

“It’s been way too long.”

Spock went into his arms and closed his around Kirk’s. “Indeed. I-I didn’t know you were…”

“I know. It was a surprise.”

Their lips met and Spock murmured against that precious mouth. “It was. A very pleasant one.”

Kirk’s hand move up to come his cheek. “Hey. Were you staring at my ass?”