For this we revisit the boys from A Surprise

“Are you sure about this?”

Jim smiled at Bones. Probably the third time his friend had asked him. “Yep.”

“It’s not been very long.”

“Since winter break.”

Bones snorted as he watched Jim pick up a box of his personal belongings. “It’s only July.”

“Yep. That’s six months.”

“Six months of…hot and heavy sex between you and Spock. But do you even know that much about each other?”

Jim grinned and patted Bones’ arm. “Guess we’ll figure all that out in between bouts of hot and heavy sex.”

His friend rolled his eyes. “I’m serious. It was just the holidays and now all of a sudden…”

“Six months ago. Now it’s like, I don’t know, Christmas in July.” Jim laughed. “Spock asked me to move in, so I said yes.”

“If he asked you to jump off a cliff would you do that too?” Bones asked sarcastically.

“Probably. God, you’re too much. It’s fine. Spock isn’t going to hurt me.”

“Definitely not,” Spock spoke from the open door way of Jim’s now ex-dorm. “Doctor, Jim spends almost every night with me anyway, it makes sense to have all his things at my apartment.” He paused. “Our apartment.”

Jim stepped over to Spock and kissed him. “Hiya, honey.”

Spock’s lips twitched. “Hi yourself.”

“Can we have a Christmas in July celebration?”

“A…what is that?”

Bones chortled. “I don’t envy you that part of Jim. He celebrates every little stupid thing.”


“It’s because as a kid he never got to celebrate anything so now it has to be everything.”

“Oh now you’re gonna make me cry. Shut up, Bones. Stop telling Spock all my secrets.”

Spock eyed Jim. “Secrets?”

“Yes. Like we need to make Christmas cookies for Christmas in July. Watch some sappy romantic Christmas movies.”

“They exist?”

“Oh boy do they.” He linked arms with Spock. “Come on, honey. Let’s go have crazy sex on our first night together in our apartment.”

“I thought you wished to make cookies and watch sappy movies.”

“That’s after the crazy sex. Or before. Or during. I don’t know. The order doesn’t matter.”

He pulled Spock along, who went with him willingly, and waved at Bones. “Talk soon!”