This revisits those from Someone Like You

“Can we get a Chwisthmas twee?”

“A what?”

Sammy stared up at Spock, her big blue eyes wide. “A Chwisthmas twee.”

“It is July,” he said, logically. He had a hold of her hand as they went through a shopping area of San Francisco.

“But look.” She pointed to a sign that read Christmas in July sale.  

Spock inwardly sighed. “That is a…marketing ploy.”

“A…what is marketing ploy?”

“It is a way to convince people to spend money on frivolities that are certainly not needed,” Spock told her. “It is enough we are forced to participate in December.”

Sammy’s bottom lip wavered as it stuck out. “If Daddy was here, he’d get me a Chwisthmas twee.”

“Likely that is true. But he is not. Come, Sammy.”

She pouted for a bit, but Spock was soon able to distract her with pineapple ice cream. He would likely pay for it later when she had a stomachache.

Still, though Sammy was three and could be easily distracted, she was also still the daughter of a brilliant man, and therefore as Spock and Sammy arrived home later that afternoon, she returned to the subject quite readily.

“Still want a twee.”

“In December.”

“Well. Why do they call it Chwisthmas in July?”

“I do not know,” Spock admitted. “I do know that it became something in 1933 in a place called North Carolina.”

Sammy simply stared at him and so Spock wasn’t sure if she understood or not. Nor was he sure if he did.

They approached the front door and as they did so, Spock heard the very definite strains of Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. It filled him with a sort of defeated dread.

But Sammy heard it too and got a big smile as she excitedly jumped up and down. She yanked open the door and exclaimed, “A Chwisthmas twee!”

Jim laughed. “Well of course, sweetpea. Had to celebrate Christmas in July. We’re having Frozen Polar Bear Hot Chocolate too.”

Spock exchanged a look with Jim’s oldest son, David, who shrugged and smirked at Spock.

George was getting as excited as Sammy.

Jim came over to Spock with a twinkle in his eyes. “Thanks for the text by the way. You’re just a big Vulcan sweetie, you know that?”

Spock felt himself blush at his husband’s kiss, but he readily accepted his kiss. “Well…she pouted.”

“I know. Hard to resist.”

Spock arched a brow. “Polar Bear Snowmen Hot Chocolate?”

“I found a recipe.” Jim winked. “You can have yours later.”