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Christmas in July, Flash Fic July 14, 2022

An extra!


A hundred years ago I wrote a hurt/comfort story called By His Side. It had everything. Jim severely injured, Gary plotting, a devoted Spock, Spock got poisoned, Jim beat Gary, and in the end they lived quite happily ever after.

I wrote By His Side in 2015.

I thought it might be fun to check in with these two.

Merry Christmas.

“I never thought I’d ever be able to have this.”

Spock gazed upon the tiny infant in the bassinet between them on their bed. Then he glanced at his husband and mate.

“It took a bit of planning but he is beautiful.”

“Best Christmas present ever,” Jim declared.

Spock blinked. “Jim, perhaps the heat is getting to you, my adorable one, but it is July not the month of December.”

Jim laughed. “I know, sugar. But way back in December we started planning for him.” He paused. “Actually the previous Christmas. Don’t you remember? I put baby booties in your stocking to see how you’d react.”

“It was most puzzling.”

“Then we talked and talked and this past Christmas we started the adoption process. It just took this long for us to finally have him.” Jim reached down to pick up their son.

“Jim, he will never rest if you constantly pick him up to hold him.”

“He can fall asleep in my arms.”


“Does he look like you or me?”

“Since neither of us share DNA with him, he looks like his biological parents.”

Jim sighed and nodded. “I’m sorry they had to die on that ship explosion for us to get him.”

Spock touched Jim’s hand. “I know you think about the loss of your own father in such circumstances.”

“Yeah. Anyway, can we call him George Sarek?”

“Or perhaps Sarek George,” Sarek said from the doorway of their bedroom.

“Father, I thought you were not arriving for another few hours.”

“I took an early shuttle to see my grandson.” Sarek smoothly stole the child out of Jim’s arms.

Jim didn’t mind.

Jim put his arm around Spock and leaned in to kiss him. “So, you know, Merry Christmas in July. For our best present ever.”


“And thank you. For being here, with me.” Jim paused. “By my side.”

Spock’s eyes sparkled. “Always.”

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Flash Fic, July 31, 2020

When I think of Going Boldly, it’s hard to believe I wrote 114,00 word fic in five months. But I did. And so I thought I’d choose them as my last Kirk and Spock to revisit for my July flashes.

It was nearly ten at night as Jim stood outside the rented cabin in Aspen, gazing up at stars that seemed so very far away.

It was light though. Being July. It was beginning to show signs of getting dark, but still he could see pretty well everywhere.

The door of the cabin opened.


“Yep. Out here, babe.”

Jim waited for Spock to join him, smiling all the while.

“Your Christmas tunes are still playing in there,” Spock said, with a barely contained reproach to his tone. “And your egg nog martini is waiting.”

Jim laughed softly. “I know. Sorry to make you crazy.”

“That you have been doing for a number of years.” Spock searched his face. “You received a troublesome message?”

“Lisa Michaels has died.”

“Your counselor back on the Enterprise.”

Jim nodded. “Yeah. I mean obviously I hadn’t seen her for years. But…I’m sorry for her. And her family.”

“Natural causes?”

“Yeah. She was good at her job. She told me at the end of the first mission she intended to put in for the second one.”

Spock frowned a little. “I don’t recall her then.”

Jim gave him a sad smile. “She wasn’t. See, when she told me, we joked about whether I would approve her or not and she was sure I would but…”

“You did not,” Spock guessed.

“I did not, yeah. I had a bit of a bastard moment then. And rejected her.” Jim sighed and turned into Spock’s arms. “I regretted after but by then it was too late. I never talked to her again either. Bones sent me the message about her death. She wanted me to talk about things I just…I talked to you about them.”

“I know, adun. And I am sure that she understood.”

“Maybe.” Jim kissed him. “Let’s go back inside. I want that egg nog martini and I’m in the mood for some Christmas music.”

“In July.”

Jim laughed again. “Yep. Come on, babe. Love you.”

“And I you. Always.”

And that is a wrap for the July flashes.

Hope you enjoyed them!

Flash Fic, July 29, 2020

Today we revisit Didn’t We Almost Have it All

Spock considered that, really, he was lucky. A strange idea for a Vulcan to consider, but one he did, nevertheless.

Because in spite of his many mistakes over the years, and miscalculations, his T’hy’la was seated across from him currently concentrating very hard on his PADD.

Jim had recently taken on duties from Starfleet. From their home. Jim still didn’t or wouldn’t travel much. But what he did do for them seemed to help him a bit.

“More coffee?”

“Hmm? Oh. No. Um. Thank you.” Jim hadn’t looked up.

Spock stood and went into the kitchen for more tea. He looked out the kitchen window. It was raining. There was a bit of thunder and lightening too. The humidity was not particularly comfortable either.

It was then that he noticed a tiny, worn, faded sticker at the bottom right of the window. With a frown, Spock leaned in to look at it. It appeared to be an image of the mythical Santa Claus, but much of the face was missing. Over the top of the image were faded words Christmas in July. Or at least Spock thought that’s what it said.


“Yeah, sweetheart?”

“There is an old sticker here on the window.”

“What?” Jim finally looked up from his PADD over to where Spock stood. “Oh. That. Yeah. That was from…” He scrunched up his face. “Think I was five.”

“That long ago?”

Jim stood up from his PADD and walked over to Spock, who wrapped his arms around him and pulled him close. “Yeah. There was a festival in the city. Not Riverside. Iowa City. Mom took us. That was all before…Frank. Anyway, I got that sticker. I stuck it on the window when she wasn’t looking. She got mad, but she couldn’t manage to get it off either.” He shrugged. “Been there ever since.”

“Do they still have a Christmas in July Festival?” Spock wondered.

Jim shook his head. “I don’t think so. Too much trouble I guess for such an old-fashioned thing. It was fun though. Back then.”

Spock watched Jim process those memories. He moved his face closer to Jim’s so that their cheeks were touching. Touching Jim in some fashion always soothed him. It was an addiction he had no intention of breaking if Jim would indulge him.

“Were you working on Federation tasks?”

“Nah. I finished all that this morning. I was…Spock, remember what I mentioned when we got married?”

Spock was torn between moving away from being cheek to cheek with Jim so he could look into his eyes and wanting to stay there. Curiosity won out and he pulled back to stare into those beloved blue eyes.

“About children?”

“Yes. I know, maybe you aren’t ready, with-because of your son, but…there’s a little girl…she’s part Orion, part Human and part Romulan and no one wants her, and I was thinking…” Jim stopped. Sighed. “Too soon? Too much?”

“Jim. I did not say no.” Spock hugged him close, held him. Jim was shaking and Spock knew that was because this was so very important to him.

Maybe to both of them.

“Show me.”

Flash Fic, July 27, 2020

This one is a revisit of the TOS OMS in Every Hour Has Come to This

Jim slept in these days. More than he used to.

He remembered a time when he was up before the sun, and then with the sun, and often before his husband, Spock. But those days had faded away now. And often he woke long after the sun and his husband rose.

This time he got out of bed mostly because he was hot and sweaty. This promised to be a scorcher of a day. Not that surprising in July.

But it made for uncomfortable sleeping.

He went into the bathroom, peed, and then turned on the shower. He made it warm, because he didn’t particularly care for cool showers, even in summer.

Jim smiled to himself as he soaped up. Just yesterday they’d been in the main town doing their usual shopping and Spock had made rather derisive remarks about the store’s advertisement.

“Christmas in July.”

“It’s a gimmick, Spock.”


They’d passed by the display of fake snow, gnomes, and garlands. Later, Jim considered going back for one of the gnomes he’d thought was kind of cute, but he never got back over to the display.

He did pick up some gingerbread cookies, though. Since he’d gotten older, he’d developed a terrible sweet tooth.

After his shower, Jim put on some loose fitting pants, that sweet tooth did not help his waistline, and a T-shirt. No flannel in July, thank you very much.

He made his way down the stairs, using the bannister more than he used to, of course.

Spock was putzing around the kitchen. In a few days, Spock would be leaving for three weeks to attend to the duties that surrounded his ambassadorship. Jim didn’t look forward to it. He could handle the time alone, but yeah, he’d miss Spock. A lot.

As he approached the kitchen he spotted something on the dining room table.

His mouth broke out into a huge grin.


It was the ridiculously cute gnome he’d considered at the store, sitting on the table next to Jim’s coffee cup.

Spock turned and arched a brow. “A poor substitute for my company for three weeks, but…”

Jim came to him and gave him a big kiss. “Still. I love you. Thank you.”

“You are welcome Jim.”

Flash Fic, July 24, 2020

This revisits those from Someone Like You

“Can we get a Chwisthmas twee?”

“A what?”

Sammy stared up at Spock, her big blue eyes wide. “A Chwisthmas twee.”

“It is July,” he said, logically. He had a hold of her hand as they went through a shopping area of San Francisco.

“But look.” She pointed to a sign that read Christmas in July sale.  

Spock inwardly sighed. “That is a…marketing ploy.”

“A…what is marketing ploy?”

“It is a way to convince people to spend money on frivolities that are certainly not needed,” Spock told her. “It is enough we are forced to participate in December.”

Sammy’s bottom lip wavered as it stuck out. “If Daddy was here, he’d get me a Chwisthmas twee.”

“Likely that is true. But he is not. Come, Sammy.”

She pouted for a bit, but Spock was soon able to distract her with pineapple ice cream. He would likely pay for it later when she had a stomachache.

Still, though Sammy was three and could be easily distracted, she was also still the daughter of a brilliant man, and therefore as Spock and Sammy arrived home later that afternoon, she returned to the subject quite readily.

“Still want a twee.”

“In December.”

“Well. Why do they call it Chwisthmas in July?”

“I do not know,” Spock admitted. “I do know that it became something in 1933 in a place called North Carolina.”

Sammy simply stared at him and so Spock wasn’t sure if she understood or not. Nor was he sure if he did.

They approached the front door and as they did so, Spock heard the very definite strains of Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. It filled him with a sort of defeated dread.

But Sammy heard it too and got a big smile as she excitedly jumped up and down. She yanked open the door and exclaimed, “A Chwisthmas twee!”

Jim laughed. “Well of course, sweetpea. Had to celebrate Christmas in July. We’re having Frozen Polar Bear Hot Chocolate too.”

Spock exchanged a look with Jim’s oldest son, David, who shrugged and smirked at Spock.

George was getting as excited as Sammy.

Jim came over to Spock with a twinkle in his eyes. “Thanks for the text by the way. You’re just a big Vulcan sweetie, you know that?”

Spock felt himself blush at his husband’s kiss, but he readily accepted his kiss. “Well…she pouted.”

“I know. Hard to resist.”

Spock arched a brow. “Polar Bear Snowmen Hot Chocolate?”

“I found a recipe.” Jim winked. “You can have yours later.”

Flash Fic, July 22, 2020

For this we revisit the boys from A Surprise

“Are you sure about this?”

Jim smiled at Bones. Probably the third time his friend had asked him. “Yep.”

“It’s not been very long.”

“Since winter break.”

Bones snorted as he watched Jim pick up a box of his personal belongings. “It’s only July.”

“Yep. That’s six months.”

“Six months of…hot and heavy sex between you and Spock. But do you even know that much about each other?”

Jim grinned and patted Bones’ arm. “Guess we’ll figure all that out in between bouts of hot and heavy sex.”

His friend rolled his eyes. “I’m serious. It was just the holidays and now all of a sudden…”

“Six months ago. Now it’s like, I don’t know, Christmas in July.” Jim laughed. “Spock asked me to move in, so I said yes.”

“If he asked you to jump off a cliff would you do that too?” Bones asked sarcastically.

“Probably. God, you’re too much. It’s fine. Spock isn’t going to hurt me.”

“Definitely not,” Spock spoke from the open door way of Jim’s now ex-dorm. “Doctor, Jim spends almost every night with me anyway, it makes sense to have all his things at my apartment.” He paused. “Our apartment.”

Jim stepped over to Spock and kissed him. “Hiya, honey.”

Spock’s lips twitched. “Hi yourself.”

“Can we have a Christmas in July celebration?”

“A…what is that?”

Bones chortled. “I don’t envy you that part of Jim. He celebrates every little stupid thing.”


“It’s because as a kid he never got to celebrate anything so now it has to be everything.”

“Oh now you’re gonna make me cry. Shut up, Bones. Stop telling Spock all my secrets.”

Spock eyed Jim. “Secrets?”

“Yes. Like we need to make Christmas cookies for Christmas in July. Watch some sappy romantic Christmas movies.”

“They exist?”

“Oh boy do they.” He linked arms with Spock. “Come on, honey. Let’s go have crazy sex on our first night together in our apartment.”

“I thought you wished to make cookies and watch sappy movies.”

“That’s after the crazy sex. Or before. Or during. I don’t know. The order doesn’t matter.”

He pulled Spock along, who went with him willingly, and waved at Bones. “Talk soon!”

Flash Fic, July 20, 2020

This revisits the Kirk and Spock from You Were Meant for Me

When Jim walked into their apartment he was already speaking.

“Oh, my God, it’s hotter than Vulcan out there. Or, you know, what I imagine it to be.”

And Jim was bright red and sweating.

Spock frowned minutely. “Are you overheated?”

“Well. Yeah.” Jim looked past Spock, who had been waiting in front of the door for Jim to arrive. “Why is Bugby sitting on a pile of fake snow on the dining room table? And what’s that in his lap?”

Bugby was Jim’s stuffed purple bear. The second one of course. Spock had replaced the first one Jim had ruined with his tears. Over Spock. But those were memories Spock did not wish to visit.

“It is replicated snow rather than fake and it is quickly melting.”

Jim walked over to the table and stared at his bear.

“My apologies it is so hot the snow is melting too fast. I hope I did not get him too damp.”

“What the…?” Jim scooped Bugby up. He pulled out the little envelope with his name on it. “What’s this, sweetheart?”

“A surprise.”

Jim laughed. “Apparently. Why the snow?”

Now Spock was a little embarrassed, really. He felt foolish for his ideas. He cleared his throat. “Christmas in July” he spoke softly.

“What was that?”

Spock pursed his lips. “Christmas in July. You are enjoying my discomfort.”

“Only a little.” Jim leaned over and kissed him. “You’re so cute. What’s the note say?”

“Read it.”

Jim took out the slip of paper and scanned it.

Spock knew what it said. Had written it. And had re-read what he had written at least a hundred times. Illogical of course.

Jim, ashaya, I will always worship you. Merry Christmas in July. Please go to the bedroom.

Jim grinned. Waggled his brows. “Now that’s the kind of present I like. My Vulcan fucking me in bed.”


“I really need a shower to cool down first though. I’m sooo hot.”

Jim kissed him again and then turned to head toward their bedroom. Spock glanced toward the kitchen where he’d left the container of peppermint ice cream on the counter to soften. With tinsel next to it.

“Foolish Vulcan,” he muttered.

He went into the kitchen and returned the ice cream to the freezer. He followed Jim to the bedroom.

He was in time to see Jim standing in front of their bed, mouth hanging open at all the holiday garland and tinsel Spock had decorated with.

In the middle of their bed was a ring box. Spock knew the moment Jim’s gaze landed there.

He turned to gape at Spock. “Spock, I…”

“You were…are…meant for me. Will you…?”

Jim reached down and lifted the small black box into his hand. He lifted the lid and gasped at the sight of the platinum band within.


“Does that mean…?”

“It means everything.” Jim had thrown his arms around him and was kissing him all over. Spock did not mind.

“A bond and a marriage and…”


Spock pulled him close, held him. He had no intention of letting him go for a very long time.

Flash Fic, July 17, 2020

This one takes us back to The Perfect Partner.

“Well, here we are, Spock. Tambian 3 where it all started.”

Spock looked at Jim, and furrowed his brows, trying to decide exactly what ‘all’ was with regard to it starting on Tambian 3.

They were here, on this planet, once more for shore leave, because the crew liked it quite well, and Jim liked indulging them. It had been nearly three years since their last voyage here, but Spock, who remembered most everything, could not exactly say he could remember starting anything there.


That earned him Jim’s saucy smile, which Spock had to admit was one of his favorites.

“Yes, Commander?”

“What exactly started here?”

Jim laughed. “You and me.”

Spock outright frowned. “Negative. We began far before our shore leave here three years ago.”

“I don’t mean that way. Sure we’d been…fucking. But we weren’t quite there yet. You wanted me to be a Vulcan woman, remember?”

“I did not.”

Jim rolled his eyes. He looked around the main port area, which was full of revelers partaking in all that the resort had to offer. It was July on the Terran calendar and since Tambian 3 catered so much to visitors from there, many places were illogically decorated for ‘Christmas in July’. It was one of the reasons Jim wanted to come in July as they did a big thing for it there and a lot of the crew was quite excited.

Jim, too, Spock knew.

Jim reached for Spock’s hand, tentatively, like he thought Spock would refuse. He would not.

He closed his fingers around the palm of Jim’s hand and let his mate lead him down the little walkway to the beach they’d last visited while there.

Jim stopped just before they would reach the wet sand. He looked out to the sea.

“I told you I loved you here, for the first time. Do you remember?”

“Of course.”

“And we admitted that though we were hardly perfect, either of us, we were perfect for each other.”

Spock nodded, his throat tightening at the memory. “I was…concerned I had messed up everything. Nothing and no one had ever been more important than you were, are, to me, and with thoughtless words…”

“No.” Jim squeezed his hand. “Let’s not worry about all that. I just…this place is special because you told me you love me and I told you and it’s just…now we’re bonded and married and I…for me…for us it started here.”

Spock met Jim’s gaze, held it, felt the love flow through their bond and into everything they were.

“Yes,” Spock agreed. “It started here.”      

Flash Fic, July 13, 2020

We revisit Jim and Spock from Hello Darkness My Old Friend

“How do you feel, Jim?”

Jim smiled at Bones. Excitement filled every single bit of him. He was pretty sure if he touched anything, sparks would come from his fingertips. Fanciful, yes. But he came from a fanciful family.

“Great. I feel so great.”

Leonard “Bones” McCoy eyed him. “I suppose you aren’t going to miss me?”

“Of course I will. I’ll miss you like…well a lot…and I wish you were getting the Farragut too, but you’ll be great on the Excelsior and one day we’ll be together again.”

Bones snorted. “Time to break into song, Jim?”

He grinned. “You know it. Sing with me, Bones.”

They sang in unison, “We’ll meet again, Don’t know where, Don’t know when, but I know we’ll meet again some sunny day.”

Bones laughed. “You’re still a little bit off but that’s what I like about you.”

Jim shook his head. “I can hardly believe it. After all I’ve been through.” He bit his lip and looked through the glass partition at the arrivals of the ships that were docking in San Francisco. He was watching one in particular way in the back. “You know I hoped they’d let me join the Enterprise.”

“Spock’s ship.”

“Pike’s ship.” Jim rolled his eyes. “Anyway, no. They decided to put me with Captain Garrovick.”

“Garrovick’s a good man. You’ll do well there.”

Jim nodded. “He knew my dad. We’ve talked some about him.”

“But first two whole days of reunion,” Bones said dryly. 

“Arranged by Garrovick and Pike. Wasn’t going to happen otherwise. Not much of a substitute considering we’ve been separated two years, but I guess it will do.”

“I’ll leave you to it, then, Jim. The Excelsior is expecting me.”

“God, I can’t believe this is goodbye.”

“For now.” Bones smiled and hugged him. “Don’t forget that sunny day.”

“Take care, Bones.”

Jim watched him walk away with an ache in his chest. Everything was changing. And it was good, yeah, but it was bad too.


The soft word said behind him had him turning quickly. He’d been so sure that he’d come the other way that—


“T’hy’la,” Spock said, rather reverently, his dark eyes wide and pale in his face as he pulled Jim close and into his arms.

That there was proof at how rattled the Vulcan was, to show so much affection right there in public.

Jim wrapped his arms around him. “Spock. I can’t believe you’re real.”

“I am real.” He exhaled slowly. “And unwilling to let you go.”

Still, Spock drew back. He stared into Jim’s face. “This separation has been much harder than I anticipated, even with our continued communication. And now you will be on the Farragut.”

“I know. But…I’ve made a ton of progress and I’m cleared for duty. And God, it’s amazing to see you. Come on. I have a hotel for us.”

They left the ship hangar and headed through the streets to their hotel. Spock kept his hand in Jim’s and Jim realized that the Vulcan was shaking.

As they approached the hotel, Spock remained silent, pensive, thoughtful.

“Having second thoughts?” Jim asked.

“And third.” Spock shook his head. “We will talk inside.”

Spock stopped in the middle of the lobby, looking quite perplexed at the large tree decorating it.

“It is July.” He paused. “Is it not?”

Jim laughed at the Christmas tree. “Yeah. They’re having a Christmas in July Ball tonight. I didn’t know when I booked the hotel.”

He led Spock to the elevator and up to the room he’d booked for them.

He supposed he should be concerned by Spock saying he was having second and third thoughts, but he was not. Spock’s unusual clinginess led Jim to believe that he didn’t have anything to worry about as far as Spock’s affection went.

“What’s wrong?” he asked when they were in the room alone.

“I wish…I know I questioned the wisdom of a long distance relationship. And this is as long distant as they come.” Spock shook his head. “We have remained in touch when we could, but I find that it is not enough, Jim.”

“What are you saying, Spock?” Jim decided to put forth the possibility Spock wanted to see others. He didn’t really, himself, which was weird. But they had mentioned that it wasn’t the time for them when they’d parted in San Francisco before. “Do you want to be with others? We did say it wasn’t right for us before. We’ve been keeping in touch but if that’s not what you want then…”

“I have not changed my mind or the depth of my feelings. Quite the contrary.”


Spock moved closer and took Jim’s hands in his. “You know that I love you. Do you still feel love for me?”

“Of course. Yes. I love you.”

“Then it is not your intent to be with others?”

“No, Spock. I haven’t been with anyone since we parted. I was working on my issues, I didn’t need to add anything to them.”

Spock nodded, his dark eyes warming. “Though we will be serving on different ships under different captains, I seek a deeper connection between us.”

Jim’s heart began to race. “What are you saying, Spock? You want to…bond?”

“Yes. Please.”

Jim laughed. “Are you sure? You really want…?”

“More than anything. When I leave here to return to the Enterprise and you to the Farragut, I want us to be mates.”

“And that won’t hurt you?”

Spock shook his head. “It will bring me peace.” He pulled Jim close. “Will you allow me to bond us?”

Jim swallowed, closed his eyes and laid his head on Spock’s shoulder. “Yes. Bond us.”

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