This revisits the Kirk and Spock from You Were Meant for Me

When Jim walked into their apartment he was already speaking.

“Oh, my God, it’s hotter than Vulcan out there. Or, you know, what I imagine it to be.”

And Jim was bright red and sweating.

Spock frowned minutely. “Are you overheated?”

“Well. Yeah.” Jim looked past Spock, who had been waiting in front of the door for Jim to arrive. “Why is Bugby sitting on a pile of fake snow on the dining room table? And what’s that in his lap?”

Bugby was Jim’s stuffed purple bear. The second one of course. Spock had replaced the first one Jim had ruined with his tears. Over Spock. But those were memories Spock did not wish to visit.

“It is replicated snow rather than fake and it is quickly melting.”

Jim walked over to the table and stared at his bear.

“My apologies it is so hot the snow is melting too fast. I hope I did not get him too damp.”

“What the…?” Jim scooped Bugby up. He pulled out the little envelope with his name on it. “What’s this, sweetheart?”

“A surprise.”

Jim laughed. “Apparently. Why the snow?”

Now Spock was a little embarrassed, really. He felt foolish for his ideas. He cleared his throat. “Christmas in July” he spoke softly.

“What was that?”

Spock pursed his lips. “Christmas in July. You are enjoying my discomfort.”

“Only a little.” Jim leaned over and kissed him. “You’re so cute. What’s the note say?”

“Read it.”

Jim took out the slip of paper and scanned it.

Spock knew what it said. Had written it. And had re-read what he had written at least a hundred times. Illogical of course.

Jim, ashaya, I will always worship you. Merry Christmas in July. Please go to the bedroom.

Jim grinned. Waggled his brows. “Now that’s the kind of present I like. My Vulcan fucking me in bed.”


“I really need a shower to cool down first though. I’m sooo hot.”

Jim kissed him again and then turned to head toward their bedroom. Spock glanced toward the kitchen where he’d left the container of peppermint ice cream on the counter to soften. With tinsel next to it.

“Foolish Vulcan,” he muttered.

He went into the kitchen and returned the ice cream to the freezer. He followed Jim to the bedroom.

He was in time to see Jim standing in front of their bed, mouth hanging open at all the holiday garland and tinsel Spock had decorated with.

In the middle of their bed was a ring box. Spock knew the moment Jim’s gaze landed there.

He turned to gape at Spock. “Spock, I…”

“You were…are…meant for me. Will you…?”

Jim reached down and lifted the small black box into his hand. He lifted the lid and gasped at the sight of the platinum band within.


“Does that mean…?”

“It means everything.” Jim had thrown his arms around him and was kissing him all over. Spock did not mind.

“A bond and a marriage and…”


Spock pulled him close, held him. He had no intention of letting him go for a very long time.