When I think of Going Boldly, it’s hard to believe I wrote 114,00 word fic in five months. But I did. And so I thought I’d choose them as my last Kirk and Spock to revisit for my July flashes.

It was nearly ten at night as Jim stood outside the rented cabin in Aspen, gazing up at stars that seemed so very far away.

It was light though. Being July. It was beginning to show signs of getting dark, but still he could see pretty well everywhere.

The door of the cabin opened.


“Yep. Out here, babe.”

Jim waited for Spock to join him, smiling all the while.

“Your Christmas tunes are still playing in there,” Spock said, with a barely contained reproach to his tone. “And your egg nog martini is waiting.”

Jim laughed softly. “I know. Sorry to make you crazy.”

“That you have been doing for a number of years.” Spock searched his face. “You received a troublesome message?”

“Lisa Michaels has died.”

“Your counselor back on the Enterprise.”

Jim nodded. “Yeah. I mean obviously I hadn’t seen her for years. But…I’m sorry for her. And her family.”

“Natural causes?”

“Yeah. She was good at her job. She told me at the end of the first mission she intended to put in for the second one.”

Spock frowned a little. “I don’t recall her then.”

Jim gave him a sad smile. “She wasn’t. See, when she told me, we joked about whether I would approve her or not and she was sure I would but…”

“You did not,” Spock guessed.

“I did not, yeah. I had a bit of a bastard moment then. And rejected her.” Jim sighed and turned into Spock’s arms. “I regretted after but by then it was too late. I never talked to her again either. Bones sent me the message about her death. She wanted me to talk about things I just…I talked to you about them.”

“I know, adun. And I am sure that she understood.”

“Maybe.” Jim kissed him. “Let’s go back inside. I want that egg nog martini and I’m in the mood for some Christmas music.”

“In July.”

Jim laughed again. “Yep. Come on, babe. Love you.”

“And I you. Always.”

And that is a wrap for the July flashes.

Hope you enjoyed them!