Today we revisit Didn’t We Almost Have it All

Spock considered that, really, he was lucky. A strange idea for a Vulcan to consider, but one he did, nevertheless.

Because in spite of his many mistakes over the years, and miscalculations, his T’hy’la was seated across from him currently concentrating very hard on his PADD.

Jim had recently taken on duties from Starfleet. From their home. Jim still didn’t or wouldn’t travel much. But what he did do for them seemed to help him a bit.

“More coffee?”

“Hmm? Oh. No. Um. Thank you.” Jim hadn’t looked up.

Spock stood and went into the kitchen for more tea. He looked out the kitchen window. It was raining. There was a bit of thunder and lightening too. The humidity was not particularly comfortable either.

It was then that he noticed a tiny, worn, faded sticker at the bottom right of the window. With a frown, Spock leaned in to look at it. It appeared to be an image of the mythical Santa Claus, but much of the face was missing. Over the top of the image were faded words Christmas in July. Or at least Spock thought that’s what it said.


“Yeah, sweetheart?”

“There is an old sticker here on the window.”

“What?” Jim finally looked up from his PADD over to where Spock stood. “Oh. That. Yeah. That was from…” He scrunched up his face. “Think I was five.”

“That long ago?”

Jim stood up from his PADD and walked over to Spock, who wrapped his arms around him and pulled him close. “Yeah. There was a festival in the city. Not Riverside. Iowa City. Mom took us. That was all before…Frank. Anyway, I got that sticker. I stuck it on the window when she wasn’t looking. She got mad, but she couldn’t manage to get it off either.” He shrugged. “Been there ever since.”

“Do they still have a Christmas in July Festival?” Spock wondered.

Jim shook his head. “I don’t think so. Too much trouble I guess for such an old-fashioned thing. It was fun though. Back then.”

Spock watched Jim process those memories. He moved his face closer to Jim’s so that their cheeks were touching. Touching Jim in some fashion always soothed him. It was an addiction he had no intention of breaking if Jim would indulge him.

“Were you working on Federation tasks?”

“Nah. I finished all that this morning. I was…Spock, remember what I mentioned when we got married?”

Spock was torn between moving away from being cheek to cheek with Jim so he could look into his eyes and wanting to stay there. Curiosity won out and he pulled back to stare into those beloved blue eyes.

“About children?”

“Yes. I know, maybe you aren’t ready, with-because of your son, but…there’s a little girl…she’s part Orion, part Human and part Romulan and no one wants her, and I was thinking…” Jim stopped. Sighed. “Too soon? Too much?”

“Jim. I did not say no.” Spock hugged him close, held him. Jim was shaking and Spock knew that was because this was so very important to him.

Maybe to both of them.

“Show me.”