“Can we get a dog?”


“Ah, come on, Spock,” Jim whined as they walked along the streets heading for their newly acquired apartment. “That dog we just saw was so damn cute.”

“Jim, we’ll be living in a high-rise apartment, a dog needs…”

“I’ll walk him. Like four times a day.” Jim paused. “Or her.”

“And when will you find time for that?” Spock asked wryly.

“I’m semi-retired.”

“Emphasis on the semi. Jim, I will be spending the better part of my days acting as an instructor at the academy and you will be working at HQ. You know there will be demands on your time.”

“I’ll hire a dog walker for those times we can’t walk the dog.”

Spock stopped, turned to Jim, and sighed. “You are very difficult to deal with when you are determined.”

Jim smiled. “You just figured that out after all this time, honey?”

“You do try my patience.”

“That’s why you adore me so.”

Spock’s lips twitched. “I adore you in spite of it.”

“Says you. So? Can we get the dog?”

“I do not know why you ask me when you have already made up your mind.”

“It gives me emotional security. Come on. Let’s go get that dog.”