Favorites of things often change, I think. I’ve written several fics since my beginning etc and what I completely loved then, might not be in my top 5 now.

So I thought it might be fun to list my current 5 favorites of the ones I have written. And I thought it would be even more fun to look back at 5 that now make me cringe a bit (not sure if I can or should explain why)

Favorites (not in any order) and these are only a few

The Finer Things


The Strange Vulcan

You Were Meant for Me

Didn’t We Almost Have it All?

Fics that make me cringe a bit (also not in any order and I don’t hate them)

The Orion Conference

Aftermath (I will tell you why for this one. I held back on doing something in this story because someone asked me not to, and to me personally, not having done that part, weakened my intent a bit for this story. I think most would disagree with me though)

Say Something


The Sight