The first indication that something unusual was wrong was a very loud and sudden sneeze.

Jim turned so fast in his captain’s chair to gape at his first officer, he had to hold on not to fall out.

Sulu and Chekov had also turned around to stare.

Uhura, predictably, was up off her feet and rushing over to him. “Spock? Are you okay?”

He gave every one of them a look of consternation. “I sneezed.”

Jim nodded.

“You never sneeze,” Uhura said. Also predictably, she added, “I shared a bed with you for years and I never once recall you sneezing.”

Jim tapped his fingers on the arm of his chair and counted to ten. Spock, likewise predictable, glanced his way surreptitiously.

Spock glanced back at Uhura. “It is nothing, Nyota.”

Which made Jim turn his chair back around. Jealousy was ridiculous. Jim knew that. Spock wasn’t with Uhura anymore, he was with Jim. Sorta. Recently. Yeah. But, right.

There were no more bridge sneezes, but after their shift when they were standing near the replicators to get food, Spock sneezed again.

This time Bones was with them and he narrowed his eyes.

“I heard about that.”

Spock, wiggling his nose, peered at Bones. “Heard about what?”

“You sneezing.”

“I had one sneeze.”

“And this is the second,” Jim pointed out.

“You’re sick.” Bones poked a finger at Spock’s chest.

“I am not. Please do not touch me.”

Jim rolled his eyes at Spock. “If I hear even one more sneeze out of you, mister, you’re reporting to the medbay.”

“Captain, that is hardly…”

Jim gave him a quelling look and Spock closed his mouth.

Dinner passed without further incidents, but later, in Jim’s quarters, while he was bent over trying to set up the chess set he heard a peculiar noise out of his Vulcan. Well, not his. Not yet. Or sorta. Maybe.

Jim straightened and turned to stare at Spock with his captain look again. “That wasn’t you trying to suppress a sneeze, was it?”

“Would I do that?”

Not exactly a denial, which meant Spock was trying to say no, but without actually lying about it.

“Maybe we should postpone this.”

“Captain, I feel fine.”

“Still. You should rest. It’s already late. You need sleep, Spock. We can play another day.” And he meant that about more than the stupid chess game. He didn’t even like chess. But Spock did and Jim was pretty okay at it even though he didn’t care for it.

Spock hesitated. “I…very well.”


“I did not really wish to retire to my quarters just yet.”

“Oh. Well. Um. You want to-to sleep here? In-in my bed?”

Great work at sounding like a love struck teenaged boy, Jim.

“If agreeable.”

Jim grinned. “It’s totally agreeable. And I’ll, um, try not to attack you. For now.”

Spock nodded. “I appreciate that. My sleeping robe…”

“You can borrow some jammies.”

“And I like to have tea.”

“I’ll make you some.”

Spock’s nose twitched. He sneezed.

Jim walked up to him, put his hand on Spock’s forehead. He sighed. “You have a fever, honey.”

“Honey?” Spock blinked.

“Yeah. Honey. You got an issue with that?”

“I do not.”

“I’d better call Bones.”

“I do not wish to go to the medbay.”

“He’ll make a house call. And then after, you can go to sleep in here. It’s not like no one knows.”

Spock nodded. “Very well. I do not usually catch colds.”

“But you are half human.”

His Vulcan sighed. Totally his Vulcan. “Yes. And it rears itself up at the most inopportune times.”

“Of course.” I patted his cheek affectionately and commed Bones. “Hey, can you come check out Spock? He’s sick.”

“Be right there.”

Jim smiled. “Now for those jammies and tea. You deserve some pampering, honey.”

“Well.” Spock looked rather pleased. “If you insist.”