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Flash Fic, January 8, 2021

“How many times is this, Jim?”

“I don’t know, Bones. One hundred? You tell me.”

Bones frowned. “Not funny.”

“I’m not trying to be. Bones—”

“Spock’s here, so…”

Bones moved away and Jim sighed, staring up at the ceiling of the medbay. He’d have to smooth it over later with his best friend. And hell, it wasn’t like he’d tried to fall off that cliff. Or take Spock with him. That had been all Spock.

“So, let’s go back to the ship and…”


And as the ground gave way beneath him, Spock charged at him to prevent the fall, and they ended up falling to the ground below…together.

Jim was just glad Spock hadn’t been as seriously hurt as he was.

Speaking of…

Spock was there now, by his bedside. He looked like a cross between concerned and furious. Jim didn’t know if that was a good or bad thing.


Oops. Bad.

“Hiya, sweetheart.”

When Spock merely stared at him blankly, Jim had a panicked moment where he wondered if he had dreamed that he and Spock were a-well-a thing.

But Spock stepped closer, reached for Jim’s hand, and held it.

“Never do that again.”

Jim smiled. “Okay.”

They both knew he probably would. But still.

Spock leaned down and kissed him.

He felt better already.  

Kris’ Birthday Flash 03/19/2020

Written well before all of the happenings….

 Spock straightened from his station as he became aware of the little huff of breath coming from the captain’s station. He became somewhat alarmed when he watched as the captain sagged deep into the chair, almost to the point he would surely fall off.

“Captain?” Spock approached out of concern.

“Uhh.” Jim kind of undulated up and gave Spock a rather incomprehensible look.

“You do not look well.”

“Gee, thanks.”

Spock withheld a sigh. “I suggest I escort you to the medbay. Your shift has ended anyway,” he pointed out.

Jim did accompany him to onto the turbolift, but once inside he acted predictably. “I’m not going to the medbay, Spock. I’m fine. Nothing that a long hot water shower won’t fix.”

“You do not look well,” he repeated.

“So you said. I know all of this is very new between us but that’s not the way to win my heart.” He was smiling crookedly. Spock assumed, to indicate he was joking. Humans were fond of joking and Jim in particular.

It was indeed new between them. Two nights ago, after a heated argument, they ended up having rather wild, intense sex. Tonight was to be their first planned date. No doubt why the captain refused to go to the medbay.

The turbolift doors opened onto the deck with their quarters and Jim got out. Spock followed. He followed Jim right into the captain’s quarters.

Jim merely glanced at him and started pulling off his uniform shirts. “I have to get a shower before our date, Spock.”

“Captain, considering you are unwell, I surmise that our date is…off.”

At that, Jim froze and frowned at him. “What? What do you mean off? This is supposed to be like the official start.”

Spock went to him and put his hands on Jim’s arms. “Jim, considering the last two night’s activities we have engaged in, I believe our official start has already come to past.”

“Yes, but…”

“Ashal-veh, my concern is for your welfare and you are not feeling well. I can plainly see.”

Jim deflated before his eyes. “I wanted it to be perfect.”

“Any time spent with you is, as far as I am concerned. If you do not wish to be subjected to the medbay, may I suggest you prepare for bed, get in, and allow me to tend to you. Doctor McCoy can make a ‘house-visit’ as they say.”

Jim blew out a breath. “I do feel kind of crappy. I’m sorry.”

“You owe me no apology. I am sorry that our plans have been postponed. However, I am pleased to be able to spend time with you anyway I can.”

Jim smiled. “You’re almost perfect.”

Spock raised a brow. “Almost?”

“Close to it.” Jim sagged against him. “You win. I’ll get into bed.”

And Jim turned to get into his pajamas, which were little more than shorts and a beat up, stained T-shirt. Once he had done so, Spock stepped forward and helped him get into bed, even fluffing up his pillows.

“You feel warm. Perhaps a fever?”

“Maybe. Are you going to be bored in here with me like this?”

Spock shook his head. “No. I will work on reports and labs. But first the doctor will come to check on you.”

“Do I have to?” Jim asked, jokingly.

“I am afraid so.” Spock brushed his fingers along Jim’s. “I will bring you tea.”

“Thanks. For, you know, everything.”

“Rest, Jim. I will take care of you.”


Flash Fic 03/13/2020

“What are you going to do?” Bones asked, standing beside him.

Jim stared down at Spock, lying in the biobed, currently aware of…nothing he supposed. He moistened his lips. “Stay by his side and pray for a miracle.”

Bones put his hand on his shoulder. “Scotty’s on the bridge. You’re not needed right now. If that changes, he’ll let you know.”

Jim nodded, swallowed hard. “Thanks, Bones.”

“He’s in the healing trance.”

“I know. I feel him.”

He stepped to the bed and took Spock’s hand. “Come back to me.”    

Flash Fic 03/11/2020

“What are you going to do now?” Nyota asked him as they both watched their unconscious captain breathe as machines all around him beeped and blurped.

“Same as I always do,” Spock replied. “Forgive him, save him, sacrifice for him, advise him, stand up for him and to him, stand by his side no matter what, believe in him, take him in every way that he will allow me, as always.”

She nodded. Squeezed his arm. “We’ll mind the ship. As we always do.”

Spock appreciated it as she moved away and he moved closer to his T’hy’la.

Cold…Flash Fic January 10, 2020

The first indication that something unusual was wrong was a very loud and sudden sneeze.

Jim turned so fast in his captain’s chair to gape at his first officer, he had to hold on not to fall out.

Sulu and Chekov had also turned around to stare.

Uhura, predictably, was up off her feet and rushing over to him. “Spock? Are you okay?”

He gave every one of them a look of consternation. “I sneezed.”

Jim nodded.

“You never sneeze,” Uhura said. Also predictably, she added, “I shared a bed with you for years and I never once recall you sneezing.”

Jim tapped his fingers on the arm of his chair and counted to ten. Spock, likewise predictable, glanced his way surreptitiously.

Spock glanced back at Uhura. “It is nothing, Nyota.”

Which made Jim turn his chair back around. Jealousy was ridiculous. Jim knew that. Spock wasn’t with Uhura anymore, he was with Jim. Sorta. Recently. Yeah. But, right.

There were no more bridge sneezes, but after their shift when they were standing near the replicators to get food, Spock sneezed again.

This time Bones was with them and he narrowed his eyes.

“I heard about that.”

Spock, wiggling his nose, peered at Bones. “Heard about what?”

“You sneezing.”

“I had one sneeze.”

“And this is the second,” Jim pointed out.

“You’re sick.” Bones poked a finger at Spock’s chest.

“I am not. Please do not touch me.”

Jim rolled his eyes at Spock. “If I hear even one more sneeze out of you, mister, you’re reporting to the medbay.”

“Captain, that is hardly…”

Jim gave him a quelling look and Spock closed his mouth.

Dinner passed without further incidents, but later, in Jim’s quarters, while he was bent over trying to set up the chess set he heard a peculiar noise out of his Vulcan. Well, not his. Not yet. Or sorta. Maybe.

Jim straightened and turned to stare at Spock with his captain look again. “That wasn’t you trying to suppress a sneeze, was it?”

“Would I do that?”

Not exactly a denial, which meant Spock was trying to say no, but without actually lying about it.

“Maybe we should postpone this.”

“Captain, I feel fine.”

“Still. You should rest. It’s already late. You need sleep, Spock. We can play another day.” And he meant that about more than the stupid chess game. He didn’t even like chess. But Spock did and Jim was pretty okay at it even though he didn’t care for it.

Spock hesitated. “I…very well.”


“I did not really wish to retire to my quarters just yet.”

“Oh. Well. Um. You want to-to sleep here? In-in my bed?”

Great work at sounding like a love struck teenaged boy, Jim.

“If agreeable.”

Jim grinned. “It’s totally agreeable. And I’ll, um, try not to attack you. For now.”

Spock nodded. “I appreciate that. My sleeping robe…”

“You can borrow some jammies.”

“And I like to have tea.”

“I’ll make you some.”

Spock’s nose twitched. He sneezed.

Jim walked up to him, put his hand on Spock’s forehead. He sighed. “You have a fever, honey.”

“Honey?” Spock blinked.

“Yeah. Honey. You got an issue with that?”

“I do not.”

“I’d better call Bones.”

“I do not wish to go to the medbay.”

“He’ll make a house call. And then after, you can go to sleep in here. It’s not like no one knows.”

Spock nodded. “Very well. I do not usually catch colds.”

“But you are half human.”

His Vulcan sighed. Totally his Vulcan. “Yes. And it rears itself up at the most inopportune times.”

“Of course.” I patted his cheek affectionately and commed Bones. “Hey, can you come check out Spock? He’s sick.”

“Be right there.”

Jim smiled. “Now for those jammies and tea. You deserve some pampering, honey.”

“Well.” Spock looked rather pleased. “If you insist.”  

Kris’s Birthday Fic (March 19)

“Ouch. Damn.”

Spock pulled back from touching Jim, unable to prevent a frown from appearing.

Jim winced. “Sorry. Sorry. It’s just I kind of ache everywhere.”

“Doctor McCoy released you from the medbay too early.”

“No, honey. I’m all right.”

“Yet I am unable to touch you in any way.” He tucked the sheets and blanket around Jim’s prone form upon the bed. Carefully.

“Bones has me off for another 72 hours. Twenty four of those on bedrest. It’ll be fine. I will. I promise.”

Spock remained unmoved by his declarations. It had been a near thing. Jim had spent two weeks in the medbay, the first in a coma. Spock had nearly lost him more than once in those two weeks. After Jim had fixed the warp core was surely bad enough, but now that they were bonded, married, the loss of Jim was without comprehension. Spock would not entertain the idea.

“I love you,” Jim intoned softly.

“And I you. But you take too many chances and—”

“Spock. I’m the captain.”

“All the more reason you are not expendable on away missions.”


“There has been discussion of late indicating that Starfleet will restrict commanding officers from landing parties,” Spock told him.   

Jim frowned. “What? That is hardly fair.”

“What is not fair is how many times I have had to face your probable death,” Spock said, speaking more sharply than he meant to. But it had the intended effect, for Jim quieted down then, biting his lip and sinking against the pillows. His blue eyes were shiny but there were no outward signs of tears.

“I’m sorry,” Jim said softly, faintly.

It reminded Spock too much of the time Admiral Marcus had advised he was about to murder the entire Enterprise crew and Jim had turned to face Spock and all the rest of them to say he was sorry. Spock had never seen Jim look so hopeless.

Spock lowered himself to sit on the bed beside Jim and held out his hand toward Jim so that Jim could rest his hand in Spock’s rather than having Spock seize his hand. Jim put his warm hand on Spock’s, palm side down.

“Ashaya, I would never seek to turn you into something or someone you are not. I only ask that, now that we are two, perhaps three or more some day—”

Jim’s eyes widened.

“That you recall there is someone who waits for you, always, to return safely to them.”

“I never want to hurt you ever,” Jim replied.

“I know. So I ask, only, for your consideration,” Spock said. “And I will give the same back to you.”

A small smile appeared and though it was not Jim’s full wattage smile, Spock would take it. “You got it.”

“You should rest now, T’hy’la.”

“Are you going to the bridge?”

“Negative. Mr. Scott is there at present. I will work here in our quarters to watch over you.”

“You don’t have to.”

“I do, in fact.”

The smile widened. “Sorry about the birthday sex. Or lack thereof. When I’m better—”

“I am unconcerned for whether I get, as you said, ‘tail’ for my birthday,” Spock said, severely. “I just want you to be better. ‘Tail’ can wait.”

Jim laughed softly. “I love you. So so much. You have no idea.”

Spock tapped his fingers on his head, which made Jim laugh again.

“All right. Maybe you do.”

“Sleep. When you wake you can have something to eat.”

Jim lowered his lashes. Looked at Spock innocently. “Ice cream?”

“We shall see. Rest.” Spock rose, leaned over and cautiously kissed Jim’s forehead. As birthday’s went, it was not Spock’s finest, but Jim was alive and beautiful and in their bed, and that was acceptable.

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Stuck With Me, Flash Fic, December 07, 2018


“We cannae beam you up at this moment, Commander.”

Spock closed his eyes briefly, then opened them and tried to focus. “The captain is severely injured, Mr. Scott. Without emergency treatment, he will likely not survive.”


The hoarse, pained whisper had him flinching, but he did not look in the captain’s direction.

“Mr. Spock, if I even attempted it, your particles would break up in space. We’re working on it as fast as we can,” Scott replied, sounding as though he might cry.

“Understood. Contact me as soon as you have news. Spock out.”

He closed his communicator and glanced toward Jim, who lay bleeding against the wall of the cave Spock had carried his injured body to earlier. Outside, snow fell on this particular nightmare of a planet. He’d bundled the captain up as best he could, but he could see Jim shaking and his teeth chattering.

“Spock, just take these blankets and wrap yourself up in them so when you’re rescued, you’ll be okay,” Jim said, his voice a weak whisper.

“You need them, Captain. You are freezing.”

“I’m gonna die, Spock.”

“No.” He spoke too sharply. He knew that. When they were back on the Enterprise and Jim was all right, then he could reprimand Spock. “You will not die.”

“You heard Scotty. He can’t get me on the ship.”

“They will get you on the ship and Dr. McCoy will give you the necessary treatment and you will be all right,” Spock insisted.

Spock knelt down next to Jim, who visibly shivered. His eyes were dim and pain-filled.

“Spock, please, just take the blankets and stuff and stay warm.”


“That’s an order.”

“Court-martial me when we return to the Enterprise.”

Jim closed his eyes.


He shook his head slightly. “I’m here. I haven’t left yet.”

“And you will not.” Spock reached for Jim’s hand, it was so cold, it was like he was holding a hand made from ice. Spock began to feel despondent. This could not be how it ended. No. “I will add my body heat to yours.”

Jim just looked at him now and didn’t even protest which worried him even more. He placed himself next to Jim on the cave floor, gathered him close and then wrapped the emergency blankets around the two of them.

“I think I should tell you something,” Spock said then.

Jim did not respond, he just sagged against Spock. Breathing, though barely. Spock was beginning to panic.

“I intended to discuss this with you at a more convenient time, but—”

“There may not be any more time,” Jim rasped out.

Spock would not say that. Could not. And he refused to even think that. “I have felt this way for many months. Perhaps longer. When we first began our romantic relationship, I should have told you then, but I held back for fear…it does not matter. I love you, Jim. And I want you as my bondmate.”

Jim looked at his through pain-filled eyes. “Bondmate?”

“Yes. In fact, I would bond with you right now.”


Spock knew he was taking a big risk, but he was desperate. He could not, would not lose Jim.

He put his hand on Jim’s cold face. So cold. Too cold. He spread his fingers out.

“My mind to your mind. My thoughts to your thoughts. Parted and never parted. Together and always.”

He was in Jim’s mind. Even as he entered, he felt the dimness, the weakening. Jim was fading. Everything that was Jim was dying. Going. Spock was nearly too late.

Jim. Come to me.


T’hy’la, come.

Again nothing. Jim’s consciousness faded more. Spock focused.

James. Reach for my hand.

In Spock’s mind he created an image of himself and an image of Jim. They both wore their uniforms, though Jim’s shirt was ripped and torn, covered in way too much blood. He held his hand out toward Jim.

Jim’s gaze flicked to Spock’s face and then down to his hand.

Yes, ashayam. Take it. Bond with me.

Jim took a step forward, then looked down at the blood on his shirt then back up at Spock. He extended his hand again toward Jim.

Choose me.

Jim stumbled forward, his hand reaching out and Spock took a step closer to him, seizing hold of his hand, closing his fingers into Jim’s, and tugging him close. In his mind, Spock put his hand on Jim’s face, as he was doing in the cave.

“We are one, always. This is the Vulcan heart, this is the Vulcan soul.”

Jim’s eyes widened slightly.

“Heal, my Jim.”

Jim sagged against him and collapsed in Spock’s arms.


“How did you get him into the healing trance?” McCoy asked Spock much later as Jim lay on the biobed in the medbay. Jim was still much paler than Spock would have liked, but the doctor assured Spock Jim would be all right.

Spock hesitated. “It is something that Vulcans and their mates can do.”

McCoy looked at Spock. Frowned. “Mates? What sort of mates?”


“What? When? Spock—”

“Hey, no yelling.”

Spock immediately turned to Jim, whose eyes were open staring openly at him and the doctor. “Jim!”

McCoy immediately began to scan their captain.

Jim looked past the doctor to Spock. He smiled. “Hey you.”

Spock could not speak, he just looked into Jim’s beautiful blue eyes, full of life.

McCoy frowned. “How do you feel?”

“Good. Thanks to you, Bones. And to Spock.”

“Yeah, listen, Spock said something about mates and I—

“Yeah.” Jim smiled. “Spock’s my husband now. You’d better be nice.” Then he laughed softly.

McCoy rolled his eyes. “I’ll be right back. Married, God help me.”

Spock scooted closer and grabbed Jim’s hand. His warm hand. So warm. “Ashayam.”

“Spock, I love you. And I’m pretty sure you knew that long before I told you, but are you sure about this?”


“Yeah? Because, aren’t you stuck with me now?” He smiled, but it was a little hesitant.


“You’re not?”

Spock squeezed his hand. “I am afraid you are stuck with me.”

Flash Fic Friday, October 13, 2017

He’s pacing back and forth. He knows he is. In the old days they’d say he was wearing a hole in the floor or some such thing, but this was not the old days. And he was on a ship in the medbay, wearing worry and concern as surely as he was wearing his command shirt.

“I’ll com you as soon as he wakes,” Bones says for the tenth time.

He shakes his head for the same amount of times.  He’s digging his fingers into his palms and for the first time in as long as he can think of, he is grateful he bites his nails and the bluntness of his nails as it hits the flesh of his palms.

He goes over everything that happened down on the planet. It plays over and over in his head like the replaying of a movie. The moment when Spock pushed him out of the way to take the brunt of the explosion won’t stop haunting him no matter how much he tries to push it away.

When Spock groans softly, he flies to his first officer’s side, reaching it even before Bones does. Bones gently moves him out of the way, scanning Spock.

His heart is in his mouth while he watches. Spock’s eyes are open and Bones is murmuring to him but he’s not even listening. His entire focus is on Spock.

When Bones turns to him, Bones is smiling, relief clear in his eyes. Now it’s him who pushes Bones out of the way as he clasps Spock’s hand in his.

Somewhere in the distance he hears Bones talking to a woman, he thinks Uhura, probably checking on Spock. But he ignores them and stares into beautiful dark eyes.

“You’re alive.”

“Obviously,” Spock says gently.


“As are you.” Spock shakes his head very slightly. “I do not regret it.”

He closes his eyes and leans down, touching his lips to Spock’s. And he is grateful that the lips are warm with life.

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