Jim woke in the darkness feeling restless and horny. Not that unusual really. Spock slept beside him, his heavy limbs still partially covering him. And Spock sleeping beside him is what made him this way.

They hadn’t done much more than hand jobs and blow jobs because Spock was being very careful. But Jim had discovered Spock had this amazing self-lubricating cock he was just dying to try out.

Maneuvering himself on the bed, he got his sleep shorts off and then the ties of the sleeping robe Spock wore undone. He pushed Spock gently until he was lying on his back, legs slightly parted. The Vulcan was half hard already and Jim decided he’d see to it that he got Spock hard the rest of way.

He placed himself between Spock’s spread thighs and opened his mouth over the tip of Spock’s thickening penis.

Spock came awake instantly as his cock hardened fully in Jim’s mouth.

“Jim,” Spock moaned. His fingers reached down to thread in Jim’s hair as he pushed himself deeper with Jim’s mouth.

This…they had done. But this time Jim wanted more.

He rolled Spock’s testicles between his thumb and forefinger, adjusting his gag reflexes the further Spock thrust into him and just when he knew Spock was becoming almost unbearable aroused, he pulled his mouth off Spock’s engorged member.

“Jim,” Spock whined.

“Ssh. I know. I have something else in mind.”

He stretched across Spock to reach for the tube he’d left on the bedside table and squeezed a small amount out.


“It’s okay.”


Jim shoved his lubricated fingers into his own hole. His erection jumped eagerly as his digits moved within himself, preparing himself to take that big Vulcan cock.

When he thought it was enough, he straddled either side of Spock’s legs.

Spock stopped him just as he was about to lower himself down. “Are-are you sure, Jim?”

“Yes, babe. I’m sure. Trust me. Want you so much.”

Spock, instead of letting Jim go, helped him to lower his ass down onto Spock’s hard throbbing member. They both let out needy moans as Spock became fully embedded within him.

“Spock, oh my…”

“Yes, Ashaya, you-you feel so good.”

Spock pounded up into him, holding Jim down as he thrust up, hard and deep. When Spock’s hand wrapped around Jim’s erection, he mewled.

“I can’t-I can’t stop…”

“Do not,” Spock urged.

Jim gasped, his whole body vibrating as pleasure coursed through him. He released all over Spock and himself, jisms of spunk splattering everywhere. With just a few more thrusts, Spock spilled into him, crying out hoarsely.

After Jim collapsed on him, Spock held him tightly.

“Are you certain you are all right, Jim?”

Jim chuckled. “Lost a few brain cells, but yes. You?”

Spock was quiet for a moment, and the said, almost reverently, “I am amazing.”

“Yeah you are.”

“While I appreciate the sentiment, that is not my intent. I have…never felt such…contentment…with anyone. I am so thoroughly captivated by you I cannot and will not imagine any circumstances that do not have us together for the rest of our lives.”

Jim leaned up to gaze at him. “Me too. I’ve loved you for so long, this hardly feels real.”

“It is the same for me.” Spock paused. “T’hy’la.”

Jim smiled. It whispered around him, warmed him, like a secret embrace. “I like that word. It’s…”

“You. Me. Us. You are my mate, now and always.”

His smile widened. His gaze went to the window. “Looks cold and windy today. How about we spend the day in bed, just being together.”

“I can think of nothing I want more.”