In the ongoing saga of our garage door…

Despite the idiotic company screwing up the measurements of our non-standard garage door and vowing it would only take another 3 weeks from that date (October 23, which was yesterday November 13), he now says they won’t receive it until November 29th. That’s well over three weeks by anyone’s math. So now we are talking December. The garage was broken into on August 23rd for anyone taking notes. I am so over garage doors and garage door companies. Never ever use this company, they suck bad. It’s discouraging to say the least.

And speaking of discouraging, I discovered fraud charges on another of my credit cards, and now am forced to go through the process of disputing the charges as fraud through forms etc. while they do an “investigation”. Lovely.

Then the brother and his wife (I do not get along with them, FYI) are here from out of state and are gracing us with their presence on Sunday evening. Yippee.

And I have dinner at the cousin’s place on Saturday. Double yippee.

In actual good news I have the entire week off of Thanksgiving. That’s definitely something to look forward to.

Now that Transfer Request is finished, I am back to working on those pesky December flashes! That’s where my energies are right now.