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Flash Fic, November 24, 2021

Jim closed the oven door with satisfaction and then almost wiped his hands on his Kiss the Cook turkey apron. Aborting that action, he went to the kitchen sink to wash his hands. He was aware Bones was leaning a hip against a nearby counter, smirking, as he sipped his black coffee.

“I’m jealous, you know.”

“About time you admitted I have a cuter ass than you,” Jim said. “After all these years.”

“Hardy har har. I concede you probably do, but that’s not what I’m jealous of.”

Jim dried off his hands. “No?”

“Nope. I’m jealous of your mad skills at cooking the Thanksgiving turkey. Don’t know anyone who’s better at it.”

Jim chuckled. “Well, thanks, Bones. That means a lot coming from you.”

“I’m serious.”

“I know, that’s why it means a lot.” He patted his stomach. “I know how to eat. Dinner will still be a few hours, so you can go relax in the living room. Get yourself a drink. There’s wine for sure and probably whiskey.”

“Okay.” Bones smiled faintly. “Jim, about Spock—”

Jim’s smile slipped and he waved his hand. “Forget about that. It’s nothing.”

“You sure?”

“Sure I’m sure. I’ll be in with my own glass of wine in a second.”

Bones left Jim to the kitchen and Jim sighed, glancing out the window. It was then that he saw the flakes of snow coming down. It made him smile and shake his head.

Yeah, he had a lot to be grateful for, and so he was feeling good about the upcoming meal.

“It’s snowing,” he called.

“What?” Bones exclaimed. “Damn.”

He heard Bones go to the front door and open it.

“Hey Jim?”


“There’s a frozen Vulcan out here.”


Jim hurried from the kitchen and to the front door. Sure enough, Spock stood there, one of his knitted beanie hats on his head. It and the rest of the Vulcan was covered in snow.

Spock opened his mouth to speak but Jim flung himself into the Vulcan’s arms and thoroughly kissed him.

Bones cleared his throat. Jim pulled back and grinned at Spock. “Welcome home.”

Happy Thanksgiving my fellow Americans

Throwback Thursday #8

The Rose which was posted February 10, 2017

This Jim might beat all Jims for being incredibly obtuse

Photo by Jovana Nesic on

They were getting a rare bit of shore leave. And on Risa, of all places. But Jim didn’t feel at all happy about it. Partying hard was the last thing he wanted to do. More like drowning in his own sorrow.

But Jim took his rotation and made his way down to the planet surface. He spotted his favorite Risian bar right away. It was ridiculously crowded and not at all what he wanted. So Jim turned away to seek another establishment.

While he tried to figure out where to go, Jim was surprised to see Spock beaming down as he’d always told Jim he didn’t need shore leave. So being surprised, Jim invited him on instinct.

“Mister Spock. Surprised to see you here.”

“Indeed, Captain.”

“I’m about to go sit and have a drink. Want to join me?”

He hesitated for the barest of maybe ten seconds, but his gaze moved beyond Jim to where Jim noticed, for the first time, Uhura stood waiting. She had changed into a blue dress with a deep vee, exposing an ample amount of her breasts. The dress had a handkerchief hem and reached down to about the middle of her calves. She had little matching blue slippers on her feet. She wore her long hair loose. She looked pretty. Ready to take on the pleasures of Risa.

Spock glanced back at Jim. “Nyota and I have plans to attend the concert in the garden courtyard. Would you care to accompany us? You are welcome.”

Jim would rather eat boiled slugs. But he made myself smile and shook his head. “Nah, that’s okay. You go ahead. Enjoy the concert.”

Spock inclined his head but then said nothing further as he quickened his pace to join her. They spoke briefly about something before she linked her arm with his and they continued walking in the direction of the garden center.

For a brief time Jim had thought…but no. Bones had said there had been trouble between them during the Krall incident. But whatever it had been had obviously been resolved.

And really, it was not Jim’s business. It never would be.

He turned away from the sight of them and kept walking until he found a fairly quiet bar. Jim sat at the far end of the bar counter and ordered two whiskey sours.

“Two drinks when you’re drinking alone is not good.”

He glanced at his best friend and smiled. “How’d you find me?”

Bones took the seat next to him. “Followed the smell.”


He gestured to the drinks the bartender had set before Jim. “What’s up?”

“It’s his birthday, you know.”

Bones frowned. “Who’s?”

Jim stared at the drinks, left them untouched for now. “Sam.” He picked one up and swirled it in the glass. “Or was.”

Bones was quiet for a while. Then he said, “I’m real sorry about your brother and his wife.”

“I hadn’t seen him in years.” And yet his loss still hurt.

“Have you heard from your nephew?”

And that was weird, wasn’t it? Having a nephew but no brother.

“This was his favorite drink.”Jim took a sip.

“You’re ignoring the question.”

“I haven’t. It’s difficult with him being on Earth. And Aurelan’s parents are raising him now.”

Jim heard the low whine of the tricorder Bones held in his hand as it scanned him.


“Damn fool thing. According to this, you’re dead.”

Jim smiled slightly. “I guess you need a new one. Unless I am.”

“You aren’t. And I’m going to see it stays that way.”

He pushed the other whiskey sour toward Bones. “Have a drink with me for Sam.”

He picked it up and they clinked glasses, both taking a sip.

“I resented him, you know. For leaving.”

“I can imagine.”

“Mostly because he got away.” Jim swallowed heavily. “He never had to go to Tarsus either.”

“No,” Bones agreed.

“But he went to Deneva.”He sighed. “Birthdays suck.”


Jim finished the drink, letting it burn down his throat and then pinched the bridge of his nose. “God, this is a shitty day.”

“Want me to get Spock?”

Jim laughed. “For what? So he can parade his girlfriend in front of me? No thanks. I think I’m just going back to the ship and sleep for twelve or fourteen hours.”

As Jim rose, Bones put his hand on Jim’s upper arm. “You’re depressed.”

Jim snorted. “You think?”

“I’m concerned, goddamn it.”

“I’ll be fine, Bones.”


Jim hugged him then, because at the moment it really felt as though he was the only one who cared. Stupid and wrong, Jim knew. But even still.

“Why can’t I love you instead?” Jim whispered.

He shook his head. “I wish I knew. Life doesn’t work that way.”

Jim nodded and pulled away. “Not for me. I do love you.”

Bones paused, his eyes becoming very sad. He nodded, then looked away. “I love you, too, kid.”

Jim looked at the now empty glasses on the bar. “Happy Birthday, Sam.”


A few days later, Jim found himself on the Observation Deck   

He’d come up here to get away from everything. The celebrations. It was Valentine’s Day and the rec room was decorated with glitzy red hearts and cherubs holding arrows. Pink frosted cakes. Bad candies with sayings written on them. It was too much to take. Especially when as he was preparing to leave anyway, he saw Uhura come in wearing dangly red heart earrings. He heard her asking people if Spock had arrived yet. That was definitely Jim’s cue to leave.

So here he stood on the Observation Deck looking out at the stars. And speaking of stars, Jim still had to file his report on that star that turned out to be an undiscovered planet. He added it to his mental to do list. Sounded like a great way to spend a night about love, when he had nothing else to do.

He sighed and crossed his arms, leaning slightly forward so his forehead touched the glass. What the hell was wrong with him? He didn’t waste time feeling sorry for himself. It never got him anywhere but more depressed. And if he didn’t knock that off, Bones was going to insist he talk or some shit.

And as if on cue the door to the room he was in slid open. He knew he should have locked it.

“What’s up, Bones?” Jim asked.

“I am not the doctor.”

That had him turning sharply to face Spock. His first officer was dressed casually in black slacks and a maroon sweater. Very Valentiney looking.

“Uhura’s not here, Spock.”

Spock looked slightly puzzled but then tilted his head. “I am not at present seeking to locate Nyota. I am aware of her location in the rec room.”

Jim nodded. “What are you doing here then? Orders from the ‘Fleet?”

“None that I am aware of, at present. My purpose is of a personal nature.”

Jim gave what he hoped was an encouraging smile but he feared it was not. It was Valentine’s Day. And his mind conjured up Spock asking Jim for permission to go to New Vulcan to bond with Uhura or something. And Jim would die.

Spock approached him and stood next to him, gazing out at the stars. “I trust you enjoyed your shore leave on Risa?”

So, small talk was it? Great.

“No. Not particularly.”

“You did not?”

“I only spent a very short time there with Bones before I went back to the ship and spent the remainder of the time catching up on sleep. How about you? Did you and Uhura enjoy the outdoor concert?”

“Yes. It was stimulating.”

“Stimulating,” Jim repeated. He did not want to think of what they did after they were stimulated by the concert. “So what is it? Uhura was looking for you, so you probably want to go.”

“You are troubled.”

That surprised Jim so much that he glanced at Spock in surprise. “Excuse me?”

“If there is anything I can help you with—”

“Did Bones put you up to this?” Jim saw from the quick flash of guilt that was barely there in Spock’s expression that he had got it exactly right. “Well, I’m fine. And you can tell him that too. I don’t need you running interference for him or whatever it is you are doing.”

“I just don’t wish for you to be overwhelmed.”

“Overwhelmed?” Jim repeated incredulously. “I’m not overwhelmed, Mister. And I’d thank you to mind your own business.”

Spock straightened at that and maybe Jim ought to take it back. He didn’t know.

“I have reports. Enjoy your evening.”

Jim left the observation room with Spock’s mouth hanging open.

He almost stopped to give Bones a piece of his mind but decided he was just better off letting himself cool down and he went to his quarters instead.

Lying in the middle of the bed was a single long stemmed red rose.

A single red rose shows love.

Jim had read that somewhere.

He went to the bed and picked it up but there was absolutely no indication where it came from.

If there was one thing Jim didn’t care for it was games. He wanted people to be straight with him and not hide behind anonymity. He’d never had a secret admirer and he wasn’t about to start. He tossed the rose in the trash.

Valentine’s Day was for fools and suckers. And Jim wasn’t about to be either one.

Okay, maybe his mood wasn’t the best. Jim could admit that.

His door chimed and he turned with a sigh.

Ship’s business would surely distract him from this ailment.


When Spock stepped inside he quarters, Jim nearly ordered him out. But then caught himself. Spock was not responsible for Jim’s bad mood. Maybe indirectly, sure, but not really Spock’s fault.


And after that brilliant opening, Spock remained silent, his gaze going past Jim to the little trash bin next to Jim’s desk.

“You did not appreciate the rose?” Spock asked.

“That?” Jim snorted. “Someone’s idea of a joke, I guess.”

“A joke?”

Jim crossed his arms in front of his chest. “What can I help you with?”

“I confess I am at a loss at present.”

He frowned. “A loss? About what?”

“Romantic gestures. The advice I have been given is apparently wrong.”

“Advice? You mean Uhura?”

Spock nodded. “Indeed.”

He tapped his fingers on his sleeve. “You got bad advice on romance for Uhura?”


Jim blinked. “But you said—”

“From Uhura not for her.”


Spock sighed. There was no other word for the sound his first officer made. “Everything I have tried has been unsuccessful. I can only come to the conclusion that my interest is not reciprocated after all.”

“Everything you’ve tried? For who?”

“You cannot be this obtuse.”

“Excuse me?”

The sigh again. “The rose, a declaration of affection, was left in your quarters by me. Since only a very few senior officers and your yeoman have access to your quarters at all, I would have thought it was fairly obvious.”

Jim stared at him.

“I attempted to ask you to a concert on Risa which you refused.”

“Wait, what? You were with Uhura.”

“Nyota and I were attending the concert as friends. It was her suggestion that I ask you, as it would be a casual, relaxing atmosphere in which to learn your interest.”

“My-my interest?” Jim felt a little faint.

“I also invited you to play chess last night, you refused the invitation. There were other attempts if you would like me to mention them.”

“Spock, I had no idea you wanted me to go the concert with you. I thought you were being polite.”

“I am not known to care for such social graces.”

Jim licked his lips. His heart was hammering. “That-that day was not good for me. It was Sam’s birthday and—”

“Yes.” Spock took a step closer. “I thought perhaps you would like to be distracted from your melancholia. But you did not appear to wish for a distraction.”

Jim bent down and retrieved the rose. “This is from you?”

“Yes. I was told it was an appropriate gesture for Valentine’s Day. I confess I have no notion how to be romantic in any way.”

Jim smiled and stepped up to Spock, holding the rose. “I don’t know, Mister Spock. I think maybe you’re doing okay.”

Spock stared at him, dark eyes unreadable yet intense. “Then may I presume my interest is reciprocated after all?”

“Are you kidding?”

“Vulcans do not—”

Jim laughed. “Yeah, I know.” He kissed Spock, right on the lips, the lips he’d wanted to taste, well since, forever, really. In all his forevers.

Spock’s hand curled around the nape of Jim’s neck, drawing him in closer.

“In fact—”

“It is time to be quiet now,” Spock murmured against Jim’s lips.

He tried to be affronted, but damn Spock could kiss. “Okay, I get it. Live in the moment. Because—”


He smiled against Spock’s mouth. “Shutting up.”

Another Spock sigh. This one sounding warmer and softer somehow. “At last.”

Thanks for reading the throwbacks…this is the last one

Tuesday Guess the Fic #7

The first chapter of this fic was just published May 11, 2019

“Oh crap.”

Bones gave him the side-eye. “What’s wrong with you?”

They were standing in line to buy some food at the grocery store. Jim had just received a message on his communication device.

“A message from Olivia reminding me about dinner tonight with her father.”

“Chancellor Wilton?”

“Wait. What? You know her dad is Chancellor Wilton?”

Bones rolled his eyes. “Obviously. You didn’t?”

“Well, I do now. But I didn’t before. When were you going to tell me about it?”

“I didn’t know it was relevant. Or that you didn’t know. I figured maybe the rumors were true.”

Throwback Thursday #7

Would You Rather, which was published November 14, 2018

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“Come on, Spock. Answer the question.”

“This activity is beyond illogical,” Spock replied, his tone stone cold, “and vaguely inappropriate.”

Jim nodded as he leaned back against the rocks he sat against inside the cave they’d sheltered in. It was just the two of them left on the planetoid known as M65 as the rest of the landing party had been able to beam up prior to the Ion storm that had stranded him and Spock until the passing of that storm.

Jim had been playing around with his PADD when he’d come up with the game to pass the time.

“Yeah, yeah. So file a report when we get back on the ship.”

“I will not file a report, Captain.”

“Then, answer. Would you rather suck me or Bones?”

Of course, if Spock answered Bones, Jim was just going to die. And the truth was the question didn’t specify him or Bones. It was supposed to be between two people you worked closely with. Jim was the one who gave the names of who Spock was to choose from. And he sure as hell wasn’t going to say Uhura.

And anyway, yeah, completely inappropriate. Spock should file a report. But the thing of it was they’d been dancing around this, each other, for a few weeks now, what they were, what they could be, what they would be, and they hadn’t made very much progress. It was maddeningly slow.

“You. Obviously.”

Jim let out a little sigh of relief and grinned. “Okay, yeah. Wait. Why obviously?”

Spock just stared at him and Jim knew he wasn’t getting any other concessions from Spock that day. “It is your turn to answer a question.”

“All right. Sheesh.” He hit ‘next’ and groaned. “Ugh. Oh. My. God.”

“What is it?”

“This question. It’s so gross.”


“Would you rather eat a worm or a beetle?” Jim made a retching noise. “How about neither?”

“I believe you have to supply an answer.”

“That’s so gross.” Jim groaned again. “Okay. Okay. A-a worm. Oh, my God, I’m going to puke. Because-because a beetle would crunch. Oh fuck.” Jim blanched, holding his stomach.

Spock just stared unblinking at him.

“I’m seriously going to throw up.”

“It would make the cave quite unpleasant.”

“That question was so uncalled for.” Jim handed his PADD to Spock, who hit next.

“Would you rather climb a mountain or surf?” Spock read. He paused briefly.

“Wait. What? I have to eat a bug and you get two awesome things to choose from?”

“Climb a mountain,” Spock said evenly.

“Surf,” Jim interjected. “Or maybe both. Both.”

“You are supposed to choose.”

“Nope. It was your question, so I don’t have to choose.”

Jim flipped open his communicator. “Kirk to Enterprise. Come in Enterprise.”

“The storm has not passed, Captain.”

“Hope springs eternal, Mister Spock.” Jim closed his communicator, then wiggled around to put it back in its holster. He took the PADD and hit next. “Would you rather take part in a diplomatic meeting on Risa or on Andoria? Andoria, of course.”      

Spock looked surprised. “Andoria? I would have anticipated you would choose Risa.”

“Nah, and let me tell you why. If I’m at a diplomatic meeting, I’m working, right? No time for play. Why would I want to be on Risa for work? I’d want to be there for pleasure. So no. Andoria it is.”

His first officer inclined his head. “There is some logic to that.”

“Didn’t think I had it in me, did you?”

“No, sir.”

Jim punched his arm. Spock didn’t even flinch. He merely took the PADD out of Jim’s hands. As he did so, their hands briefly touched. The thing was they’d touched plenty of times over the years. Jim liked touch and Spock, well, he never protested Jim touching him, and it wasn’t until recently that it even occurred to Jim that Spock might have but he didn’t. And anyway, Jim liked touching Spock most of all.

Which had all come to a head, no pun intended, a few weeks back when they’d sort of flipped out in Jim’s quarters after a particularly grueling chess match and had well…sex.

The kind of sex that left bruises and hickeys over a lot of both of their bodies.

But the weird thing, or maybe not considering it was them, was that they hadn’t talked at all about it. Nor had they repeated it. Jim wanted to, yes, but he was a little freaked out about freaking Spock out, and he was waiting for Spock to make the next move, because he was pretty sure he’d made the last one.

Yeah, okay, Spock had been a full participant and everything. But it was weird that nothing else had happened since, wasn’t it? Except that Spock was even more solicitous of Jim than before, and he’d been that way for a while, prior to everything.

Anyway, when their hands brushed just then, Spock’s gaze flew to his and for several heartbeats neither of their hands moved away, and their gazes held. Kind of like they were in some old fashioned romance movie.

It was Spock who looked away, back to the PADD, and Jim did his best to hide his disappointment. This was not the place, anyway. He knew that.

“Would you rather save your mo—?” Spock stopped. He lost a shade of color.

“What? Spock? What?”

Jim took the PADD from him and read, ‘Would you rather save your mother or your father?’ “Oh. God. Spock, I’m sorry. That’s fucked up.” He shook his head rapidly. “I didn’t know that was in there. What a stupid game. Who even asks that?”


“Forget this stupid thing.”

“Jim,” Spock said louder. “I know you are not responsible for the content of this game.”

“I know but—”

Spock placed two fingers against Jim’s lips. “The logical choice would be my father because he is an ambassador and important member of the Federation—”

“Spock, you don’t have to do this.”

“But as you pointed out, my mother gave birth to me and–”

“Spock, please.”

He turned his face toward Spock’s and leaned his forehead against the Vulcan’s.

“Jim, I would—”

“Scott to Kirk. Enterprise to Captain Kirk.”

Jim pulled back and pulled out his communicator. “Kirk here. Scotty?”

“We’re ready to beam you and the commander aboard, Captain.”

“Great. Thank you, Scotty.” He watched as Spock straightened and stood and did the same. “We’ve just got to step out of this cave and we’ll be ready.”

“Aye, Captain. Standby.”

“Spock, I—”

“We should return to the Enterprise, Captain.”

Jim nodded. “Yeah. Okay.”


After a long briefing and getting checked and rechecked by Bones, Jim was finally able to begin to make his way to his quarters. Uhura slipped into the turbolift with him.

“Captain, what happened down there?”

“It was in the briefing.”

“I know but…did something happen between you two?” She had stopped the turbolift.

He looked at her.

“It’s just that Spock came back so melancholy and I’m just—”

“Nothing happened.”

“Good.” She nodded. “Because Spock is really…Captain, permission to speak freely?”

“Since when do you hold back?”

She sighed then, deflating just a little. “I think things are little different between us then the old days.”

“What do you want to say, Lieutenant?”

“It’s just, Spock is really vulnerable—”


“Where you’re concerned and—”

“I’m not out to hurt him.”

She stopped, blew out a long breath, then nodded again. “I didn’t think you were. But just…he’s not the unemotional Vulcan everyone thinks he is.”

“I know.”

“I guess you would.” She restarted the lift. “If I’ve overstepped—”

“You always overstep, Lieutenant. I’m used to it.”

She smirked as the door onto the officers’ deck opened. “See you, Captain.”

“And you, Lieutenant.”

He went right for the shower when he got to his quarters and probably spent way too much time in there. He was steamy and red when he got out. But his gaze drifted to the door that led into Spock’s quarters.

He’d been so damn determined to let Spock make the next move but maybe that had been a mistake. God knew he made enough of those when it concerned Spock. What the fuck had he been even thinking when he decided to pass their time on the planet with that absurd and trivial game?

Spock was melancholy.

Yeah, because Jim Kirk was a big stupid jerk who couldn’t stop bringing up Spock’s mother’s death, apparently.

He stepped over to the door and rested his hand on it. Now was probably not the time. He was dressed in only a towel for heaven’s sake. And while, sure, that had its advantages in normal circumstances, this was hardly normal. He owed Spock an apology even if Spock denied it.

Jim turned to go get dressed just as the door opened from Spock’s side. Jim froze and turned back around to face his first officer.

“Uh. Sorry. Did you-did you need the bathroom because—”

Spock shook his head. His brown eyes were soft, dark, so beautiful. “I knew you were here. I wanted to…I wished to speak with you.”

“Okay. Um. My quarters?”


Spock followed him from the bathroom and into his quarters, Jim automatically going toward his wardrobe. But then Spock’s hand suddenly rested on his bare forearm, turning Jim toward him. Jim’s gaze flew to his.

“Would you rather have one night you will never forget—”

 Spock’s voice was whisper soft and Jim had to strain to hear, but his heart seemed to stop beating.         

“or would you rather have him for the rest of your lives?”

Jim heard a weird sound and realized it came from him as he remembered to breathe, remembered for his heart to begin to beat again.


Spock pulled him close, into his arms, and Jim threw his arms around Spock’s neck, holding on for life, he guessed.

“I do not want to waste one more minute, Jim,” Spock told him. “My mother woke up that day never dreaming it would be her last, nor did I, and there are so many lost opportunities and—”

“Yes.” Jim pulled back to cup Spock’s face in his. “And my dad. My parents, they thought they had, I don’t know, maybe not forever, but years and they-they didn’t. I’ve already lived longer than he ever did.”

“Jim.” Spock closed his eyes.

“I love you,” Jim told him. “And I will. For as long as I have breath.”

He kissed Spock then, with everything he could, everything he had, they both had, and as they breathed at once, it still didn’t seem to be near enough, but it was what they had.

It was them.   

Tuesday Guess the Fic #6

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This one might be a bit hard… It debuted as a one-shot on April 11, 2015

Jim curved his fingers around the back of Spock’s neck and drew him down for a kiss. When they came up for air, Jim’s gaze searched Spock’s. “We’ll be all right here, won’t we?”

“As long as we are together, we will be all right anywhere. Remember you told me that once.”

“Yes, I remember.”

Spock grazed his thumb over Jim’s bottom lip. “You are mine.”

“I know. And you are mine.”


Jim grinned. “God knows I’ve been through enough Pon Farrs to be branded by you.”

Spock’s lips curved. “Perhaps, but there are those yet to come. I will claim you over and over.”

“Unless I claim you.”

“You may try,” Spock said with a raise of his brow.

“When is the next one anyway?”

“You have lost track?”

“Well…you’re pretty passionate even when you aren’t getting all ancient Vulcan on me.”

Spock kissed him. “Any time.”

Flash Fic, November 15, 2019 (Fall Guys)


Jim woke in the darkness feeling restless and horny. Not that unusual really. Spock slept beside him, his heavy limbs still partially covering him. And Spock sleeping beside him is what made him this way.

They hadn’t done much more than hand jobs and blow jobs because Spock was being very careful. But Jim had discovered Spock had this amazing self-lubricating cock he was just dying to try out.

Maneuvering himself on the bed, he got his sleep shorts off and then the ties of the sleeping robe Spock wore undone. He pushed Spock gently until he was lying on his back, legs slightly parted. The Vulcan was half hard already and Jim decided he’d see to it that he got Spock hard the rest of way.

He placed himself between Spock’s spread thighs and opened his mouth over the tip of Spock’s thickening penis.

Spock came awake instantly as his cock hardened fully in Jim’s mouth.

“Jim,” Spock moaned. His fingers reached down to thread in Jim’s hair as he pushed himself deeper with Jim’s mouth.

This…they had done. But this time Jim wanted more.

He rolled Spock’s testicles between his thumb and forefinger, adjusting his gag reflexes the further Spock thrust into him and just when he knew Spock was becoming almost unbearable aroused, he pulled his mouth off Spock’s engorged member.

“Jim,” Spock whined.

“Ssh. I know. I have something else in mind.”

He stretched across Spock to reach for the tube he’d left on the bedside table and squeezed a small amount out.


“It’s okay.”


Jim shoved his lubricated fingers into his own hole. His erection jumped eagerly as his digits moved within himself, preparing himself to take that big Vulcan cock.

When he thought it was enough, he straddled either side of Spock’s legs.

Spock stopped him just as he was about to lower himself down. “Are-are you sure, Jim?”

“Yes, babe. I’m sure. Trust me. Want you so much.”

Spock, instead of letting Jim go, helped him to lower his ass down onto Spock’s hard throbbing member. They both let out needy moans as Spock became fully embedded within him.

“Spock, oh my…”

“Yes, Ashaya, you-you feel so good.”

Spock pounded up into him, holding Jim down as he thrust up, hard and deep. When Spock’s hand wrapped around Jim’s erection, he mewled.

“I can’t-I can’t stop…”

“Do not,” Spock urged.

Jim gasped, his whole body vibrating as pleasure coursed through him. He released all over Spock and himself, jisms of spunk splattering everywhere. With just a few more thrusts, Spock spilled into him, crying out hoarsely.

After Jim collapsed on him, Spock held him tightly.

“Are you certain you are all right, Jim?”

Jim chuckled. “Lost a few brain cells, but yes. You?”

Spock was quiet for a moment, and the said, almost reverently, “I am amazing.”

“Yeah you are.”

“While I appreciate the sentiment, that is not my intent. I have…never felt such…contentment…with anyone. I am so thoroughly captivated by you I cannot and will not imagine any circumstances that do not have us together for the rest of our lives.”

Jim leaned up to gaze at him. “Me too. I’ve loved you for so long, this hardly feels real.”

“It is the same for me.” Spock paused. “T’hy’la.”

Jim smiled. It whispered around him, warmed him, like a secret embrace. “I like that word. It’s…”

“You. Me. Us. You are my mate, now and always.”

His smile widened. His gaze went to the window. “Looks cold and windy today. How about we spend the day in bed, just being together.”

“I can think of nothing I want more.”

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