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This one might be a bit hard… It debuted as a one-shot on April 11, 2015

Jim curved his fingers around the back of Spock’s neck and drew him down for a kiss. When they came up for air, Jim’s gaze searched Spock’s. “We’ll be all right here, won’t we?”

“As long as we are together, we will be all right anywhere. Remember you told me that once.”

“Yes, I remember.”

Spock grazed his thumb over Jim’s bottom lip. “You are mine.”

“I know. And you are mine.”


Jim grinned. “God knows I’ve been through enough Pon Farrs to be branded by you.”

Spock’s lips curved. “Perhaps, but there are those yet to come. I will claim you over and over.”

“Unless I claim you.”

“You may try,” Spock said with a raise of his brow.

“When is the next one anyway?”

“You have lost track?”

“Well…you’re pretty passionate even when you aren’t getting all ancient Vulcan on me.”

Spock kissed him. “Any time.”