I don’t know if you guys have Aldi’s where you are. It’s a bit of a strange grocery store that originally came from Germany. They sell food but they also sell socks and weed whackers. It all depends what they can get. In many ways they remind me of the old Gemco on a much smaller scale. For you youngsters, you can Google Gemco. They’s long since gone out of business.

Anyway, they have some really cool stuff especially at the holidays. Lots of German chocolate and Father Christmas stuff, etc. Last year they had a Wine Advent Calendar that apparently sold out in minutes. It’s exactly what it sounds like, a wine for every day from December 01-24 (yes yes my sister has told me that is not the real “advent” blah blah). So they announced they’d have it again this year and release it on November 06th.

They also intended to have the usual chocolate ones, with some with chocolate from Germany, a Hot Wheels one, a cheese one and a beer one.

Another supermarket (Kroger) also announced they would have one this year and I had seen a similar box at Cost Plus World Market (don’t know if you have those either). The one they had was $100 and the one at Aldi was supposed to be $70. I almost bought the World Market one but didn’t.

So I go to the Aldi near me after work yesterday and…gone. Sold out. First day. No beer one, no wine one, no cheese one. I did get a chocolate one but those were going fast too. Sigh. I was very disappointed because it sounded fun to have 24 little bottles of wine to try.

Yesterday sucked. It was the one year anniversary of Crazy’s death.

I decided to apply for another credit card just to see if I could get it and was rejected. Couldn’t get my wine.

This morning I looked on the website for World Market and according to that they still had a 12 Bottles of Wine for Christmas and I could buy it online and pick it up at my local store. It was $59. I bought it. So after work I will attempt to pick it up. The cynical part of me expects to be told they lied and they don’t really have it in stock. In that case they will be forced to refund me. So we shall see! HA

In other news I am up to 14 written for my 25 days of Christmas. The 14th will very much please a certain reader. Next I plan on working on another one for TOS as so far it’s very heavily geared toward AOS which will still continue but I think I need at least one more TOS. So I am making progress!

Tomorrow the Fall Guys will be back!