A lovely artist has been doing some illustrations for some of my stories and her latest one is for Didn’t We Almost Have it All, please, go and check it out, Artwork.

Coming up this first week in March is another chapter of Maybe, Probably. Also the next chapters for When I Loved You, Didn’t We Almost Have It All, and The Experiment (as you know I am looking to wrap this one up soon). Also a new Flash. Don’t know what yet, but I am sure I will surprise both myself and you.

Today I had off for a bunch of errands I had to do and to cuddle with Luna, who has become so spoiled and needy, you wouldn’t believe it. I returned some shoes I had ordered online that didn’t work for me, went to the grocery store, another grocery store and the PetSmart for food for Luna. While I was there I went to the cat adoptions. They were behind glass but there were two teenager cats in there with an employee and when I peeked in at them their eyes got super big. HA HA. Poor kitties.

I have had too much coffee I think because I am jittery and emotional. It’s weird. I think I had something of a meltdown on social media. Oh well. I think it will be best for me to stay away a couple of days, for the most part. I did unfollow someone today on there because I couldn’t even remember why I was still following her in the first place, HA.

Supposed to rain all weekend. I am ready for SUNNY SPRING.

Kris’s birthday is this month so I need to write her a flash. Please note, I will take requests for Birthday Flashes but you MUST remind me well in advance when your birthday is. I should remember. I absolutely agree. But I don’t. So if you want something tell me ahead of time and what you’d like in it. For Kris, I know she likes hurt/comfort so that is what she will get.