Bridge Crew Members, Cremley and Higgins, Speculate:

“Oh, my God. Not again.”

Cremley looked up from his station at Higgins. “Not again what?”

Higgins sighed. “The captain.”

Cremley glanced over at the captain’s chair. At the moment Rand was standing next to him, holding out a PADD for him. “What about him?”

“Now look at the commander.”

Cremley knew he must be referring to the first officer, so he glanced at the science station. Commander Spock was not there. In fact, Cremley now noticed he had moved over to stand beside the captain. He rolled his eyes. “Oh.”

“How can the commander be so blind anyway? Kirk isn’t interested in Rand, he’s interested in the commander,” Higgins said, with a shake of his head. “Both of them are so damn obvious about it.”

Rand moved off and onto the turbolift and Cremley noticed Commander Spock made sure she had left before he went back to her station. He’d never even said anything. He had just stood sentinel over the captain.

“I’ve heard rumors they’re together.”

Higgins snorted. “Nope. Well, not according to Uhura anyway. And I’d think she would know.”

“Hmm. I thought for sure when she dumped the commander, he’d run right off to Kirk. Those sad, pathetic gazes he aims Kirk’s way.” Cremley shook his head.

“Eh. Kirk’s just as bad.” Higgins grinned. “In fact. Watch this.”

Higgins got up from his station and swaggered, there was no other word for it as far as Cremley was concerned, over to Commander Spock’s station. Higgins leaned against the panel directly next to Spock and waited until the Vulcan straightened and turned to look at him.

“Hey, Commander, I was wondering how that experiment in Lab 12 went. I heard so much about all your work and—”

Cremley watched Kirk’s chair turn in that direction so fast he was surprised Kirk hadn’t toppled over.  Then Higgins leaned in closer to Spock and lowered his voice so that no one could hear him.

Kirk got out of the captain’s chair and sauntered, there was no other word for it as far as Cremley was concerned, over to Commander Spock’s station.

“Higgins, aren’t you away from your post?” Kirk demanded.

Higgins stopped abruptly and stood up straight. “Well, yeah, Captain, but I was taking a bit of a break.”

“You just came back from lunch. You need another break already, Mister Higgins?”

Higgins reddened. “No, sir. Sorry, sir.”

He rushed back to be next to Cremley but he was grinning. “See? The two of them. Ridiculous.”

Cremley watched as their two commanding officers leaned in close and shared a look. He shook his head. “You’re wrong.”

“About what?”

“Those two are definitely sleeping together. There’s no way anyone could act that way and be platonic. They’re doing it.”

Kirk’s hand rested on Spock’s arm as he smiled at the first officer. He said something in a low voice that caused Spock’s eyebrow to raise. Kirk threw his head back in laughter. He squeezed Spock’s arm.

“See you later for chess, Mister Spock. My quarters 1900 hours.”

Higgins pursed his lips. “Okay. Okay. I think, maybe, you’re right.”

As Kirk walked back toward his chair, they both saw Spock’s gaze go straight to Kirk’s ass.

“Chess, my ass,” Cremley muttered.