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Hello My Friends (don’t you wish you were there at that place above)

I wish you Happy New Year once more.

Things are okay. Mother fell yesterday and had to go to the ER but she didn’t break anything, which is indeed very fortunate. She did give herself a painful, sprained knee so sister has her work cut out for her.

Tomorrow, you will finally get to read my Pinto fic as it will debut here on the blog Friday morning. I think you will enjoy it.

Saturday, we will be going to Sister’s house to finally take down her Christmas decorations. Like most of us, she looks forward to having them up, but then can’t wait to have them back down again once the holidays have passed.

Next Friday (the 11th I think it is) you can expect more from the Jim and Spock from my Christmas Flash on here. You will notice that so far they remain a blog exclusive so if you want to read about them, for now anyway, it will have to be here.

I have been updating The Experiment on AO3 and may continue to do so until it is concluded. We will see.

Next week begins the posting of fics for the T’hy’la Bang. I don’t have a specific day, but you can expect the posting of Wonderful Life sometime then.

That’s it for now!