pave covered on red leaf between trees
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I updated a lot this week and I feel pretty good about that. So I am giving myself permission to take it easy over the weekend. I’m still fighting a cold and I have an urge to get back into some Final Fantasy game playing. That’s what I intend to do this weekend. Not sure if I will write or not. Not saying I won’t but it’s okay with me if I do.

Next up when I do write is probably another chapter of The Mysterious One, Bitter Frost, and Hello Darkness My Old Friend.

Friday at work is my co-worker’s wedding shower. They are  having pizza so I will be avoiding that. I’ve lost close to 45 pounds now and won’t be putting that back on. Also on Thursday they announced the layoffs of 13 people in my department (Legal). Our big boss of litigation (my actual dept) is having a meeting for questions about those layoffs. It didn’t seem to have any impact on litigation but I know several of those leaving and one is a former boss of mine who was my favorite boss ever. He is about retirement age at 64ish and is an attorney so I think he will be okay but I am still sorry to see him go.

Fall weather for us has arrived. 70s during the day (sometimes high 70s) and 50s at night. I hope it stays that way (though I see something about 90 coming up on October 17th)