Today I updated Hello Darkness, My Old Friend. Yesterday I updated Bitter Frost and Sunday The Mysterious One.

I’m going to work on another chapter of the Professor Spock sequel next since it needs to be finished by Halloween.

After that I may work on the Christmas story, another chapter of TMO or the next chapter of Idiots in Love. I also need to get my chapter ready to appear here on Thursday of my re-write.

Hallmark has Kirk and Spock as mirror verse itty bittys so I told M to get them for me for Christmas. We’ll see if that happens!

This is my Halloween viewing month (meaning movies that are spookyish). I’ve already watched the original The Fog (love cursed old village tales) and Practical Magic (such a cute romantic funny movie if you haven’t seen it). I have a whole bevy left to go. I plan on watching both versions of Fright Night, the original Halloween, Sleepy Hollow (movie not tv), Crimson Peak, Young Frankenstein and Zombieland (I normally don’t like zombies but Woody and the rest make this version hilarious). I think that’s it. None of them are particularly frightening. Probably the scariest is Halloween but when you’ve seen it every year for like 30 years it’s no longer surprising or scary. Now I just make fun of Linda and Annie’s horrible acting! LOL

I’m playing a new role playing game (new to me) called Grandia 2. It’s really old school RPG but I am enjoying it. I bought some new game but I had to get a refund because the graphics were too much for my laptop and it kept crashing. In other news, I bought myself a new laptop (hasn’t come yet) but that’s just a coincidence. I’m not using it for the game I couldn’t play!