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September 23, 2019 Rambles

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So you aren’t getting or haven’t gotten yet anyway, until now, my usual what’s coming up for the week post. And that’s because…well nothing.

I’m still working on the TOS flash for November 6th and then I have the follow-ups to that and they are getting a little more complicated because of reasons and it’s taking up all of my creative energy right now.

What that means is, even though Transfer Request is next to be updated at AO3, I just don’t know when that’s going to happen.

Besides the November TOS flashes, I will soon have to get back to my Jim/Prime Holiday story and then the 25 days of Christmas for December, so needless to say the stories on AO3 are going to take a small hit. I will try to continue to update at least one a week. But I can’t promise more right now.

But coming up this Wednesday here, is my conclusion to Clueless Spock and then my final song flash, Dancing on My Own. Yes, I am revealing the song. So there’s definitely stuff to look forward to, I think.

Weird week for me too because we are massively packing for the move this weekend. I will be leaving work a bit early Friday as they want us out.

Finally, this Saturday I will be doing the cheesecake. I am so looking forward to it. Got all the ingredients and it should be a nice weekend for it. Very fall like for us.

Unfortunately, tomorrow they are predicting our infamous Santa Ana Winds and 98 degrees. That should be the end of it for a bit, I hope. Crossing my fingers and toes. But that’s also our famous FIRE WEATHER.

When I was a kid, I’ll not forget, there one year where the fires were quite bad in my area all the way through October. The sky was orange it was so filled with smoke. That year my parents were supposed to go to a Halloween Party at the Elks Lodge (my dad was an officer there and bingo caller) but the fire got so close to the Lodge and the famous Hopetown (look it up, quite famous because many old time westerns were filmed there) that they canceled everything. So while yeah we do get warmer weather then we used to, fires have been an issue for me in California my whole life.

End of the Week Ramblings, October 05, 2018


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I updated a lot this week and I feel pretty good about that. So I am giving myself permission to take it easy over the weekend. I’m still fighting a cold and I have an urge to get back into some Final Fantasy game playing. That’s what I intend to do this weekend. Not sure if I will write or not. Not saying I won’t but it’s okay with me if I do.

Next up when I do write is probably another chapter of The Mysterious One, Bitter Frost, and Hello Darkness My Old Friend.

Friday at work is my co-worker’s wedding shower. They are  having pizza so I will be avoiding that. I’ve lost close to 45 pounds now and won’t be putting that back on. Also on Thursday they announced the layoffs of 13 people in my department (Legal). Our big boss of litigation (my actual dept) is having a meeting for questions about those layoffs. It didn’t seem to have any impact on litigation but I know several of those leaving and one is a former boss of mine who was my favorite boss ever. He is about retirement age at 64ish and is an attorney so I think he will be okay but I am still sorry to see him go.

Fall weather for us has arrived. 70s during the day (sometimes high 70s) and 50s at night. I hope it stays that way (though I see something about 90 coming up on October 17th)

Weekly Ramblings, September 12, 2018

We are having some really great weather right now (sorry for those in the path of Florence) but for us, it’s 80s during the day and low 60s at night, great for sleeping with windows open. Sometimes September heat can be a nightmare so this is very welcome. And it looks to stay this way for the foreseeable future. It also helps us with our electric bill as we haven’t been needing to run the AC. It’s also perfect hot tea drinking weather after the sun goes down.

Last night just the two of us went to see Peppermint. If you’ve ever seen Death Wish from the 1970s with Charles Bronson, then you know what you have, but with Jennifer Garner in the Charles Bronson role. It had your typical caricature villains doing stupid stuff for no apparent reason, like killing her family, is a huge example. Anyway, despite the less than stellar movie, it was a nice get out for us.

Later a certain someone’s mood soured (not me) when one of our kitchen drawers broke (those little plastic pieces in the back that keeps the drawer in place. You would have thought it was the end of the world as we know it. Needless to say it’s a trip to the hardware store for us tonight after work.

I feel great about finishing Anything and, though admittedly, I would have liked a greater enthusiastic response to its conclusion I acknowledge a lot can happen in the near 2 years it’s been going.

I’m back to working on the Christmas story at the moment and I reread what I had written so far and very much liked it. It’s what I feel like working on right now with all the personal angst swirling around my head.

I got some new fall decorations that arrived yesterday and they look smashing. Including some fall flavored Salt Water Taffy. I can only indulge in a piece now and then but they make me happy so there! LOL.

As you may or may not remember, last holiday season I was sick as a damn dog (I hope to avoid that this year) and we also went out for Thanksgiving to a restaurant (side note: It was 100 degrees on Thanksgiving last year, UGH). We were all disappointed in our meal (I was super sick then too). Anyway, we are back to hosting it at our place this year and knowing that I bought M an apron with an applique turkey on it that says Happy Turkey Day. HA HA. Couldn’t resist.

At the moment I am on a self-imposed tumblr avoidance. I’ve made it so far three days. Go me!

And that’s it for my rambling at the moment


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