Tomorrow’s update for The Love of a Lifetime has been written and scheduled. It’s going to take a slight turn for a bit, but no worries, the end game is still happiness for my boys. Suvoc makes his appearance at last.

I’m taking a couple of days break before posting on AO3 again so you won’t see an update on there from me today or tomorrow. If I finish the next part of My Heart’s a Virgin, you’ll see that posted Saturday morning.

I am writing, not only the next part of My Heart’s a Virgin, but also working on the Christmas story and possibly starting the Old Married Spock story. Neither have to be ready until November and December but I am not keen to wait until the last minute on either of these.

As I think I mentioned previously, my plan is to only post one Christmas Spirk story this year and it will be entirely focused on Jim and Spock. It should even be angst free. I want to do a warm-hearted, sexy little holiday short for them this year. They deserve it. Given my commitment to other stories going on, I don’t think I can fit more than the one story in this year.

Not really sure what can be expected from the OMS story except that I intend for it to be SHORT. A friend on tumblr mentioned she is doing one too but she expects hers to be over 25,000 words. You aren’t going to get that from me on an OMS TOS story. Sorry folks!

Technically after I get My Heart’s a Virgin finished my next update, spreadsheet-wise should be Young and Beautiful. I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it, because I’m not ready to work on anything else at this point yet anyway.

As you all know, the Hollywood Bowl is this Saturday night. The following weekend, the 18-19-20 is San Diego. After that I should be good for a while, though M’s birthday is the next weekend after that. I also asked for September 04 off so that I can have a 4 day weekend for Labor Day. I’m going to need it by then, I think.

I saw recently that someone who had been pretty prolific in posting on AO3 (and tumblr too I think) recently orphaned her account and left some stories abandoned. I have no idea what happened as I didn’t follow her on tumblr or read most of her stories (they were generally TOS, I believe) but I am sad for her and those who enjoyed her work, which seemed to be quite a few. Internet bullying can be really really hard on the more sensitive of us.  I also saw recently someone who I had written, “I Bleed When I Fall Down” for also left AOS and spoke of suicide.

These are sad days, my friends, so please, I ask that you take care of yourselves physically, mentally, emotionally. Do what you need to do to care for you. Step away, disappear, see the doctor, call a helpline, whatever it is, please do it. You are the important one and no one can be replaced.