Okay so where are we at now?

I updated Idiots in Love earlier this week. More people are on Jim’s side than I thought would be the case. Interesting.

And got up the first chapter of My Heart’s a Virgin, It’s Never Been Tried (thank you Alice Cooper). I’m going to have fun updating this one soon.

And just now I posted the 18th chapter of Anything. I loved writing this chapter. It made me get teary-eyed. This Jim, my beloved Kelvin Jim, so deserved that chapter. I hope you will agree. I figure I have about two chapters left. One where Sunny Kirk and his Spock have their reunion and then a wrap up chapter where everyone is back in their own universe and content.

I do apologize but the next part of The Love of a Lifetime will not be up tomorrow. I hope to have it up Saturday. Just got busy doing other things.

I also have not gotten to When I Loved You as I decided to update Anything instead. So hopefully early next week for that as well as Didn’t We Almost Have it All. This is the Mother 92 weekend. So I will do what I can do. Next weekend is Solvang so that’s even busier.

I’m up to about 35 pounds weight loss so go me!

That’s the update for now.