So last week I was gone most of the week but I still managed to update Where My Demons Hide and Anything. Not bad.

This week my concentration is on two, Didn’t We Almost Have it All and You are the Light That’s Leading Me. I think I am almost at the end of You are the Light. We shall see but that’s how I am feeling.

I don’t know if I will update anything else, I’d like to play it by ear. There may be more or a one shot or just about anything, really. Maybe nothing but those above I mentioned.

As for the 100 words continuation, I have the next four parts written and scheduled and all I can say is that things will begin to look up for our Captain soon! Once it’s all finished, I will likely post it on the archive as a one-shot but you all got to see it here first.

I just managed to pass another birthday. Time marches on as they say.

I have no other trips planned until the end of June. However, M is going to visit family for a week and a half in earlier June, so that’s a week and a half by myself.

I did take the Friday before Memorial Day off just to have a four day weekend.

Anyway, that’s neither here or there I guess.

Thanks for checking me out.